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Barrackpore, the town located in the northern part of the bustling Kolkata city, has long been popular among historians and enthusiasts for its rich historical significance. Also, read about haunted places in Kolkata. This town was once a military and administrative centre under British rule, and by the end of the 19th century became a major site of rebellion among the Indians who dared to stand up against their British counterparts. Needless to say, that’s how the town got its unique name- a name one hears and remembers. Also read about haunted places in Mumbai, haunted places in Delhi and other haunted places in Bangalore

What you might not know is that this tiny hamlet is a brewing pot of old mysteries.Yes, the ones that perhaps look great over a bonfire, but will leave you with an eerie, unsettling feeling. In its own way, Barrackpore, a town some 27 km away from Kolkata, is a mecca of haunted sites that has long puzzled its residents as well as ghost hunters. But you don’t believe in ghosts? Well, we leave you to muse over these haunted places in northern Kolkata till you find your reason. Also read about other haunted places in India, haunted places in Rajasthan and haunted places in Jaipur. 

Haunted places in Barrackpore at a glance:

  • Khardah House
  • Nimtala Shamshaan Ghat

Khardah House

Haunted house- One of the Haunted places in Barrackpore

Image Credits: Paweł Pająk.

Imagine a house, drowned in magnificence; ancient and rustic, crawled with creepers; nested in a rare seclusion, along with the banks of river Ganga. What might go wrong? Everything, if the house in question is the Khardah house one of the top contenders in the list of the most haunted places in Kolkata. The 200-year-old ex-office of British fire brigade speaks volumes when it comes to paranormal activities. No wonder this is one of the most haunted places in Barrackpore. 

From items toppling off the shelves on their own to strange unnatural sounds and cold vibes, the residents living in the vicinity have long been bewildered by the strange presence that refuses to die at this haunted place in northern Kolkata. The infamous house had disrupted the day-to-day life of neighbouring people so much that the story was picked up by national news channel Zee news and pushed into the limelight. The snippet did catch the attention of paranormal experts but brought little respite to the locals. 

After all how do you fight someone who’s already dead?

Nimtala Shamshaan Ghat

Haunted places in Barrackpore.

Image Credits: Patrick Marioné.

Roughly an hour’s drive away from Barrackpore stands the forbidding structure of Kolkata’s oldest burning ghat. Established in 1827, the spooky edifice has, over the decades, charred many bodies to mere ashes and in the process become one of the most haunted places in northern Kolkata. 

The Nimtala Burning Ghat has its own share of horror stories as the most haunted place in Barrackpore. It is a popular belief among the locals here that on the night of Kali Puja, the ‘aghoris’ come to the ghat to invoke the Shamshan Kali, believed to be their reigning deity. The rituals involve human sacrifices, after which the aghoris consume the leftover flesh of the burnt bodies to generate occult powers in themselves. Though the notion remains controversial, the localities keep their distance preferring to discuss the matter behind closed doors and in hushed tones. Despite the rumours, the crematorium recently received a major facelift by the central government.

As for now, the place continues to be in use; what remains is but a ‘bag of bones’, waiting to be stumbled across.

Other than the above-mentioned sites, there are plenty of haunted places in and around Barrackpore to send shivers down your spine, Khardah and the Rahara area to name a few. Every year, the town welcomes both history buffs and ghost hunters, and we can say with a certain surety that neither leave disappointed. When it comes to strange sightings and unnatural presence, the idea itself serves as a subject balanced at the tip of a needle, somewhere lost to the gybe. However, as the popular opinion goes, hauntings are a matter of experience and not of argument. If you are wish to read more scary stories, we recommend you to discover top haunted places in Pune and haunted places in Indore

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