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The unknown has always been a point of attraction for mortals. Increased heartbeat, sweating, and breathlessness are some common reactions to fear. India, the land of kings, palaces, forts and snake charmers, has numerous untold tales of mysterious deaths and instances where innocent souls were killed or tortured for no reason. No one has ever been able to prove if there are ‘ghosts’ around but certain factors such as low temperatures, rotating odors, and eerie shadows cannot be overlooked by anyone. Having a rural backdrop to the country, it is believed that where there is the presence of the all empowering God, there is also the presence of the Devil, everlasting curses, and fatal black magic. Experienced more in places of folklore about death, afterlife, satisfaction of the soul, and tales related to long nailed witches, demons of the dark and bloodsucking Draculas, only those believe it who face it. Exploring the most haunted places in India can be a major thrill to many. How fascinating is it to encounter the dead, to know someone’s life story which dates back to more than a hundred years and to know why one was unable to leave the earthly realm!


Read ahead and note down these 13 haunted places in India and their backgrounds for your next exhilarating adventure.

  • National Library, Kolkata
  • Sanjay Van, Delhi
  • Dumas Beach, Surat
  • Bonocaud Bungalow, Kerala
  • Bara Imambara, Lucknow
  • Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan
  • NH17 (Mumbai-Goa Highway)
  • Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie
  • Haunted Bridge-Sector 16, Chandigarh
  • Mukesh Mills, Mumbai
  • Chandan Nagar, Pune
  • Terra Vera, Bangalore
  • Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad

National Library, Kolkata:

Haunted places in India 

Image Credits: Avrajyoti Mitra .

Libraries are meant to be silence zones where readers immerse themselves in books and find joy in reading. But, what happens when you feel someone sitting beside you or sighing heavily down your neck even when you are alone? Well, that’s exactly what has been reported here. It is said that whenever one leaves books on the table, chairs not pushed back or tables moved from their position, the ghost of Lord Metcalfe’s wife, that roams about the corridors of India’s largest library, doesn’t let go of the offender easily. The biggest turn of events was when recently a 250-year-old room was discovered which cannot be entered due to the absence of doors and trapdoors. It is a secret what the room hold within but whatever it is, is surely not pleasing, yet alluring. Not just the librarians, but also night-shift guards have complained of the discomfort they faced, which is exactly why no worker is ready to risk their lives. Read about other places which top the list of most haunted places in Kolkata here. It will be interesting to read about top haunted places in Barrackpore as well.

If you are daring enough, go ahead and scatter a few objects there. Maybe, you’ll be the next one giving statements and accounts then.

Sanjay Van, Delhi:

A trailing forest with lush green trees and magnificent birds such as the Indian Silverbill and Purple Sunbird during the day, this tourist spot becomes one of the most haunted places in India once the sun sets and there is absence of light. Being highly deserted without even a single small shop in the vicinity, it is a belief that the wandering spirit of Hazrat Sheikh Shahabuddin Ashiqallah sets foot on the cobbled paths each night. The most bizarre point is the Muslim cremation, after Lal Kot, where mainly the underprivileged children were buried. Reportedly, every night these little ones return to scream, giggle, play and crawl to break the killing quietness. It is a stop of apparition existences. Probably, another tale or truth is of the woman who hung herself from the nearby peepal tree. Apparently, passersby have seen a woman clad in a white sari and also had visions of how she had killed herself. Night-time is often associated with paranormal activities and Sanjay Van definitely qualifies as one of the most haunted places in India which is sure to give you goose bumps and spending a night here is a challenge not too many can win. If you are looking for more such places in the Capital, read about haunted places in Delhi here.

Memorize all your prayers. You never know which may come handy!

Dumas Beach, Surat:

This urban beach in Surat, Gujarat, is an eminent globetrotter attraction. Often on the ‘must visit’ list of a number of discoverers, Dumas beach is well known for its black sand and rumors of being haunted. Locally, it is believed that the ground was initially a Hindu cremation ground which is why disturbed souls still stroll about. There is also a myth that the black color of the fine sand grains is because of cremation ash. Visitors have often recounted of weird audible noises, whispers, and laughter that have no visible source. It is totally prohibited to enter the beach premises after dark since previously many trespassers have vanished mysteriously without any clue or traces, except for one who was found later with his tongue stretched out from his mouth. If you’re the one looking for an escape from your daily monotonous life, this beach is absolutely spot-on, quite literally. The serene waves, black sand stretched all around till the eyes can see and souls with unfulfilled wishes and tasks can without fail give goosebumps to even the ones who claim to be fearless. If you are looking for another beach with stories from the Dark World, read about most haunted places in Puri.

Dumas beach has also won the award for being the most haunted place in India by Economic Times.

