Scuba diving in Kerala | Scuba diving courses and cost

Scuba diving, as we all know is a very interesting sport, and most of the people enjoy it. Whether it be the diving, you have seen in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or the very famous, The Abyss, one thing that is common in all of these movies is the thrill they provide you when you look at the scenes. Diving is something which gives you instant pleasure and fun. Unlike normal swimming, scuba diving in Kerala is an experience which changes your outlook of life. When you go deep into the water and realize the beauty there, the very mesmerizing, similar to a dream picture, that comes right after you have your first dive is totally worth your time and effort.

Kerala, as a matter of fact, is a state which believes that the joy of diving must be there for everybody and that is why Kerala presents tourists with one of the most amazing scuba diving experiences. Scuba diving in Kerala is affordable, fun and worth your money. Many water activities can be done in Kerala, but the uniqueness which scuba diving delivers is something different. Especially, after the coming of digital waterproof cameras, scuba diving has become even more popular and fun. All tourists on vacation as well as couples in Kerala for honeymoon consider scuba diving over all other water sports because of the thrilling experience.

Scuba Diving in Kerala

Scuba diving in Kerala

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Kerala is a state with a lot of opportunities for tourists. With beautiful Mother Nature, spellbinding scenery and charming surroundings, Kerala doesn't fail to attract people towards it. So, this all started when Cochin started the very first scuba diving center in South India. They have the first PADI authorized dive center. They offer courses as well as short term dive experience. After Cochin, the best scuba diving experience is in Kerala. Other than cycling and kayaking, scuba diving is a popular sport. You can enjoy the experience in Kovalam and Varkala beach. Kovalam, an internationally renowned destination has three more beaches. As a result of the colossal rocky promontory, it has the best setting for an underwater dive. In fact, Kerala tourism promotes the underwater diving tourism in Kovalam, and this provides even a better opportunity for the early divers. Scuba diving in Kerala is very easy to learn because of the great instructors. Scuba diving in Kerala is not just another act of going underwater with the apparatus but also exploring the underwater paradise which everybody cannot experience.

No doubt, scuba diving calls upon a lot of basic training and physical fitness but the team in Kovalam will help you with that. You will be dressed in a swim suit and carry a breathing apparatus filled with compressed gas on your back. Also, you will have goggles, a mouth piece and a cap to cover your head. You will only be allowed to go to a certain extent once you start your dive because of the underwater dangers but you will surely enjoy it.

Scuba Diving in Kovalam

The most popular place in Kerala that provides scuba diving experience is the Kovalam beach. Scuba diving in Kerala or particularly Kovalam is organized by the KATPS along with the Joriz Dive organization in Kovalam. After so much information, you must be wondering about who can actually dive? So, anybody who is above 15 years of age can dive into the waters. Initially, the dive would start from 15 minutes and can go onto 30 minutes. Scuba diving in Kerala can start for as low as 1,500 rupees to the most expensive INR 8,000. All the equipments are provided by the organizer, so you don't need to worry about that. This is indeed a very significant activity and what better than Kovalam beach in Kerala to experience it.

Scuba diving in Varkala

Scuba diving in Varkala is very calm and serene like the beach itself. It is a very popular place in Kerala and is located just 54 kms from the rainy place, Thiruvananthapuram. Varkala is a place famous for nice, sweet and comfortable holidays. You can easily reach Varkala by train or by air. Thiruvananthapuram has its own international airport, which is just 46 km from the beach. Varkala provides you great and tranquil scuba diving in Kerala.

What to do before Scuba Diving in Kerala

Scuba diving in Kerala

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First of all, people who are diving for the first time must get some training before going into the water. Also, it has nothing to do with swimming. Even the worst swimmers sometimes become the best divers. The skills like handling equipment, defence underwater and few tips and tricks to be safe. Kerala provides you with a great dive as the beaches here are still not exploited by the tourists. After the dive, you will be fully aware of the underwater beauty in Kerala. Scuba diving in Kerala is the safest activity as compared to other sports but only when you are with a trained person. The fatal rate is as low as four people every 100,000 people who dive. You should not rush whenever you start diving, should not indulge yourself into too many things or become too excited after your first dive. Always ask whatever is on your mind about the dive so that you are clear with everything about the dive. The open water dive course teaches you everything right from basic to advance and once you do that, you will definitely develop the skill to become a good diver.  There is a whole list of do's and dont's which you need to follow before your dive so that you remain safe and sound.

Scuba Diving in Kerala Cost

You can do scuba diving in Kerala starting from just 1,500 INR, but generally, the rate for one person goes around 5,000 INR (which includes all the types of equipment, training and the cost of a boat trip that would take you to the place in the sea where you would start your dive). Each one of all the divers will be steered with trained professionals. They will take the camera and you can take your own as well if you wish to.

Scuba Diving Courses in Kerala

There is an old saying that "practice makes a man perfect," and this phrase fits right when we are practicing a sport. There are a number of courses for scuba diving in Kerala. Learning scuba diving will give you a lot of thrill and also enable you to be more creative. All the classes start right in the morning in Kerala. The scuba diving courses are organized completely by Kerala tourism. These courses also inculcate the skill to spend your time efficiently and use leisure hours productively. 

You can even try a half-day discover scuba course in which you can get to know whether scuba diving is your thing or not. And if you like it, then you can move further with professional courses starting from 7,000 INR to 14,0000 INR. The most expensive are the master diver course and would give you the opportunity to indulge yourself with the beautiful underwater life excessively. After you get the certificate, you can choose between expanding your skills and freestyle diving. The best part about all these courses is that there is almost zero classroom teaching and most of the time it is practical for the learner.

Scuba diving in Kerala has become a very popular activity these days. People want to explore the chill of looking at sea creatures during their vacations and what better place than Kerala to experience this. Some suggest that scuba diving has some therapeutic benefits too. The government of Kerala also promotes this activity and encourages young souls to participate. The immaculate beaches prove to be a cherry on the top for all these activities. Being so clean and pristine, they attract a lot of people, and one should make the most of it. Away from all the noises, one should once go for the scuba diving in Kerala.

You will witness small, colorful sea creatures as well as the big ones. There are also corals, plants of different hues and all the things that we only see on discovery channel. So, why miss such a chance? Now that you know all the essential things about scuba diving in Kerala, book your tickets prior to coming April as the booking closes in Mid-April. Have a happy dive and also read scuba diving in Tarkarli