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Jabalpur is a town in Madhya Pradesh which has a lot of places to see. Be it the very famous Dhauladhar falls or Madal Mahal, Jabalpur is not going to disappoint you.It is a small place but has a lot of beauty, and that means we are going to tell you about Jabalpur today.

So, let's start on with the mystery about Jabalpur. We have heard about many places that are believed to be haunted, but a place like Jabalpur has not been in much limelight. So, what do you think? I think ghosts love hiding at such places. There are many places famous for supernatural encounters, but Jabalpur is one of a kind.

Tiraha Gadhda Road

Haunted road - Haunted place in Jabalpur.

Image Credits: MrsFife.

Tiraha Gadha road at Jabalpur has a haunted peepal tree on which a ghost is believed to live, and this is considered as one of the most haunted places in Jabalpur. We all know the stories related to a peepal tree, but not all trees are haunted or are a home to some spirit. It all started with the spreading of unhappiness with the regional people. The tree gave negative vibes, and everybody was scared to cross by this road. Nearby residents say that a spirit lives there and they have even seen its shadow. 

Nobody crosses near this part at night and are very scared to leave their homes.

Fort on Patbaba hills

This fort has a lot of stories related to it, and most of them are haunted. This fort used to be watchtower of Rani Durgawati and now has an altogether different position. People who live nearby have reported loud screaming noises from this tower which haunts them a lot. The government decided to make this a tourist spot, but due to the presence of forest near the fort and noises, they canceled the plan. Many researchers have been to this fort but nobody was found inside the fort, and it became one of the most haunted places in Jabalpur. During the night they suspected loud scary voices from the fort and concluded that this is a female spirit. 

Maybe Rani Durgawati doesn’t want to leave her castle.

Village Bhuvwara

This place is not exactly in Jabalpur but not very far too. Village Bhuvwara is just 40 km from Jabalpur and is haunted by the spirit of an old man. They have a long story behind this; it is said that this old man died an unnatural death and even his family died. Now, he wanders everywhere at night and weeps loudly. Imagine a man crying at night to his fullest voice; this makes this place very haunted place in Jabalpur. In fact, one villager named Chandan Singh was dragged to a height by some shadow and dropped on the ground. After this incident, his life was saved with great difficulty. 

Even imagining all this can scare anybody and hence think twice before going visiting this village.

Railway Tracks of Satpura, Jabalpur

Haunted station - Haunted place in Jabalpur.

Image Credits: Veeresh Malik.

This is one of the most haunted places in Jabalpur out of this list, and this is definitely going to give you Goosebumps. This is an incident from the railway tracks of Jabalpur. A man was cycling near the track, and that time there were no streetlights in this part. As a result, the man ignored the sound and kept cycling, but when the street light came, he saw a head rolling with the same speed as that of the cycle. He completely lost his balance but still kept cycling faster and somehow reached his home. 

This incident happened with a few more people, and some even heard a lady crying on this road.

These are the four most haunted places in Jabalpur. Now, if you got the courage you can definitely visit one of these, but I suggest you just reading for now. Looking for more spooky stories, read about most haunted places in Mumbai.

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