Places to visit in kerala in November | Must see | Things to do

Kerala is doubtlessly one of the most beautiful states of the Indian subcontinent. With the presence of all physical features, such as snow-capped mountains with peaks lost in clouds, perennial rivers flowing tirelessly to meet the sea, parts of the Deccan plateau, and great stretches of beaches dotted with coconut trees where there is cultural diffusion, it is a unique destination where tourists flock each year in large numbers and take back spectacular photographs and vivid memories and experiences. While some recognize Kerala for it’s competitive and outstanding snake-boats used in boat races, some speak of it for the spice gardens and tea and coffee plantations. There are also travelers who admire the state for its elephants while some glorify the venue for its rich cultural heritage, textiles, and ornamented elephants to name a few points of attraction. Houseboats, spa resorts, a scope for water sports and trekking escapades are an integral part of the Kerala tourism that appeals to globetrotters from across the world. Read about Three day trip to Kerala here.

Tranquil backwaters, therapeutic essential oils, diverse flora and fauna and typical local cuisine mouth-watering dishes are the first images that come to one’s mind when talking about the south Indian region. With vacations soon coming round the corner, it is a very good time to book tickets and be ready with a list of places to visit in Kerala in November when the average temperature is reportedly 27 degrees Celsius.

Munnar Hill Station: 

Also called the Kashmir of South India, Munnar is famous as the paradise of photographers where every click perfectly captures the scenic beauty of tea plantations spread across the region. The exotic blooming flowers and chirping birds fill the air which makes the place nothing less than God’s Own Country. With winter just setting in in November, the foggy weather is a whole new experience which can later drop to a temperature of 5 degrees in December. The Eravikulam National Park along the Western Ghats, Anamudi for trekking lovers, the Lockhart Gap for those who appreciate scenic routes and the Tata Tea Museum where one can engage in nature strolls are a must visit.

The weather definitely compels one to sip hot tea, watch picturesque waterfalls where cold water chills the earth’s surface and observe the splendidly decorated little bungalows that give off a colonial feel.

Alleppey Backwaters: 

Places to visit in Kerala in November.

Image Credits: Sajan Mullappally .

Called the Venice of the East, one of the best things to do in Kerala in November is to stay in a houseboat float in the calm backwaters as the weather is both cool and dry. Savoring conventional Kerala cuisine served on green banana leaves, one can make the most of the atmosphere around and choose to do fishing with special Chinese netting and see lilies, ducks, and chapels. The weather also favors kayaking and dropping in at the Elephant Camp at Punnamada Lake. The essential attractions also include the Alappuzha beach, the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, the Marari Beach, and the Revi Karunakaran Museum.

With the arrival of winter, it is important to note that you must be equipped with all the necessary warm clothes and other necessities so that health is not affected by the sea breeze or the entire purpose of a vacation is defeated.

Vagamon Hill Station: 

Vagamon is one of the most stunning hill stations in Kerala where temperatures are usually cool, from 10 degrees to 23 degrees Celsius. Also referred to as the Scotland of Asia, adventurous paragliding is an allure for most tourists, and this also contributes to making Vagamon one of the best places to visit in Kerala in November. The four days paragliding festival of Vagamon is world famed. Participants grab on to the chance of flying free like a bird. Hiking is another task to be pursued. Spilling waterfalls, mounds and fertile valleys have their own charm, and the pine forests give a ‘Christmas-y’ feel. One may be able to hear Santa riding on his sleigh, with a bag full of gifts and Stardust, if only one lets his imagination free and listens closely.

Salient sights include Kurisumala, the Thangal Para and the Pullikkunam Estate to name a few.


The Nelliyampathy Hill ranges from a height of 467m to 1572m. The panoramic trekking routes, java, lemon, tea, and cardamom stretches along with foggy mountains all come to life in the season of November when the cold is just setting in, and the land is rejoicing in anticipation of blossoming spring and also welcoming migratory birds from distant lands. The striking beauty of the valleys and evergreen forests that are home to elephants, bisons and hill squirrels are the cherries on the cake, and this is why this hotspot is a perfect place to visit in Kerala in November. Accommodation is easily available to all in private hotel and resorts. Imagine a road trip on a roofless car with the smell of green nature filling the air that makes their way to your nostrils.