Bonocaud Bungalow, Kerala:

If stories are to be believed, after sunset, the dilapidated residence becomes one of the creepiest places one can even think of in their wildest dreams and imagination. The narrative follows that during the British Raj in India, the bungalow was popular for its rambling tea plantations. On one unfortunate night, the youthful kids of the owner died under unknown circumstances. Following the incident, the couple moved back to London, UK. On-lookers have claimed to spectacle a sauntering young spirit in the abode. At midnight, sounds of breaking glass and the loud cries of a child frequent the atmosphere. The wraith of a spooky boy wayfaring in the air has also been claimed to be seen by a few unnamed sources. Children are considered God’s greatest gifts but this is what seems to be a result of blessings turning into Satan’s curse. Little angels whose playing and joys fill the air whenever they are around, now prove to be horrific in this bungalow which has been abandoned for years yet, visited by those who have been long dead. Read more on most haunted places in Kerala.

Visit this one of the most haunted places in India only if you have no heart ailment because even the healthy can anytime be faced with a heart attack and that time a pale white extending hand would only worsen it.

Bara Imambara, Lucknow:

Considered an architectural marvel of the Mughal period, Bara Imambara is an impressive monument recognized for its inspiring Mughal architecture in Lucknow. A striking feature of this memorial is the confusing eternal set of mazes that can devour any man, who dares to enter them with any professional or trained guide. The construction of the building began in 1785 when the 'City of Nawabs' was hit by acute famine. The main aim of construction was to generate employment and accelerate earning and economic growth along with over all improvement in the standard of living. The famine and deprivation took away the lives of countless innocent men, women, and children. It is their ghosts that are still believed to linger about and haunt the bewildering maze routes and passages. A lot of entrants have never returned to their families till date and no one knows what exactly happened to them. The ‘Tehkhana’ or store room built in the complex was utilized by the ruthless British rulers during their invalid settling in India to arrest, lock up and imprison the natives. The crippling walls that have been witness to all the years of injustice and still hold terrific flashbacks of all that transpired behind them.

Tourists have also claimed to capture mysterious snaps hanging around in the eroding establishment.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan:

One of the most haunted places in India is the Bhangarh Fort situated in Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan. This ghost town has surfaced in a number of related articles, and that is exactly why it has been attracting all those, from across the globe, who fancy the supernatural. It is essential to note that no backpacker is allowed to enter the premises after sunset and to ensure safety, strict warning about the perils of the location has also been put up by the Archaeological Survey of India. According to tales narrated one generation after the other, there was once a magician who had fallen in love with the local princess of the region though it was crystal clear that their match was impossible to be approved. Being well versed in black magic, he devised a ruse to make the princess surrender. But, having learned of his wicked intentions, she planned to put an end to him forever. However, before his soul left his body, the sorcerer cast a spell on the palace which brought its doom. Looking for more scare stories in the land of Rajputs, then read here about most haunted places in Rajasthan.

There are also other eerie and nerve wrecking stories revolving around this fort where darkness engulfs all that is present and those who sneak in for a sleepover will never be alone, in their senses, or maybe seen again.

NH17 (Mumbai-Goa Highway):

Popularly called the Mumbai-Goa Highway, this national highway is spoken about for not just it’s charming appeal but a lot more than that. This horror chronicle with a comic twist states that hungry witches and ghosts residing there, chase each vehicle transporting non-vegetarian edibles and do not accept defeat until they achieve victory. Not just a word of mouth tale, travelers have actually recounted their ordeals and how they faced death and torture. Goa, a paradise for beach lovers who wish of road trips, sandy feet, and salty hair, is difficult to be perceived as haunted but then again, no one can overlook eyewitness accounts. In an age where vegetarians are made fun of as “grass eaters”, it definitely gives them an upper hand on NH17. Read about Mumbai Goa Highway Haunted Stories here.

Chicken is life? Stay away from this car journey!

Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie:

Being one of the most haunted destinations in Mussoorie, the Savoy Hotel protects many forbidden secrets within its age old walls. The phantom of old Lady Garnet Orme, a British spiritualist known to dip in diabolism, lurks in the corridors. She was apparently murdered at the venue in 1911 by poisoning through strychnine. The case became all the more baffling when her doctor was also found dead, poisoned with strychnine, a few years later, not too long after the Lady’s unresolved demise. Its lamentable that the disturbed spirit probes through desperately only to catch her murderer, but all in vain. Guests have reported bodiless whispers, doors and windows constantly opening and shutting on their own and even direct encounters with an apparition. Hotels, where tourists put up for pleasure and comfort, can be fatal for the weak if it's haunted. Imagine bathing tubs full of red water, a stuck reflection in the mirror above the basin, towels already soiled, flickering lights or a follower right behind every moment. Sounds exciting?

This hotel is definitely the place where you should be to experience almost what feels like a Hollywood movie’s script, except that it would be real and you could be the actor with a not so happy ending.

Haunted Bridge-Sector 16, Chandigarh:

This bridge, located on the way to the General Hospital in Sector 16, received its name after paranormal incidents were experienced by not just one or two individuals but many. According to sources, a girl, dressed in a white apron is spotted dilly dallying with a lantern in her hand. This girl is said to be a doctor who was hit by a truck on this bridge and killed twenty years back. Ever since she is witnessed on the bridge before she suddenly vanishes into thin air like there never was anyone. Bridges are also known for a number of suicides, accidents, and murders in deserted places. No one can be absolutely certain about who this lassie is but she surely didn’t have a peaceful death or she would have left for her heavenly abode long back instead of holding onto this earth where recklessness is increasing each day. Spirits are all around us but they bother us only when we bother them.

