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The idea is often classified as a futile rhetoric, the fact, whether ghosts exist or not. While we often categorise ourselves as believers and non-believers, the whole concept of the reality behind it, is seldom explored. And even if it is, the conclusion is never an agreeable solution but a heated debate, culminating towards a ceasefire. Also read about haunted places in India. 

So, dear reader, which category do you belong to? Today, we bring you a handpicked set of the most haunted places in Jaipur. And as a bargain, we leave it upto you to decide which one paints the darkest picture. They say, the mistakes of our past often haunt us later; the notion only alleviated by the numerous examples of spooky tales looming around us.

Let’s check out a few haunted places in Jaipur at a glance. 

  • Bhangarh
  • Jagatpura 
  • Sudhabay
  • NH 79  
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • Jal Mahal
  • Delhi Jaipur Highway

The occult ruins: Bhangarh

Haunted places in Jaipur.

Image Credits: Saad Akhtar .

The utterance of the name itself is followed by a trail of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’. And why not? Declared haunted by the Archaeological Society of India, this world heritage site amasses a popularity that is larger than any other haunted place in India. Also read about haunted places in Mumbai.

Centuries back, the now abandoned Bhangarh, was a thriving kingdom. A fakir, once, fell in love with Bhangarh’s princess and approached her to ask for her hand in marriage. The princess, however, not only refused his offer but also humiliated him by ridiculing his social status. In a fit of rage, the fakir cursed the kingdom and soon enough, the curse splurged its wrath, for, within six months, the kingdom was invaded by the Barbarians and burned to the ground. Since then, the infamous land has seen numerous deaths taking place on its soil, all about a common cause, the macabre fort. Today, it is forbidden to stay inside the fort after 5 pm. This is one of the most haunted places in Jaipur. 

Those who have been there, claim to have felt an unnatural presence, strong demonic vibes and have heard screams and hysterical cries.

A classic horror: Jagatpura

It is a residential block, full of life and full of people. And, it’s one of the most haunted places in Jaipur.

Jagatpura enjoys its own share of controversies as soon as the ‘haunted’ trump card is whipped out. An unassuming, bustling edifice during the daytime, Jagatpura, is painted in a whole other palette as soon as the night befalls. If the residents of this quarter are to be believed, the place is a murky, inauspicious land, infested with evil spirits. While uptil today no known incident of any physical sighting has occurred, the people here claim to have seen a mysterious lady dressed up in white, with her hair hanging loose, sauntering around the place. While it is still hard to believe whether the haunting actually exists or is just a Bollywood inspired mock-up, the idea of a ghost is enough to set the bolts on the latches as soon as dusk falls. Also read about haunted places in Bangalore. 

 Maybe it is just a matter of blind belief but either way, will you be willing to risk it?

The bizarre fair: Sudhabay

Our biggest ghosts happen to be the sins we commit since they haunt us without a physical presence, often forcing us to do things we seldom recognise as work of our own hand. Sudhabay is not exactly a haunted place in Jaipur. Why does it feature in our list, you ask? Let’s find out.

Every year, this tiny hamlet hosts the famous ‘Ghost Fair’, a bizarre practice that has been a part of the tradition for centuries. It is said that if a person bathes in its well’s water, he will get rid of all the negative aura in and around him. And that is that. Every year, the place sees hundreds of faithful patrons as well as possessed individuals, take a bath here so that the holy water may drive away all their sins. 

While the eccentric practice might be criticised by people like you and me, the sense of faith among the residents is strong enough to keep the tradition alive for yet another century; modernity can go for a toss.

A haunted trail: NH 79 (Ajmer-Udaipur highway)

It should not come as a surprise that one of the most haunted places in Jaipur happens to be a lonely stretch of road, running through the infamous NH 79 highway. If you are quick enough to discard the notion already, we suggest you hold on just yet, for the residents of the adjacent Dudu village have a different story to tell.

