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North Bengal includes parts of the neighboring country, Bangladesh, and the Indian state of West Bengal. There are always hot destinations where travelers flock during vacations. However, one is able to explore and understand the true essence of natural beauty only after having traversed offbeat tourist places. Untapped locations, away from the hustle-bustle of ever increasing population, provide one with peace of mind and act as a powerful source of rejuvenation. Further, we have listed offbeat tourist destinations in North Bengal which must be visited as soon as possible. Time waits for no man and the faster one packs, the better. Here's a quick list of Offbeat Tourist Places in North Bengal. Read ahead now to find the complete list of top offbeat tourist places in North Bengal Tourism. 

  • Sillery Gaon
  • Tinchuley
  • Dalgaon
  • Srikhola
  • Kolakham
  • Jhandi
  • Samsing
  • Sitong
  • Petrichor Farm
  • Borong
  • Chota Mangwa
  • Chibo

Sillery Gaon

Located in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal at an altitude of 6000ft, this is the first name which comes to mind when speaking of offbeat tourist places in North Bengal. It is also referred to as ‘New Darjeeling’ due to it’s snow-capped peaks lost in clouds, cottages with thatched roofs, greenery and chilly air. With an abundant growth of Sillery and cinchona, there are various colorful wild flowers blooming for a significant time of the year. This blissful spot for photographers and admirers of nature away from the humidity of the main city can be reached via a road from Pedong. The Sangchen Dorjee Monastery and the magnificent Kangchenjunga’s panoramic views cannot be missed. We surely love this offbeat tourist place in Noth Bengal tourism! 


Also spelled as Tinchule, this is a mountain village close to Darjeeling, around 80kms from Siliguri, that pulls enthusiasts looking forward to an offbeat scenery. With numerous cozy lodges and well-equipped resorts, the serene environment compels one to take a stroll amidst the pine and oak tress while sipping hot tea or well-brewed coffee. The Sunrise Point and the quiet Tinchuley Monastry form an outstanding duo where visitors are left spellbound by the scarlet and golden rays. The Teesta river and the Gumbadara cave are ideal sites for rock climbers to enjoy and have an experience of their lifetime. Noth Bengal tourism is definitely a top hit!


At a distance of about 92kms from Siliguri, Dalgaon is an alluring village in the Dooars or Duars region with a delightful vista. With a climate encouraging the easy growth of luscious florets and blossoms, the breathtaking wooden houses also contribute to Dalgaon’s qualification as an offbeat tourist place in North Bengal.  A spectacle of some parts of Bhutan, along with the landscape of the Dooars valleys and rivers from the Dalgaon View Point leaves an indelible impression on the explorer’s mind. A few other crowd-pullers are adventures sports on the Jaldhaka river, the Neora Valley National Park is rich in flora and fauna and the oldest cinchona plantation farm of India. North Bengal tourism is undoubtedly flourishing!


Offbeat tourist places in North Bengal.

Image Credits: Avik Mukherjee .

Trekking routes from Sadakphu and Phalut that go through Srikhola make it a renowned locale for those seeking for an expedition. A mountain stream with the same name is preferred by innumerable globetrotters to take snaps with family and friends that later become memories of the time spent here. The classic hanging wooden bridge and animals such as the red panda, barking deer, and the Himalayan black bear at the Singalila National Park make one wish to reside there forever. With scope for fishing trouts and discovering growing magnolias and orchids, time flies by.


With an outstanding setting for bird watching, Kolakham serves the purpose of not only river trekking or rock climbing, but also rope traversing and jungle camping. Snuggled in the Neora Valley, the Changey Falls and the warmth of the locals makes Kolakham an ideal offbeat tourist place in North Bengal. The relished nature trails and the tropical forests tuck away the destination like a mother protects her baby from the evils of mankind and population. Noth Bengal tourism has developed a lot and is definitely reaching higher. 


At an altitude of 6200ft above mean sea level, Jhandi that is situated in the Dooars region can be regarded as a twin of the eminent hill station, Darjeeling. The path from Gorubathan is marked by fabulous, dense forests and plantations on either side. Like other offbeat tourist places in North Bengal, Jhandi too is rich in flora and fauna which leads to a healthy biodiversity. The Mahananda river and tea gardens are on everyone’s ‘to visit’ list. Escapade lovers can also make groups and go around in the jungle area towards Git Jhora or Geeta Jhora. Hats off to North Bengal tourism!