What a challenge it would be to get the perfect selfie with her by the light of the lit hanging lantern.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai:

Mukesh Textile Mills, set up by the East India Company in the 1870s, was once flourishing but now there remain mere walls and tumble down windows with no glass panes. The mill was shut down on 18th January when a fire broke out and spread within seconds, killing thousands of employees. The ruins soon gained fame as a hotspot for the shooting of films which needed such a setup. However, the history of the place is enough to terrify anyone who plans on entering the location after sunset, that is, post 6 pm. Stories of a possessed actress and eerie interiors are odd about the mill. Well, it also sounds familiar because of its strong relatedness to Shah Rukh Khan starrer, ‘Om Shanti Om’ which was released in 2007 and had an almost similar storyline. Bollywood buffs who wish to get a feel of what the making of the film must have felt like, must visit this place. But, there is also the repeated warning that no heart patients or pregnant women must take on such adventures since it could be fatal and prevention is better than cure. If you are looking for nearby haunted places, then read about haunted places in Mumbai Andheri here.

The rest, get-set-go, now that you already know all details.

Chandan Nagar, Pune:

A quote that I had once read was, “A doll may steal organs at midnight”. And then Annabelle hit the theatres and run successfully with audience booking tickets and filling all seats, not just in India but the world over. Stories connected to this haunted place in India state that there was once a little girl here who had died after an accident at a construction site. Since then, though her body has been gone long ago, her apparition continues to put up in the area. If viewers are to be trusted, then the girl wearing a white frock hugging a doll comes screaming and running towards those who catch her eyes post midnight. Blinking dolls, murderous teddies, and self-playing pianos have till now been read about in books such as the Goosebumps series and some movies that try and portray horror but fail miserably. However, this lass-doll duo can dry up the blood in anyone’s veins within seconds. What intrigues one more is that though she comes racing to you, she doesn’t hit you at all. She either passes through or just flies away like smoke. To know what’ll happen with you, how your first meet is going to turn out, you know exactly where you need to go. Explore more of such haunted places in Pune here.

But in case she hugs you and claims you to be her best friend that she had been waiting for, don’t blame us that we didn’t warn you.

Terra Vera, Bangalore:

The house was built in 1943 by an Anglo-Indian lawyer, EJ Vaz, who had gifted it to his unmarried daughters, Vera and Dolce. While Vera was an English teacher, Dolce was a piano instructor. The two sisters were the only members living in the house. However, as all good things come in small packages, their happiness was also short lived when  Dolce, the 75-year-old younger sibling was killed by a man in front of her sister who could do nothing to save her in 2002. The man had broken into the house at midnight when most of the vicinity was fast asleep. Dolce’s corpse was buried in the house itself while the cops moved Vera to a safer place. Spooky occurrences include sighting of headless statues occurred after which the house was dismantled in 2014. Surprisingly, the furniture and a vintage car of the residence remain untouched and unmoved to this day. Tourists and explorers who have tried to get photographs have all returned with either corrupt images or dead batteries. Read more stories about most haunted places in Bangalore or haunted places in Chennai here.

On-lookers also recollect screams, a face peering from the window, the temperature suddenly dropping to below normal in certain rooms and a faint sound of melodious piano filling the air.

Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad:

Haunted places in India.

Image Credits: Anuradha Ratnaweera .

One of the most resplendent monuments in Ancient India, the Golkonda Fort, an archaeological treasure, is on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The fort has stood the test of time and been home to many rulers and dynasties for centuries. Thus, more the years of service, more the rumors of being the most haunted place in India. There have allegedly been episodes of loud continuous screams, shadow sightings without the presence of any physical body close by, and banging and cluttering of utensils, to name a few. As per oral history, souls of the Qutub Shahi Rulers loiter here. Another attention-grabbing story which prevails is that Taramati and Premamati were two sisters who performed in the court of Qutub Shah who can still be heard singing and dancing in the fort at night when no one is allowed to enter the boundaries. Slightly similar to Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’, Bollywood seems to be strongly inspired by these haunted places in India.

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These are just a few of the most haunted places in India. With 29 states, it is not possible to enlist all jinxed venues together. Each day new places are discovered. One murder, one suicide, one accident, one tortured or wrong soul, one crime, one unfulfilled wish is all it takes to keep back a soul departed from a body. An Ouija call, a question, a signal is all it takes to bring back a spirit to earth and remind it of its suffering. Fear engulfs all that comes in its way so it’s time to move ahead and face whatever scares you since life is too short to stay indoors and then regret when the physical being is about to give up. Do not believe hearsay. Instead, take a trip and see for yourself. Let us know if you have had any personal experiences at any of the above-mentioned hideouts.  

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