Unknown Tourist Places In Kerala | Secret Places To Visit

Kerala, A South Indian state of the diverse subcontinent, has a lot to offer to each and every tourist who goes its way. Travellers flock in thousands each year during different seasons to have the time of their lives, explore the rich culture, experience tranquility away from hustle-bustle and learn and engage in offbeat activities such as giant boat races, fishing, trekking while observing a variety of flora and fauna, learning a few steps of world-renowned Kathakali and many more as the list goes on. With such a high footfall, it’s challenging to find a good spot to spend with friends and family or even oneself if on a self-discovering solo trip. While the glistening backwaters, canals with white water lilies, shade from coconut trees and delicious local cuisine leave no stone unturned to attract holidaymakers, there are also a few unknown tourist places in Kerala which are exotic yet not frequented. 

These secret places to visit in Kerala must be on everyone’s ‘to visit’ list, but they’re not, for the sole reason that they’re still unknown. To cut down on your research and assist you to learn more, here is a list of such unknown places to visit in Kerala that you must book tickets for and head out right now. Also, honeymoon planners can consider these as well as other places in Kerala for honeymoon

Read about these secret places to visit in Kerala now:

  • Ponmudi
  • Nelliyampathy
  • Silent Valley National Park
  • Thattekad Bird Sanctuary
  • Gavi
  • Cherai Beach
  • Pookot Lake
  • Vagamon
  • Anamudi


Unknown tourist places in Kerala.

Image Credits: Rodney Jose.

Without a doubt, Ponmudi in Trivandrum tops the list of secret places in Kerala that shouldn’t be missed out when on a trip in the region. Snuggled in the captivating hills of the Western Ghats, enchanting mountain flowers and bright flitting butterflies warmly welcome every passer-by who chooses to trek. The lush green valleys, misty weather, waterfalls splashing from heights and vast spice and tea-garden a few points of attraction typical to the state. Globetrotters residing in cosy cottages can spend their time mountain climbing at the highest peak of the area, Agasthayarkoodam. Adventure lovers can have a thrill on narrow roads with twenty-two hairpin curves and bends. Besides these, are the Golden Valley with golden sand and flowing water for the calm, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary near the Peppara dam for the nature lovers and the Mini Zoo with a large number of Barasinghas for the compassionate in Ponmudi which translates to Golden Peak.


Baring a strong resemblance to Ooty, Nelliyampathy, around 60kms away from Palakkad, has peaks lost in white clouds which are picturesque to locate while on a road trip. It is one of the top secret places to visit in Kerala. Admirers of bio-farming and orange cultivation are up for a bliss here while others can also engage in pursuits such as trekking, putting up in tents, wine tasting, rowing and tea plantation visits. A waterfall with a height of 100 meters and a British time bungalow turned into a resort, Pagalpandi also caters to the photographic scenery. The Malampuzha Gardens, around 33kms away, are a must visit as they are a paradise for children with a toy-train, a park, an aquarium and a zoo of animals as well which teaches a lot to a kid.

Silent Valley National Park: 

An indispensable part of evergreen tropical forests in India, Silent Valley in the Nilgiri Hills a UNESCO recognised World Heritage Site which offers nature walks, bird watching, snaps of rare species that live there. Covering an area of 237.52km2, it is home to birds like Ceylon Frogmouth and the endangered Lion-tailed Macaque which is a monkey. The meandering Bhavani and Kuntipuzha rivers make way through the forest and are a constant reminder of a beautiful canvas painting that has come to life. Being nothing less than heaven for wildlife photographers, there is also a different snake shaped plant discovered. You won’t regret putting this secret place to visit in Kerala on your itinerary. Thanks us later!

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary: 

This is a dense tropical evergreen forest in Kochi in Kerala. It is the first bird sanctuary in the state. Connected to the late Dr Ali Salim, an eminent ornithologist, this nature’s paradise is stretched for approximately 25km2 and consists of forests, wetlands and rivers. New birds are added to the list of residents each year, and the number is ever increasing. This unknown tourist place in Kerala can be best navigated with the help of a guide who has expert how-know of the vicinity. Imagine walking through a path with chirping and twittering birds on either side as your greeters to acknowledge your presence.


