Frequently Asked Questions | Tripscam

What is Tripscam?

We are a Delhi-based start-up and incidentally, world’s first online platform working towards eliminating bad travel experiences and promoting good ones. We aggregate good and bad travel reports from travel experts, travel enthusiasts and our users. We encourage our users to share details of good as well as bad service providers to help others.

How do I use Tripscam to plan my trips?

Our website provides you first hand information from travellers which is helpful in planning your trips. Expert advise column provides you brief and to-the-point information about your destination covering important aspects like tickets, services, restrictions, safety, precautions, local transport, shopping etc. The travel reports and advise of fellow travellers are helpful in planning safe and better trips.

How is Tripscam different from other travel information portals?

We are a trust enabler for travel industry. We encourage travellers to share their good and bad experiences to help other travellers in making choices. You may submit reports on your shopping experience, local transports, arrival-departure and other things specific to a city. Our rating system is different from other websites. Here, an attraction is rated on factors like safety, transparency and experience. We donot publish all reports submitted to us. Some of them are hidden (not published) but still used to deliver advice to travellers. You may also write hidden reports in an anonymous manner.

What is a travel report?

A travel report describes your travel experience. It is something that actually happened in your trip. It may be a good experience which made your trip memorable. It may be some smart move that saved your time and money. It may be a bad experience which soiled your trip. You may mention the details and promote hotels, tour guides, travel agencies, travel shops and otehr service providers who ensured a great trip for you. You may demote the ones who led to a bad travel experience by providing their details in the reports. A travel report report does not need to be about scam.

Is Tripscam about travel scams? What is a travel scam?

Tripscam is a trust enabler for travel industry. It is a platform to promote service providers who provide genuine services. Also, you may demote those service providers who are cheat, fraud or scam. A travel scam is a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed. Its something which deceives and is intended to deceive a traveller so that he/she will act upon it to her or his legal injury.

Why should I write travel reports at Tripscam?

You promote good karma When you share your good experiences on this website. First, the genuine travel agents, guides or hotels are rewarded and promoted within travel community. Second, others can also make similar choices and have a good travel experience. You demote bad karma by sharing bad experiences and therefore, save others from awful trips.

Does Tripscam screen travel reports submitted by me?

We screens travel reports to ensure that published reports are in accordance with the Content Guidelines and other policies of Tripscam. The reports are moderated in two stages : Automated and Manual. Automated moderation uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically filter the travel reports for profanity, spam or fake incidents. The questionable travel reports indicated by automated filter are reviewed manually by our staff. Reports are approved after moderation. Some reports may be approved but remain hidden or unpublished.

Can I write travel reports anonymously?

We encourage our users to write travel reports with their identity. This helps us in identifying credible information in the travel reports. Also, travellers like to read and beleive those travel reports which are written by identifiable users. However, we understand that sometimes it is not feasible to write report with one's identity. You may have your reasons or may be providing a secret tip to our community. At Tripscam, we allow our users to write 'Hidden' reports in an anonymous manner. You still have to log-in to write the report but indicate as "Hidden" or "Anonymous" in the details of report.

What are hidden reports?

Some approved reports are marked as 'hidden' by our algorithms. This is an added functionality of this website and makes us different from other review platforms. Hidden reports are travel reports which contain important information but are not published due to following reasons:-

(a) The writer of report has asked to write anonymously

(b) The report does not meet some clauses of our terms or guidelines

(c) The report is a secret tip from our user

The information in hidden reports is used by our algorithms to generate expert advice for travel community. Also, we publish secret travel guides from these hidden reports after de-identification.

How to write travel reports at Tripscam?

You have to click on “write a report” in the top bar menu. Its a simple four step process which takes less than five minutes.

(a) Step 1 - Choose a city : Here, you choose the city related to your travel experience, from a drop down menu.