It so happened, many years back, that a five-day-old baby girl was to be married off to a 3-year-old child in an arranged child-marriage ceremony. The mother of the girl, however, opposed the unjust practice and discreetly left home with her infant, right before the wedding. While running, she reached the highway, looking for help. But fate had something else in store. The woman was run over by a tourist vehicle that killed both her and the child. Today, a number of people who have passed through the infamous stretch, claim to have encountered the apparition of a mysterious woman, dressed in white and carrying a dead child in her arms. Also read about haunted places in Rajasthan. 

While no major incident has been reported, the scary sight is enough to give many a run.

A silent symphony: Nahargarh Fort

The ghost we are talking about is very possessive, VERY! 

A tall edifice, built by Sawai Raja Man Singh at the edge of the Aravalli hills, Nahargarh Fort, was exclusively for the Royals to enjoy some private time, away from the common eye. The heavily guarded fort, upon the wish of the king, was occupied by his queens. Only the luxury and the grandeur of the fort survived beyond its age and purpose, long after the king had died and the kingdom, fallen. Since then, the fort’s bewitching beauty has attracted a number of buyers. Yet, the idea of occupying it remains unfulfilled. Nearly all of the potential buyers have felt either some strong supernatural influence in the fort or have faced some kind of misfortune after being associated with it. The last such owner was found dead within its walls while carrying out the renovation work. Thus, this is also one of the most haunted places in Jaipur. Aslo read about haunted places in Pune.  

The locals prefer to believe that the ghost king continues to protect his ghostly abode, the way he had done while he lived. What do you think?

The macabre beauty: Jal Mahal

Haunted Places in Jaipur.

Image Credits: Well-Bred Kannan (WBK Photography).


One look at this ancient wonder is enough to give an idea to anyone what we mean by classifying it as one of the most haunted places in Jaipur. This 300-year-old abandoned palace sits, partially submerged, in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake.

It is said that the palace, nestled in isolation, was built to host royal picnics and duck hunting soirees. The real reason behind the construction, though, remains elusive and lost. The palace comprises of five storeys, four of which lie submerged beneath the water. The fifth floor, the only one visible above ground, boasts of meticulously carved balconies and a terrace. A popular theory suggests that the infamous palace was abandoned after the dirty water from the lake started seeping in through its sandstone walls. But then, it is just a theory and lacks proof thereof. The palace was renovated a few years back, and a to and fro boating service was also resumed. Yet, today, this edifice reeks of its own haunt with several unfortunate incidents under its belt. After dusk, nobody dares step within the palace. Also read about haunted places in Delhi. 

People have claimed to have heard loud, hysterical screams from within its walls. Also, the air inside seems heavy, as if polluted by a strong demonic presence.

The lonely stretch: Delhi Jaipur Highway

Another highway on our list of most haunted places in Jaipur, the Delhi-Jaipur route through Alwar, lying on the National Highway 11A, happens to be one of India’s most haunted highways.

People passing through this stretch have often encountered the mysterious apparition of a young woman, dressed like a bride, in a red saree and an array of gold jewellery decorating her features. While for most of us, the unusual sight is enough to send shivers down the spine, a number of unfortunate travelers have also been subjected to physical harm by the evil spirit. For most of the villagers, living in the vicinity, the cause of the haunting remains unknown. Ironically, this particular stretch of road is the one that leads to the Bhangarh Fort. Also read about the haunted Mumbai Goa Highway. 

Is this the reason of the infestation related to the presence of the fort or does the story have a whole other dimension? For now, the answer remains shrouded in mystery.

Got spooked yet? We don’t blame you. The Pink City is a hub of eclectic surprises and spooky tales attracting a large number of paranormal enthusiasts and mystery seekers every year. When it comes to unnatural hauntings, not everything can be weighed according to the set paradigms of logic. Maybe, some truths are better left obscure, hidden from the common gaze. Also read about most haunted places in Kolkata and most haunted places in Puri. 

Till then, remember to keep safe, spooked and curious.

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