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About Us

Tripscam is a trust-enabler for travel industry. Our community of travellers share their good and bad travel experiences on our website. Our users recommend genuine travel agencies, guides, souvenir shops, tour drivers and other such services providers to us through their travel reports. Users are encouraged to share details of bad service providers as well. We are geared to bring transparency and honesty to your travels through credible information. Make most of your holiday with advice, expert tips, sightseeing information and real travel reports on Tripscam.

Our Vision

We believe that travellers should be presented with transparent and honest services during their travels. Every traveller has the right to access the services paid for. In no circumstances, a traveller should be presented with false representation of facts leading to a bad trip experience.

Our Mission

We are committed to provide a trustworthy and neutral platform to our users for sharing and reading travel reports. We will undertake best measures to provide credible information on this website. We will always provide the information services of this website to our users free of charge.

Our Team

We are a small innovative team specialised in brainstorming ideas and creating solutions. The other talents of the team includes but not limited to web design, travel writing, social media management and coding software. We are fans of machine learning and that’s why a lot of data analytics and artificial intelligence is running behind the scenes to provide you with trustworthy content and personalised experience. We have a dedicated web development team and legal advisors to support us. If you believe in our cause of “Scam Free Travel” and would like to join our team, check out our careers page .