Most haunted places in Chennai | Adventurous and Spooky encounters

If losing your ease, stashing away your forty winks, and delving into the unknown is what excites you, you have come looking at just the right place. You see, the article was written to be as mysterious and thought-provoking as is the subject and you.

So, let’s begin this way- do you believe in ghosts? Does listening to spooky tales leave you all excited and ready to explore? And the most basic of all- do you enjoy traveling? If you answered yes, you are in for a treat! We have sorted out the most haunted places in Chennai if some ghost hunting is what’s on your mind.

Haunted places in Chennai include:

  • Madras Christian College
  • Karikattu Kuppam
  • De Monte Colony
  • Blue Cross Road
  • Valmiki Nagar
  • The Broken Bridge by Besant Nagar


Image Credits: Vinoth Chandar.

One of the four major metro cities of the country, the gateway of South India, Chennai, might be known be for its gorgeous beaches, pristine landscapes and exquisitely carved temples and yet, for an adventurous soul, the venture actually lurks in the city’s shady haunts and macabre corners drowned in shrouds of legends, myths and tales of horror. Not just in Chennai, there are several haunted places in India in other cities as well! 

So you call yourself a non-believer? Nevertheless, we aim to have you hooked and spooked. Take a look at our hand-picked collection of some of the most haunted places in Chennai; and after that, go ahead and grab your backpack, get armed with your torch, and you'll be ready to go!

Once upon a spook: Madras Christian College

So, how about a romantic twist? Confused? Well, don’t be, for this one is a classic example of a love story gone wrong. The corridors of Herber Hall at the Madras Christian College resound with the haunts of a rather young ghost- a lad who was unlucky in love and, out of frustration, committed suicide. Also read about haunted places in Mumbai.

Needless to say, the mirror of darkness subfuses some grim reflections. Scary and mind-boggling at the same time, the hall, today, is a known hub of paranormal activities. Often, one can hear the boy’s ghost crying, laughing and talking to his friends. Also, several people here have claimed to have heard his footsteps running, throwing utensils, and breaking windows. Now you know why this tops our list of haunted places in Chennai! Also read about haunted places in Pune. 

Although many curious students studying in the vicinity have tried to pin down the exact cause and nature of the haunting, the identity of the ghost remains unknown.

A shrouded disaster: Karikattu Kuppam

The ill-fated locality is drowned in its doom, unleashing with it a barrage of misfortunes and fearful tidings. One of the worst hit tsunami zones of Chennai, Karikattu Kuppam is a tale of persisting gloom and macabre illusions. They say time can heal everything, and yet, some wounds are too deep to heal and some souls are too miserable to yield. And, that is just the reason for this haunting at this top most haunted place in Chennai. Also read about haunted places in Rajasthan and haunted places in Jaipur. 

When the tsunami uprooted lives and crushed homes like a sure-footed giant, plenty households were affected. Too many families lost their near and dear ones, never to see them again. Too much blood was shed. The haunting is a live manifestation of just that. The bloodthirsty ghosts looming in this vicinity are brutal, vengeful and raging. It is quite remarkable to note though, the center of this haunting is actually an old temple where people, when visiting during the daytime, have often spotted blood drops on the floor and mutilated human remains nearby. Ironically, despite this, no crime has ever been reported or said to have occurred to explain the grotesque instances.

To this day, the society remains deserted; devoid of even a single happy soul. Of course, this bone-chilling site is a much talked about haunted place in Chennai that is enough to make anyone run for cover.

The macabre settlement: De Monte Colony

One of the most haunted places in Chennai, the De Monte Colony seems nothing less than a big hub of paranormal adventures. Presently, a deserted locality, decorated with dilapidated one-storey houses on either sides and eeriness borne out of sheer neglect, the site is mere ruins, hollowed out of all warmth and life.

As fate would have it, the colony never got to see happier times, not even when it was built back in the nineteenth century by a well-off Portuguese businessman going by the name, De Monte. De Monte may have been blessed with a fine fortune but never saw domestic bliss, leading to a miserable life and having a mentally unstable wife made matters only worse. Very soon the man lost his son which was followed by the death of his parents. While what transacted erstwhile remains but a whiff of mystery, yet, if the legends are to be believed this is the source as well as the reason behind the haunting. Since the past one decade, from the time the colony has been lying vacant, there has been several incidents of paranormal activities such as pets as well as people going missing without a trace, unnatural sounds, and instances of De Monte ‘walking under the moon, and resting around on his rocking chair’. Despite the numerous examples of horror, the site entertains a fair amount of controversy with many people calling the entire claim nothing more than a hoax call. Also read about the most haunted places in Puri and top haunted places in Kerala. 

But then again, will you risk your life?

The death trail: Blue Cross Road

Every city has a suicide point.

This one is actually a creepy, lonely stretch of road that has seen so many unfortunate incidents over the years that it has earned the title of ‘the suicide hotspot of Chennai’. With so much negative vibes doing the rounds, it sure comes as no surprise that the place reeks of an unnatural haunting. The deserted trail is lined with tall evergreens shrouding the road in dense blackness. The thick bunches of canopy prevent sunlight from reaching the ground giving the area an eerie, shady appearance even during the daytime. Also read about haunted places in Bangalore. 

They say that the spirits of those who committed suicide here wander along the road, haunting and scaring the life out of the motorists who pass this road. Well, what do you think? To find more, we suggest you should explore this haunted place in Chennai, only if you're daring enough!

That haunted house: Valmiki Nagar


Image Credits: McKay Savage.

There’s a house somewhere along this street; a haunting beyond the measures. This edifice has been home to none since the past ten years. Apartment number F-2 on 3, Seward Road is said to be possessed. That too by the spirit of the house owner's daughter. Also read about haunted places in Kolkata and haunted places in Barrackpore. 

Lying 15 km from Chennai airport, the haunted house at Valmiki Nagar is, without doubt is always ridden with bucket loads of controversies and often gets stashed off as a creepy haunted place in Chennai. As cliched as the scenario may sound, this haunting actually differs a little bit from the rest of them; this ghost enjoys playing the part of a good host. Now you may argue, which ghost does not? But anyway, people living in nearby areas have claimed to have often seen a mysterious female opening the house for the visitor's post-midnight, and if one accepts the offer of stay, she offers all the hospitality a guest is supposed to get. The story might not exactly sound believable, but, like every good horror story, this one too comes with its own set of rumors. Many times, passers-by have heard a girl sobbing from the windows of the house. Also, it is believed that once one walks past the threshold, mobile signals stop and the screen starts to flicker.

Quite a place for an adventure, right?

The bridge to the underworld: The broken bridge at Besant Nagar

This spot may be a favorite among the cinema people as a favored spot for shooting, but the real picture plays not on the frame but in the sheer reality of the horrors. The broken bridge at Besant Nagar is a live testimony of unnatural manifestations, told in a thousand miserable tales and words. Also read about haunted places in Delhi, haunted places in Indore and haunted places in Jabalpur

Situated on Adyar river, the bridge that was initially built to connect fishermen to the sea, is today a wild hub of paranormal activities- instances that lack both, a reason and an explanation. Unfortunately, the bridge was never a success. Soon after its construction, the bridge broke down, never to be repaired again. After that, the bridge quickly became the favored site of all the mourners, slaved spirits and cold-blooded crimes.

There have been instances of dead bodies being washed ashore without any identity on them. As for now, the people living nearby prefer to leave the haunted place undisturbed and quiet.

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