 Samsing Suntaleykhola provides varied experiences to holidaymakers. Marked by flower gardens, tea gardens, narrow water streams and animal inhabited forests, this is an offbeat tourist place in North Bengal that not too many backpackers know of. Rocky Island Nature Resort on the banks of river Murti, which later joins the Jaldhaka river, is a charismatic spot. Accommodation and Treks are arranged in small tents for overnight travelers in the vicinity of the Neora Valley National Park. Other features that please on-lookers are the Tree Fern Point, Mo Chaki where one can observe the Himalayas on one side and witness the plains of Dooars on the other, and the Jelepla pass that connects Tibet and the great Indian subcontinent. North Bengal tourism has the potential to be one of the highest revenue earning source for India.


An untapped sector of the Darjeeling Himalayan Foothills, Sitong is a gem, a jewel yet to be unearthed. A Lepcha village, alongside Kurseong, Sitong is 4000ft above mean sea level. It is also referred to as the ‘Orange Village’ due to high production of oranges in almost each and every household owned by the local population. The Riyang river and the Jhora waterfall also welcome the water babies. Like every other hill station, here too one can get lost in the crimson sunset and sunrise points, but there are also sites for butterfly watching for the dainty and production of big round chilies called ‘dalle’ for all spice lovers. The landscape is marked only by white, green and orange during the winter season. For history lovers, there is also a bamboo bridge and churches with meandering paths. We now know why everyone admires North Bengal Tourism. 

Petrichor Farm

Petrichor literally translates to ‘a pleasant fragrance that often follows the first rain after a long time of parched weather.' Connected to nature along with the Gorubhutan community of the region,  one feels inspired to lead a greener life with an improved understanding of permaculture. Activities that tourists can engage in are organic farming and sustainable living and development in an environment-friendly surrounding. Being a part of Kalimpong and Darjeeling districts, it is a flawless offbeat place in North Bengal.


Offbeat tourist places in North Bengal.

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At a distance of 17kms from Ravangla, in Sikkim, Borong is a hamlet amidst the towering mountains of the Himalayas. The luxuriant meadows and the show capped peaks are the heart of tourism in South Sikkim. One can also bask at the Narsingh, Sinolchu and Pandim peaks, where the skies seem just at an arm’s distance while listening to the twittering of majestic birds such as the black magpie, the scarlet minivet, and the Himalayan pheasant. The local culture and cuisine of Borong are also enchanting and teach one a lot about their heritage. A hot fountain on the banks of the Rangeet river and shopping at MG Marg Market is for those who want to relax and make most of North Bengal tourism.

Chota Mangwa

There are a number of concealed hideouts around Darjeeling that one can go to in order to escape the main city’s pollution and sweat. Lovers of wilderness must visit Chota Mangwa. Around one and a half hours away from Darjeeling, this is a relatively new spot for discoverers. It is a hushed village where the scenery of winding Teesta and Mt.Kanchenjunga immerse one. This eco-friendly destination also lets one go ahead for water rafting, and tour operators also organize other aquatic sports.


At a distance of about 4kms from Kalimpong, this new offbeat tourist place in North Bengal is gradually gaining the spotlight. Mountains have a charm of their own that no other feature can make up for. With a height of 4100ft, Chibo is a small place with is as spectacular as an artist’s painting. A rare cactus garden, vivid flowers, and forests make this an ideal destination for sightseeing in the arms of hill slopes that look like they’re right out from a film. Noth Bengal tourism is no less than a fantasy!

It isn’t often that one gets a chance to take a break from city life and feel how fresh and pure the rural air is. In fact, it also happens that we meet known people at our holiday venue. Going to these offbeat tourist places of North Bengal will ensure that you get your personal time with your inner self and recognize your weaknesses and strengths. Meeting new individuals, understanding differences in culture and values, discovering new physical features and getting accustomed to living out of one’s comfort zone is a path to self-actualization. It would be great if you share your travel tips about any other place that you know is time-worthy and must be included in the list. Don't forget to ring the bell if you like this post. 

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