Most Haunted Places in Kolkata – Do you have the Guts?

Remember the Bollywood hit 'Bhool Bhulaiya' and its famous song 'Ami Je Tomar''? It was definitely scary to watch Vidya Balan's performance as Manjulika. Though the movie was copied from a South Indian hit, Chandramukhi, we bring to you absolutely original stories of ghosts and spirits from Kolkata, the City of Joy. Whether you are a resident of Kolkata or a wandering tourist, you should plan a ghost walk to these selected most haunted places in Kolkata to experience paranormal activities. However, you should not visit these places alone. Why? We are not scaring you of ghosts, but advising you to share the goosebumps with friends and family. Do you think you have what it takes to visit these sites without being spooked? Here are the places which top the horror list!

The Hastings House – A Residence For Ghosts

Governor Warren Hastings resided at the Hastings House, previously known as the Belvedere Estate, in 1771. The story goes that the Governor was looking for some papers that could avoid his impeachment in London, but he never found them. Hence, he haunts the Hastings House, which is now the Calcutta University for Women. Students have described several spooky experiences – some say they have seen a man gallanting in on a horse, whom they believe to be Governor Hastings. Another chilling incident that took place was with a young boy who died under mysterious circumstances while playing football. His spirit is known to roam about in the area till date. Most students don’t even play sports on campus anymore.

Warren Hastings House, most haunted places in Kolkata

Credits : Madho Agarwal

What’s the Scary Story?

The most eerie incident happened to the residents of the Hastings House – Sir James Taylor and Lady Braid Taylor. After they returned from a vacation in the UK,  the midnight of Boxing Day,  their two and half-year-old son cried from the bedroom. She ran to him and the child asked her to tell the man to leave the room. At first, Mrs. Taylor thought he was murmuring in his sleep. But, her child started to yell, so she asked him about that man and where he is now. He told her that he is in front of the wardrobe and started to describe the invisible presence as a soldier in red and black, and his tail folded back, which was sufficient to describe none other than Warren Hastings.

The National Library – The Silence Will Kill You

The well known National Library, located on Belvedere Road is one of the most haunted places in Kolkata.This building not only has some rich literature but bone-chilling stories and occurrences as well. The National Library was the residence of a Governor during the British Period before it came to be known as the most haunted place in Kolkata. His wife, Lady Metcalfe, was said to be a cleanliness freak and extremely fond of books. So, if you happen to keep a book in its wrong place, you’d probably feel heavy breathing down your neck. Librarians also say they hear footsteps, books falling off shelves and pages being mishandled. No wonder no one willingly takes a night shift at the Library! If you don’t get spooked easily, then this is the haunting for you!

National Library Kolkata, most haunted places in Kolkata

Credits : Avrajyoti Mitra

What's the scary story?

Nearly after 250 years of the construction of the library, a secret room of nearly 1000 sq ft was discovered on the ground floor in 2010. It was surprising that the room had no door or trapdoor. Rumors say that this room was the torture chamber as found in many castles in Great Britain. The room is similar to the Chillingham Castle's torture chamber. Some rumors suggest that it was a secret hiding place or a treasure store. Authorities decided to drill a hole in the wall of this secret chamber and observed that this chamber was constructed for the architectural benefit. However, the haunted stories about the secret chamber still give goosebumps to library visitors. Security guards are believed to skip their night shifts for the fear of ghosts. There is another story of the death of a student from England in some unnatural accident while searching the book for his thesis. Hearsay stories exist about a bengali student who did not complete his research paper. It is said that the student visits the library often to complete his research. Also, twelve laborers lost their lives during the renovation of the old block. 

Putulbari – House Of Dolls

When the building is called House of Dolls, you know it’s going to be the creepiest one you’ve seen. The architecture of the place itself is creepy and gives you goosebumps in broad daylight. Back in the day, the house was used by rich landlords to exploit women and girls sexually. After they were ‘done’ with them, they would kill some of them. The girls and women are said to still haunt the place. The sound of their bangles and anklets that echoes in the building is occasionally accompanied by their cries. People rarely stray into the upper stories, and those who do are given a Red and White Bravery Award! If an award is at stake, even one of the most haunted places in Kolkata shouldn’t stop you!

What’s the Scary Story?

It is believed that the souls of the dead girls have made the upper story of the house their permanent residence. One can still hear the sounds of their anklets on the top floor! However, the residents who still live here refuse to believe the stories. Chit-chat talk about hue and cry in female voices are usually heard by the local people.

Royal Calcutta Turf Club – Would You Bet Your Life On It?

