Content Integrity Policy | Enabling Trust in Travel | Tripscam

Tripscam is the world’s first online platform working towards eliminating travel scams and bad travel experiences. The content on the website is presented as actionable summary (Expert Advise) as well as detailed incident reports. The content reflects the opinions of the users and not of Tripscam. Though best efforts and practises have been implemented to screen and moderate the content submitted by users, there may be few cases of fake reports published on the website. Users are advised to use their common sense while reading and interpreting the content on the website. Following are our policies, approach and actions we take to identify, block and remove any fraudulent reports.

We want you to travel without any obstruction

We want you to have wonderful and joyous travel experiences. We have aggregated travel advise and incident reports from travel experts, travel enthusiasts and our users. There have been reports of soiled trips due to few travel agents, hotel stays, hawkers, taxi drivers and other factors. We wish that you never encounter any such bad experiences or travel scams in your trips. Therefore, you are encouraged to use the information on this site to prevent similar bad experiences in your travels.

We believe that travellers have right to information

We support “Scam Free Travel”. This platform helps travellers in saving each other from bad travel experiences. More often, travellers love to share only good memories of their travels and tend to forget the bad ones. We believe that you should write down the bad incidents as well, to help others plan a better trip. If you don't speak of the bad things, they would continue to thrive and affect more people.

We trust our users

We trust our users that they would be submitting authentic information in good faith. Our policy regarding content submission is “self-certification from users”. This means that we require users to certify that they are reporting their own experiences before they can submit their report to Tripscam. We do not seek third-party verification of the incident reports submitted by users and travel experts.

We are impartial

We do not take sides with any businesses, hotels, tour operators or any specific users while moderating or publishing content on this website. We are a neutral and transparent platform for travellers to help each other. Our algorithms and methods for screening content are same for one and all. All the reports, be it about a big tour company or a small hawker, goes through the same machine code.

Moderation of Incident reports

Tripscam screens incident reports to ensure that published reports on the Web Services are in accordance with the Content Guidelines and other policies of Tripscam. The incident reports are moderated in two stages : Automated and Manual. Automated moderation uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically filter the incident reports for profanity, spam or fake incidents. The questionable incidents reports indicated by automated filter are reviewed manually by our staff. In most cases, incident reports are posted within 12 hrs of submission. If a review is marked suspicious by our staff, it may take longer time. An incident report may be marked suspicious if it does not meet our content guidelines, for example if it contains personally insulting language or comments about other users of the website.

We reserve the right to remove any objectionable content from the website that we feel violates the following:-

(a) has inappropriate or objectionable content such as bad language, adult content etc.

(b) violates our terms of use.

(c) has been posted to favour own business or in exchange of money/ freebies or any other commercial interest from any other business.

(d) has been posted to affect any competitor business and does not relate to true incidents.

(e) Reports posted in wrong or unrelated category.

Please note that it is impractical for us to factually check the incident reports posted on the website. We trust the good intent of the travellers to genuinely help other travellers by posting authentic incidents. However, our data analytics algorithms detect patterns in user behaviour and data of each attraction to find fake incident reports. In case any malicious incident report passes the moderation and is published on the website, the users of the Web Services can flag the report as questionable and we will further look into it.