(b) Step 2 - Choose Category : At Tripscam, you can write travel reports of a particular city or a specific attraction in that city. If your experience is specific to a particular city i.e. related to arrival, departure of the city, local transport or shopping experience - You should choose the category as “Arrival-Departure”, “Local Transport” or “Shopping” as the case may be. If the report is related to a specific attraction (Activity, Place of Interest etc), you should choose the category as “Attraction”.

(c) Step 3 - Choose type : If you have chosen attraction in the last step, here you choose the specific attraction from the drop down menu. The other choices are self explanatory in this step.

(d) Step 4 - Tell us details : You need to choose the month-year of the occurrence of the report and write-in the details of the report. Then, you have to rate the place in 1-5 rating on factors of safety and experience. You should “rate 1”, if the place is prone to travel scams or bad travel experiences, You should “rate 5”, if the place is safe and bad experiences are less likely.

How to edit or delete the travel report I have submitted?

You have all the rights to edit or delete the travel reports submitted by you. You need to place a request for the same through our help centre and we will take delete or edit the reports as they appear on this website. However, there is a high possibility that copies of the old reports may be retained indefinitely in our systems, including cached and archived pages. In addition, copies of reports that you have removed or deleted may also exist elsewhere on the Internet due to the nature of internet sharing.

What kind of travel reports will not be accepted by Tripscam?

We remove travel reports that we feel violates the following:-

(a) has inappropriate or objectionable content such as bad language, adult content etc.

(b) violates our terms of use.

(c) has been posted to favour own business or in exchange of money/ freebies or any other commercial interest from any other business.

(d) has been posted to affect any competitor business and does not relate to true incidents.

(e) Reports posted in wrong or unrelated category.

How do I edit my profile details?

You may edit your profile details like your name, display image etc. by visiting your “Profile Page” and clicking “Edit-Profile”. In order to change your email address, you may place a request for the same through help centre.

How do I delete my profile at Tripscam?

It’s unpleasant for us if you are not pleased with our services in any way. We do our best to provide you with quality service. We would love to hear from you and work on issues that you’ve had with our site, policies, experts or other members. You may contact us for resolving these issues through Help Centre. In case you delete your account, all your active reports and other content will be deleted from our site. This process cannot be reversed. If you still want to close your account, you may place a request for the same through Help centre.

How do I report experiences in Hotels, Holiday Rentals, Restaurants etc.?

Currently, we have not started off our operations to hotels, holiday rentals, restaurants etc. Still, if you wish to submit an travel report for any of these categories, you can “Select the particular City” -> Select any category -> In the third step, “Select Others” and submit your report.

If someone has written false reports about me or my business, how to remove them?

It is impractical for us to factually check the travel reports posted on the website. We trust the good intent of the travellers to genuinely help other travellers by posting authentic reports. However, our data analytics algorithms detect patterns in user behaviour and data of each attraction to find fake reports. In case any malicious report passes the moderation and is published on the website, you may flag the report as questionable and we will further look into it. Also, you can place a request to remove a false report through help centre.

What are Travel Experts? How do I become one?

Travel experts are renowned travel writers, bloggers and travel enthusiasts who love to discover places and share their experiences. Also, top contributors at our website are invited to join the travel experts panel from time to time. We will send you an invitation to join as Travel Expert as and when we notice you as top contributor.

How do I request that a place be added to Tripscam?

If you feel a city or an attraction should be added to our website, you may place a request for the same at the help centre. We would review and take action on it.

Why does Tripscam provides this service free of charge? Are there any hidden charges?

We do not charge our users for providing the travel information on our portal. However,we earn revenue through the advertisement on the city and attraction pages. There are no hidden charges to use our web services except for what users pay to their internet service providers for internet usage

What we will do with the travel reports other than sharing them with fellow travellers?

We will analyse various travel reports, discover the patters, understanding experiences of victims to provide concise and timely alerts to travellers to save them from bad experiences. We are working towards reducing number of bad incidents with integration of information, analytics and technology for our end user.

Any more questions?

If you have any questions, you may send us a feedback through Help Centre. Also, you may write to us at info (at) tripscam (dot) com. We will be happy to assist you