Babymoon Travel Guide | Traveling in second trimester

So, are you expecting a baby?

We know, by this time, you are overwhelmed with the mind numbing frequency of this question, having to answer it again and again for your family, friends, colleagues… Well, the list is endless. It’s a fact that a new pregnancy alone can give you the ‘jitters,' a vague uncertainty that looms over both of you, both mentally and physically. But what sets this bittersweet experience apart, is that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences a couple can share as they welcome their tiny bundle of joy into the world.

So here’s the deal! If your relatives’ humongous amounts of advice are more stressful than helpful and you are tired of googling up parenting tips, we suggest you take a vacation- the ultimate tonic to drive away all the stress.

You! Yes, you sir, need to pack your bags and go on a babymoon. Now, what in the world is that, you say? Well, read on and find it for yourself.

What’s a Babymoon?

Well, a babymoon can be defined as, and I’m quoting, ‘a romantic holiday an expecting couple takes on their third trimester,' before the baby is born and the couple must step into the new shoes of parents. It's a term coined by a sociologist, popularized by pop culture magazines and (of course) travel industries and has gained ample momentum in the last few years. But, let’s not go into the technicalities. A relaxing holiday at any period of the pregnancy is not only a great idea for you and your hubby, but is also a major stress buster. You may argue a vacation can be a risky, impractical idea, bordering on lunacy. But we promise, with right planning and provisions you can to handle all kinds of tricky situations. A honeymoon is a vacation you take as you start a new chapter of your life, welcoming your spouse in it. A babymoon is a natural follow up as you and your spouse welcome a new member in your paradise, penning the beginning of yet another chapter. Call it second innings, before you immerse yourself in the roller coaster ride that parenting is!

Here’s what you should consider

Travelling requires planning. Let’s just say, when by traveling you mean a babymoon, the effort kind of doubles and the planning needs to be set on the ‘extensive’ mode. It’s obvious that her safety and comfort is the bigger factor here. And safety comes with appropriate precautions, talking it out with your doctor and being flexible enough to add a few minor adjustments. Still confused over the idea? Allow us to convince you! Here are a few points you should keep in mind before embarking on your little adventure.


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Pregnancy can be hard. Period. During pregnancy, the body goes through few major physical metamorphosis and that your partner might have a hard time coping up, is just stating the obvious. What we mean to say is pregnancy can be uncomfortable and movement restrictive, and that is something you need to keep in mind, as you plan your holiday together.

Plan at least a month in advance. Openly discuss your ideas and listen to her special travel needs as you look for your options, regarding the timing, location, and activities. Following simple tips like wearing your seatbelt low so that the band rests under your lower abdomen and getting up and moving around every few hours to aid blood circulation- can go a long way in adding comfort to your journey!


A common concern among parents-to-be while planning a babymoon is deciding on the right time to travel. From a medical point of view, it is advisable for expecting mothers to plan their trip anytime between the 11th and 24th week. However, pregnancy can be an intimate issue, and we suggest you invite your doctor aboard while planning and get a personal advice based on your tests and health complications.

While being the early bird is definitely helpful if you want to go for a long holiday, you cannot rule out the possibility of a weekend getaway with your hubby even in your third trimester.


How far are you willing to go? Does an overseas vacation during pregnancy make you nervous? There’s no need to fret! While a majority of first timers prefer baby mooning at someplace local, you should realize that your pregnancy should not limit your options concerning locales. More and more couples today prefer to travel abroad for some relaxing ‘us’ time before parenthood unleashes itself in full force.  

Local or not, make sure the place is soothing and ‘pregnancy-friendly,' which means a big no to extreme adventures, loud environments that might lead to discomfort or a journey with a nonstop travel time exceeding 6 to 7 hours. Being off to someplace exotic can be nice, but you don’t really want to start the trip with a jet lag or a muscle ache from that 10-hour long car drive.

