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Back in the nineties, good old times of Nintendo and disc-man, a popular myth was doing rounds on the streets of Bangalore; the urban legend of Naale Baa. However, what started as a rumor quickly became an object of fear among the residents complaining of an unwanted, mysterious visitor knocking at their doors, in the dead of night in a bid to barge in. But the door was never to be opened. The locals believed that the mystery visitor was a witch, looking out to kill humans. While none could confirm the bizarre claim, the legend lived on. The IT hub, all of a sudden, amassed a popularity among the ghost hunters, landing right on the radars of the paranormal watchdogs. And, that’s not it. The Karnataka capital, oblivious to many, is a land of many such unexplained mysteries and improbable myths; places and lores that question one’s stance on the whole paradigm of supernatural. If you are already feeling scared, better digress to Weekend Getaways from Bangalore or else, read on!

We have handpicked a few of the top haunted places in Bangalore. 

  • Kapalli Cemetery, Sarvagna Nagar
  • Terra Vera, St. Marks Road
  • Banyan Tree, Tiptur Area
  • Kempegowda International Airport, Devanahalli
  • NH4
  • Victoria Hospital, Fort Road
  • Call Centre, MG Road
  • Hoskote Route

Kalpalli Cemetery

Sarvagna Nagar

Haunted places in Bangalore.

Image credits: Sandeep Kumar.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Cemeteries are meant to be haunted, aren’t they? The surprise element comes when things go out of hand, and take a rather ugly turn. And the Kalpalli or St John’s cemetery seems to portray the very idea. One of the most common burial grounds in Bangalore, this cemetery witnesses up to ten cremations per day. Yet, even this fact fails to explain the impenetrable gloom that seems to surround this place like a shroud. Visitors often complain of sensing an abnormal, evil presence that seems to have no form or source. Many others claimed to have felt suffocated at certain spots or have felt they were ‘being watched,' at this one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. The unexplained apparition of an unidentified, grotesque man spotted idling around the graves in the dead of night only adds to the complicated mystery. As for now, the fear among the local community is so high that even the night guards prefer to steer clear of their duty posts for a mishappening.

Cemeteries are no place for the living, but then again, do we have any better explanation?

Terra Vera

St Marks Road

They say past is nothing but a ghost of time, and we couldn’t agree more. Built in 1943, this macabre edifice has a little too many skeletons in its closet for its unfortunate residents. The house was constructed by an Anglo-Indian lawyer EJ Vaz, as a gift to his daughters, Vera and Dolce Vaz. The two unmarried sisters lived to grow old in the house, till the fateful night that left everyone shaken to the core. Dolce, the younger sister, was murdered right in front of Vera, by a burglar who had barged into their house at midnight.

While a heartbroken Vera eventually moved away, the haunt of the unfortunate sister never quite faded away. With scores of horrific rumors doing the rounds, the city administration finally demolished the house in 2014, hoping to find a final remedy. Unfortunately, that was not to be. This is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. 

Bone chilling screams, apparitions, notable temperature difference and unexplainable sounds are just some of the many horrific instances that people living in the vicinity continue to experience even today.

Banyan tree

Tiptur Area

You may call it a cliche. Ghosts, after all, are known to prefer class, residing either in abandoned mansions or amidst the branches; the banyan tree, being a personal favorite. The banyan tree at Tiptur is yet another such example. The tree had, for long, wrecked havoc with its macabre nature and eerie haunts, disrupted the day to day life of many. When the evil presence became unbearable, a unanimous decision was taken by the community to have the tree cut down. The ceremony was eventually performed with several rituals and incantations to remove the spirits. But the fear remained instilled in the minds, ingrained to the core. As of now, the area remains quiet with no known ‘incident’ occurring ever since at this haunted place in Bangalore.

And yet, when it comes to the other world, you don't really know. Right?

Kempegowda International Airport


This, indeed, is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. How can a place so frequented by people be haunted? But that exactly happens to be the case. Almost every regular attendant at the Kempegowda Airport has seen the apparition of the lonely lady in white saree - be it the taxi drivers lining at the entrance or the airport staff.

The discovery of the apparition was quite a surprise as well. One of the pilots, who had seen a mysterious lady with long, loose hair, roaming around on the runway, informed the airport authorities. After the initial appearance though, the mysterious woman was nowhere to be found. Ironically, one of the infrared cameras at the airport managed to capture her image, thereby confirming her presence. The lady, however, remained elusive, as if she had vanished into air. Every now and then, the staff, as well as the taxi drivers, confirm the controversial theory with many claiming to have been summoned by the apparition only to disappear later on. 

Now that’s quite a (spooky) ride, isn’t it?


Haunted places in Bangalore.

Image Credits: Kiran SRK.

Driving down a lonely stretch of road at night is surely a scary experience. If the road happens to be haunted, the fear multiplies. And yet, ‘the haunted highway’ is one of those horror movie cliches that never seems to grow old, especially when it is being played out live. It is widely claimed that highway NH4 is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. While many incidents have been doing the rounds supporting the controversial claim, one instance stands out. It is believed that once, at midnight, a man driving down the highway was stopped by a pretty lady asking for lift. However, by the time the man had turned around, the damsel in distress had already disappeared, as if by magic. Strangely, a little while later while driving, he saw the same woman on the road, only this time staring at him with cold, hollow eyes.

While there seems to be no known backstory justifying the haunting, the site is notorious for the spooky vibes it radiates.

Victoria Hospital

Fort Road

This definitely is one of the most unusual, interesting ghosts you would have ever heard about- a hungry one! The apparition is rather famous among the hospital staff as a food stealer and is believed to do away with any edible item kept near the trees in the hospital premises. While the bizarre claim remains polemic, a number of people are said to have witnessed the silhouette of an unnatural form lurking within the hospital, and crying and screaming at random intervals at this haunted place in Bangalore. It is believed that a woman had died at the hospital a little while back, and has been haunting the edifice ever since. 

So, if you are planning a trip here anytime soon, remember to keep yourself as well as your food safe!

Call Centre

M.G. Road

So the story goes like this. Once, there was a woman, an employee of the call center, who was returning home after completing her shift. Unfortunately, she never made it to home; she was hit by the car of a drunk driver, who upon registering the situation, fled from the spot, leaving the injured women crying for help, right in the middle of the road. The women had died then and yet her macabre presence can be felt along the entire stretch of the road which is one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. The ill-fated day was just the beginning of many unfortunate incidents that would haunt this place. While there have been no known instances of any physical damage, several people, mostly the call center employees, have confessed to having heard the sound of a woman’s cries every now and then. 

Now, this makes one wonder how different the story would have been had the driver not fled off and instead, helped the woman. What do you think?

Hoskote Route

The eeriness that site reeks of is chilling to the bone. A hub of some active paranormal activities, Hoskote route, has long been featured in the list of most haunted places in Bangalore. And the inclusion doesn’t go in vain. A number of spooky incidents mask the tranquility that this lonely stretch emits. The presence of graves on either side don’t really help the case. Motorists and autos passing by late at night have often been stopped by a mysterious old woman, asking for lift. 

But if the setting is as dramatic as this- lonely road, graves, and time running past midnight- even the dumbest of horror movies teach us to neither stop nor look back. Or should you?

Our listing ends here, but we hope it left you curious enough to put on your shoes and set off. As for the legend of the Naale Baa ghost, well, the custom lives on. So the next time you take a stroll down the streets of Bangalore, don’t be surprised if you find the eccentric phrase displayed proudly right at the door front. The people here, continue to believe that the ghost may read the sign and revert. Till then, keep garlic in your pockets and hope that the ghost is well-versed in Kannada. 

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