Back in the 1930’s, there lived a man named George Williams. He was a fanatic of horse-racer and you could say he had a habit of gambling. He was especially fond of a snow-white horse named Pride who never let him down until her last race. She was old and weak, unable to sustain herself. She lost the race and was found dead on the tracks the next day. Witnesses say that they still see her shining under the moon on Saturday nights, galloping along the tracks. She earned the name “William Saheb ki Sada Ghora” while the Royal Calcutta Turf Club earned the infamous reputation of one of the most haunted places in Kolkata.

What’s the Scary Story?

Witnesses say that they still the horse shining under the moon on Saturday nights, galloping along the tracks. Foggy Saturday nights at the Kolkata Race Course are frightening and spooky. People and maintenance staff relate foggy patches with Pride.

Writer’s Building – Best-Selling Horror Story

The 300-year old building holds some secrets in several of its vacant rooms that used to hold junior administrative staff. Workers refuse to work late shifts and people on the streets have heard giggles, screams, and cries from the building at night. 

Writers building, one of the most haunted house in Kolkata

Credits : Joe Coyle

What’s the Scary Story?

Night guards and food vendors on the adjacent pavements have heard desperate cries from the building late in the evening. The 300-year old building holds some secrets in several of its vacant rooms that used to hold junior administrative staff. We dare you to stand outside one of the most haunted places in Kolkata in the wee hours of the night!

Nimtala Crematorium – The Dead Can Resurrect!

Well, the dead can resurrect or their flesh can be eaten by Aghoris who chant to Shamshaan Kali to summon her. That’s usually what happens in Nimtala Crematorium – another one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. This place is more realistic and horrifying than the myths of the other eerie places. This is gory and gruesome – you’ll need to hold your guts together if you want to visit this place!

What’s the Scary Story?

It is believed that on the night of the Kali Puja, the aghoris come to the ghat for their various rites and to invoke the Shamshaan Kali, who is believed to be their reigning deity. The locals believe that the name must not be said out loud. They feed on the left over flesh of the burnt bodies and use this ritual to generate occult powers in themselves.

South Park Street Cemetery – Buried Alive

Foggy human figures, cameras going haywire and spooky shadows moving are all common sights in the South Park Street Cemetery. Built in 1767, the cemetery has over 1600 graves mostly of British soldiers. 

What’s the Scary Story?

One creepy experience was when a group of tourists caught an eerie white figure on camera and one of them had an asthma attack on spot, dying instantly. He had no history of asthma while the others’ health deteriorated over the days, all of them dying slowly.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station –Travel with Supernatural Beings

One of the modern haunting choices of ghosts, it is a popular choice for suicide among the living. It’s commonly known as the Paradise of Suicide and witnesses claim to see weird images and shadows moving around aimlessly. Towards night-time, you won’t see a single living soul.

What’s the Scary Story?

A Kolkata metro motorman used the emergency brakes to halt the train alleging that he had seen a ghost. The train was suspended for several minutes after the incident took place. According to the metro employee, he saw a ghost inside the tunnel a little away from the Rabindra Sarobar metro station. To his surprise, he did not see anything after the train stopped. Several incidents with other drivers have also taken place here.

Under Howrah Bridge – A Drowning In Kolkata

Close to the Mullick Ghat is where paranormal activities take place that are experienced by several but have no logical explanation or systematic evidence. Locals claims to experiences spooky incidents and speak of unsatisfied souls trying to trap them and take them away from the mortal realm. This is also one of the most haunted places in Kolkata and though it is not an enclosed house or an age-old monument, the tales are sure to make anyone sweat. 

What’s the Scary Story?

A spot near the Mullick Ghat is where the paranormal activities take place. Wrestlers practice here every day and a common sight they see are hands flailing from the river. Some people witness a lady in white, sobbing and calling their names, luring them into a state of trauma, sometimes leading to their deaths.

Lower Circular Road Cemetry – A Road Not Taken

The story is that there was a civil servant in the British Era, Sir William Hay MacNaghten, who was brutally killed in war. His body has ripped apart, but his wife who visited Afghanistan assembled the leftover parts of his body, returned to Kolkata and buried it here in the Lower Circular Road Cemetery. 

What’s the Scary Story?

If you dare narrate Sir William’s story near his grave, the huge tree above it starts shivering.

About Kolkata

Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta, is a city of rich culture and heritage. The architecture of the city still carries a tinge of the British touch, making the city look like it never came out of colonization. Tourists flock to the city for the history, traditions and of course, the bengali sweets. Read travel information about Kolkata here.

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