As you settle down on a locale, make sure that the area comes well equipped with medical facilities, should there be an emergency. Remember to keep your own personal listing of all the prominent hospitals and their contact numbers in the area. This way you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about the worst case scenarios.

Availability of Medical care

Traveling in your second trimester is a great time when your baby bump is not all that large, and you are past the morning sickness. Sounds great, right? There are a few pointers you still need to consider for those just-in-case situations.

Several doctors advise checking for the medical facilities available in the area if you are planning to go abroad for your babymoon. As already stated, it is a great idea to do some research in advance and keep a personal list of the nearby hospitals and clinics in the area you are vacationing in. While traveling overseas, check with your doctor about any necessary vaccines you must take. Also, remember to take copies of your medical records along.

 Pregnancy shoot.

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To take the kids along or not

Now here’s a pointer that requires some serious thinking. No kidding! While technically, a babymoon is more about having a bonding time with your hubby; it can be a great excuse for some family bonding. Several couples prefer to take their kids along with them for a mini getaway. You see, a babymoon is a celebration of the addition of a new member in your family, and there is no reason why you can’t celebrate the special moment together as a family.

And some other minor details...

So are up for having a grand time on your babymoon before you are drowned in an endless chain of changing diapers and timed feedings? Well, we hope you have a happy trail but before you pack, here are few other minor details you might want to take into account.

  • If an overseas vacation is what’s on your mind, be sure to check with your airline’s travel policies for expecting women. Several airlines don’t permit women, beyond their 24th week of pregnancy, to fly and require a compulsory doctor’s note.
  • Planning on a lovely cruise with your hubby? Make sure the cruise liner comes well equipped with medical facilities. Consult your doctor if you suffer from seasickness. It’s always a good idea to carry your own pregnancy-safe seasickness medicines before setting sail.   
  • Pregnancy can give your bladder a hard time. Consider your need to visit the loo before deciding on the journey and the locale.
  • Make sure you get plenty of quiet, slumber hours to ease away all the stress and tiredness. Also, don’t forget to keep hydrated (carry a water bottle everywhere) and eat right!

Pamper yourself!

Okay, here comes the fun part. We agree you have a reason to worry about your little soon-to-be-there wonder; no arguments there! But remember, all that extensive planning and crazy preparations for the past few weeks had been for you to enjoy a soothing, stress-free time and indulge in some guilty pleasures. This is the time to go for a lovely stroll around the city hand-in-hand with your hubby or get a romantic candlelight dinner, after spending endless days of boredom ‘resting’ on your bed.

There are several hotels and resorts that offer a variety of packages, tailor-made for the baby mooners. Check with your hotel and take your pick. Soak in every minute of that precious ‘me’ time and indulge in a couple of massage and exotic spa treatments to add that extra shimmer to your glowing skin.

Where to?

Now that you are all set, you are probably wondering where to head. Well, we have some amazing suggestions waiting for you right here.

  • Shimla, for its mesmerizing, gorgeous locales and a quiet, old world charm.
  • Srinagar, for a gorgeous time on houseboat amid the whistling waters and blissful, romantic gardens.
  • Amritsar, because what could be a better way to start a new chapter than by asking for His blessings.
  • Goa, the perfect spot to relax!
  • Kerala, to explore the rich, unexploited colors of nature in God’s own Country.
  • Pondicherry, for its picturesque exotic beaches and cuisine.

The above bullets list some of our favorite babymoon destinations in India but if your preferences take you abroad, then here are our best suggestions in Asia.

  • Singapore, for we believe three words should do: luxury shopping, beaches, and spas.
  • Abu Dhabi, to spend an amazing time exploring and discovering the gorgeous, rustic city on foot.
  • Malaysia, to excite the nature lover in you.
  • Maldives, do we really need to elaborate?
  • Thailand, to experience a new culture like nothing else.

If you are looking for ideas, read our post on babymoon destinations in India and plan yourself a happy vacation!

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