A beautiful hamlet in the Pathanamthitta district, Gavi is like a scene come true from a fairytale with its unparalleled beauty alluring and captivating enthusiasts who cannot escape its spell. As it is associated with the Ranni Reserve Forest, visitors can also enjoy a broad range of flora and fauna which is extremely pleasing to the aesthetic sense. A safari through the Periyar Tiger Reserve is an excellent sport for those who are lucky enough to spot a tiger or a fluffy bear, ahead of elephants crossing their path with the little ones following their elders or Nilgiri Martens. Two gopher trees are the only two trees of this kind in India. The biggest advantage of this secret place in Kerala is that it is cool even during the summer months when the rest of the country is busy wiping off sweat. Be here to never experience the rising heat. An important tip while packing bags for this destination is that you must remember to carry dry snacks in abundance since there are not too many eateries here but do not litter the place.  

Cherai Beach:

Unknown tourist places in Kerala.

Image Credits: mo Shine.

Located in Kochi, Cherai Beach is on the north-end of the Vypeen Island. This hotspot is well-liked as it is the point where shimmering backwaters merge with the Arabian sea. There are various lagoons employed for the cultivation of organic prawn and fish, and the shores have ample shells in different colours, sizes and shapes that always make one wonder of Poseidon and Ariel. One can swim, go for a boat ride and also engage in dolphin spotting, which is usually regarded as an activity that can only easily be done in abroad. Also read about how to plan a Kerala trip. 

Please note that swimming should be done only in shallow areas and the seasonal changes make it imperative first to consult the lifeguards around and take their permission.

Pookot Lake: 

In Wayanad, this freshwater lake is spread across 8.5 hectares and is unique, that is, it is one of a kind. The lake’s shape resembling the map of India, is the breeding ground of Pethia Pookodensis, a species of cyprinid fish. Fringed by forests on all sides, revellers can take boat tours, but they are strictly forbidden from plucking the blue water lilies as no man has the right to meddle or destroy what is not artificial but a miracle and blessing of nature. An adjoining pathway and a children’s park along with a few refreshment stalls dot the way. This is one of the most serene unknown tourist places to visit in Kerala. 


Close to 1200 meters above sea level, this venue is apt for those who wish to wash off their exhaustion that gets accumulated over a period due to their hectic schedule and work pressure. Nature’s lap is the best getaway if one wishes to get rid of weariness and bounce back on track with renewed zeal. Vagamon is endowed with phenomenal, phenomenal green mountains, magnificent pine trees and spilling waterfalls. Known for everlasting religious harmony, the journey through pine forests in nothing less than drives on smooth roads shown in Hollywood movies. Though this secret place in Kerala is essentially quiet and hushed, there are also sports such as rappelling, mountain climbing, rock climbing, paragliding and popular trekking. Also read about cheap honeymoon destinations in India


The Anamudi Peak is the highest peak in South India with a height of 2479 meters. The Eravikulam National Park provides shelter to the largest existing population of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Many backpackers drop in at the time when the Neelakurinji blossoms that bloom once in every with twelve years. With an efficient transportation system and accommodation facilities, no one faces any trouble in putting up here and relishes a hassle-free time. There are forests, rivers and plantations to be cherished and travellers experience euphoria at every step and join. Thus, this is a must visit unknown tourist place in Kerala and should not be skipped.  

Many more places can be added to the above list but is it ever possible to jot down all of them together. These locations are all known to de-stress one. Stress is not a disease but a condition which compels one to attend to many different quarters by giving equal importance to all those areas that demand attention. From our end to cut down on your such situations while planning a trip, we have additionally put down a few tips to be adhered to. Even if a vacation is not on the cards, turn the table by planning a weekend off since little joys never hurt anyone. A healthy mind is the navigator of all performance and adjustment, as well as peace and independence, are significant. Stay tuned for more such articles and feel free to email us with your input.