Fascinating? Well, one can reach Nelliyampthy by road from Nenmara to Pothundy Dam.


Places to visit in Kerala in November.

Image Credits: Vimal Joseph .

Also considered a honeymoon destination, Poovar is a coastal hamlet on the southern tip of Trivandrum. The second last coastal portion where Kerala ends, Poovar is embellished by expansive beaches that attract travelers in large groups who wish to spend time in houseboats too. This is nothing less than the ideal place to visit in Kerala in November. A cruise on the magnificent Neyyar River is one of the main attractions here. The Elephant Rock, Aazhimala Siva Temple, and Kuzhipllam Botanical Garden get you a lot of good new profile pictures and videos for social media. Right after the festive season is over, one is still in a lazy mood and doesn’t feel like going to work or following the monotonous daily routine of waking up early, getting ready for the day and then returning home all drained out by the end of the day.

Poovar is an escape from reality that looks right out of an Enid Blyton book where the mind is free to travel and explore without any restrictions.


Mangrove forests, emerald green fields, and coconut groves adorn Kumarakom. Elegant white lilies mark the waterways and canals in abundance, and no matter how much one sees them, their charm cannot be gotten over. They seem to have their own power of hypnosis, that is beyond the explanation of mere words coined by mortals. The purchase of renowned handicrafts, miniature boats and canoes pinch no one’s pockets. What is a trip without souvenirs for colleagues and gifts for the loved ones praying for your safe tour? Nothing! Never forget them or let them go to the back of your mind. A small gift can bring a big ear-to-ear smile on their faces. Shimmering backwaters and palm-fringed streets are a spectacle to be caught only by the eyes since no lens can grab it. Know more about other places in Kerala for honeymoon as well. 

The rice barges and Pathiramanal Island cannot be missed.  


Located in the district of Ernakulam, it is an important seaport in India that offers various options for recreation and shopping to select from. Places of a historical event and local atmosphere here opens arms to shopping-freaks by the motto of ‘shop till you drop’ and those who admire and recognize the glorious past of the region. The first European Township in the country, Fort Kochi is a noted fine natural harbor of the world. The beautiful composition of the Jewish Synagogue, 1568, is furnished with impeccable Chinese tiles and Belgian chandeliers. Frequently spotted items also include white paper buntings. The Kerala Folklore Museum, the Hill Palace, and the Mattancherry Palace have also contributed to increasing footfall in the area and gathering herds. Read about Weekend Getaways from Kochi here.

Also known as Cochin, this is one of the best places in Kerala to visit in November and have a little pre-vacation before the winter holidays tap on the door.

Autumn, the time when leaves detach from trees and spread out as a yellow, orange and red mat on the earth, winter when one is wrapped in layers and summer when most other states are humid and sweating, fail to have any effect on Kerala, owing to its tropical location and weather. Can you imagine chilling on the beach in November in any other state and simultaneously sipping hot brewed coffee or tea while on a walk on a misty road? Eh, sounds blissful and adventurous at the same time. Such is the wonder that is Kerala which has stood the time and proven to be heaven-like for all tourists. Rarely does one takeoff in November but life is essentially all about discovering new avenues of recreation and nurturing what lies within. The soul desires liberty and Kerala in November, or as a matter of fact, all around the year is the means. These little joys, photographs, presents, and stories are what must be treasured till death since making the most of the moment is key to happiness peace. Meditation in the lap of nature is also another appeal for fitness pursuers. With many more spots other than the 7 listed above, these appeal the most to us. Read about Shopping in Kerala here.

Get packing now and do let us know what places you visited while on the trip with snaps too since jovial faces are uncommon these days.