Haunted Places in Indore | Scary Houses and Horror Stories

Remember those horror stories that we were always so curious about, hearing from our grandparents of ghosts haunting centuries-old houses or palaces where kings resided? These were the kind of tales that we loved hearing, but then even the thought of these ghost stories being real sent a shiver down our spine. Incidents have known to take place for years and decades now. There are several haunted places in India and Indore is no exception. 


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Although many people never believed conversations about ghosts, evil spirits, and unsatisfied souls, once you visit these places in Indore that we are about to tell you, you may have a petrifying experience for yourself. Infact, haunted places in Mumbai and haunted places in Delhi, which are cities always marked by constant hustle-bustle, also compel one to wonder of what the naked eyes cannot see. 

Get ready to take some ghost walks but make sure that you don’t visit these places alone.

Here is a quick list of most haunted places of Indore:

  • The Empty Building, M G Road
  • Lal Bagh Palace
  • Kazi Ki Chawl
  • Gamle wali puliya
  • Footi Kothi 
  • Rajendra Nagar

The Empty Building, M G Road

There is nothing to be scared when you see an empty building, but what happens when you find out that the building which may seem empty, is not really empty, and that people were living there, but they had to vacate the building because of paranomal activities.. Such is the case on M G Road. People say that a woman committed suicide by jumping from this building and no one has dared to known the reason for her suicide till date.

What’s the scary story?

Well, people never really found out why the lady committed suicide, but it was sure that she was suffering. Residents of the edifice have claimed to hear noises of crying and howling at night. This was the reason why those residents vacated, and now the building remains empty till date. This definitely had to top our list of haunted places in Indore!

Lal Bagh Palace

Haunted Places in Indore.

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One of the finest buildings to be built at the time of the Holkar Dynasty is the Lal Bagh Palace. It is a magnificent palace with gates which resemble those of the Buckingham Palace in London. It was also the home to India’s most beautiful rose garden. But there’s another side to this beautiful palace, and that is not at all pretty.

Along with the outer beauty of this magnificent place were tagged the horrifying celestial activities that happened inside. Formerly the home of the Holkar royal family, it is now the home to unsatisfied suffering souls who have made this palace a living horror and one of the most haunted places in Indore.

What’s the scary story?

People who often come to tour this palace have complained of eccentric sounds and not abnormal incidents on the premises. But it becomes worse after the sun sets and the moon rises to shine. The noise increases at night and so does the number of unnatural activities happening in a palace where apparently nobody lives. The night-shift guards have faced a lot of difficulties in trying to confront the spirits and now, nobody is allowed anywhere near the premises after sunset. Our list of haunted places in Rajasthan also consists of a number of such grand palatial monuments. 

Don’t try going there at night if your life is precious to you!

Kazi Ki Chawl

Imagine a normal kid playing in a chawl one morning and later committing suicide by burning himself to death in the evening, for no reason. But what would come to your mind when you find out that there have been multiple cases of kids committing suicide in that chawl and all of them died the same way? Could the kids even spell the term ‘suicide’? It is painful for us to hear about this, but imagine how heartbreaking it was for their parents to believe that their kids were hypnotized into killing themselves by two girls whose presence was only felt by the kids and no other member of the family.  

What did the girls ever have to do with those innocent children?

What’s the scary story?

There were always some unnatural activities happening in the place, but people never gave it much significance until such incidents started happening. The latest incident that took place in the year 2015 involved a girl burning herself in the same manner and upon asking, she told her parents that two girls came and started pouring kerosene on themselves and compelled the girl also to accompany them. She died in the hospital later. Police complaints were also filed but nobody could ever find those lassies.

Gamle Wali Puliya

Gamle Wali Puliya, that lies on AB road near IPS school, is famous for paranormal activities. It is said that this road is haunted by a woman clad in a white sari. Due to this supernatural presence, a high number of accidents occur on this road. Although many people living near the road have claimed to have never seen any such lady, most surviving victims have revealed that they were distracted by a lady wearing a white sari which led to the atrocity.  No doubt, it successfully reminds us of the Mumbai-Goa highway's spooky story

What’s the scary story?

This bridge or puliya that lie on AB road near IPS school has been said to be haunted by the presence of a lady in a white sari. Due to this reason, this road is prone to mishaps. The story says that the lady suddenly appears in front of the vehicle and then disappears. 

Footi Kothi 

Forts have always been the home to many magical stories, or they have always been the breeding grounds for more spooky and supernatural powers. Here is another fort having a paranormal tale to tell! Footi Kothi, also known as Kundi Kothi, is a massive ruined building and one of the most haunted places in Indore. It is said that it was the dream of Holkar dynasty to have a building here and the ruler of Indore, Maharaja Holkar, started it but could never finish it. It is an incomplete glory with eeriness surrounding its aura.

What’s the scary story?

The construction of this fort was started under Maharaja Holkar but what’s strange is that the construction could never finish. A queer tempest would come and sweep everything away. The king tried many times, but every time something catastrophic would happen and ruin the building. The king even brought a mason from England, but even then he failed. What’s more to add is that there are no doors in the entire structure. A door fixer was also called from England, but he failed to complete the construction. And if that’s not enough to scare you, the place also has no roof. The construction was left isolated after many attempts. The mystifying fact is that the most powerful person in the city couldn’t get it complete. And that is because some powers are beyond the control of mankind.

Also, it is said that there are eccentric happenings here when the dark night sets in.

Rajendra Nagar

This area, a haunted place in Indore, was thought to be a normal peaceful residential area until spirits started to reside in it. All the houses here are empty apart from a few where some tenants stay. The catch here is that the area, which now has a residential block for the living, was formerly a resting place for the dead souls and that is something to be scared of. Haunted places in Barrackpore and haunted places in Jabalpur just go to show that small towns are also not free of the dead coming back, even though these towns are believed to engage in countless prayer services. 

What’s the scary story?

The houses here are all pretty but who would want to stay at a place where the dead put up. The tenants who stayed often complained of strange happenings like the banging of doors, sound of running water in the empty house, sounds of people laughing and the most horrifying, the presence of someone inside the house. Shadows or the sound of someone running on the roof was also common. And how does it feel when you come back to your home, open the lock only to find the door latched from inside. Spooky, isn’t it?

It seems like the dead have risen after all. 

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