Rann Utsav | Must read Information and Travel Tips

Have you been looking forward to visiting Rann Utsav in Kutch? Are you love smitten with white rann, lit under the full moonlight? Rann Utsav is definitely a must visit place on the bucket list of many, thanks to invitation by none other than Mr.Amitabh Bachchan saying,

“Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kuch Nahi Dekha”

The tent city erected right next to the white desert has put Kutch in the centre of the tourist map of India and has been receiving thousands of guests every season, i.e. from November to February. The tent city is a destination in itself, with hundreds of luxurious tents, exciting activities and food festivals. 

Mind you! It’s expensive to stay in the tent city but its totally worth it if you have some bucks with you and you want to spend it the right way. Yes, we are going to tell you how to spend your money for Rann Utsav in the right way by exposing a not-so-spoken reality.

Have you ever googled “Rann Utsav”?

You will be surprised to find a lot of websites coming onto the very first page of Google namely, rannutsav.com, rannutsav2017.com, rannutsav.net, rannutsavonline.com, kutchutsav.com. All of them are claiming to be official websites, approved by Gujarat Tourism. Do you think all of these websites are selling the tour packages of the same Rann Utsav, that Mr Amitabh Bachchan talked about on the television? How come every site claims to be official tour operator for Rann Utsav? The itinerary and the quote packages of all the websites are same. In fact, a few of the websites belong to the official tent city of the Rann Utsav, but to ensure that you book the right tour to the tent city and not some imposters, we are divulging some key information on Rann Utsav here.

We must tell you from experience it feels terrible to have booked tent city online and standing in front of the Rann Utsav Gates and being denied at the entry. Is there a tourist trap in Rann? No, there is not a tourist trap but a play of the word “Rann Utsav” which tries to take advantage of the trusts of tourists. We are not calling it a scam, because any tent pitched near the White Rann, celebrating the Kutch Festival can rightly claim it to be “Rann Utsav”. The only problem is when a tourist thinks it is the celebrated Tent City paying 20 grand per day which may or may not be worth it.

Is it true? I Never heard of it!

Rann Utsav

Image Credits: Kaushik Patel .

We will tell you “How it goes?”,  You book a Rann Utsav tour package online or through an agent and you are picked up from the train/ airport through a bus. You are directly taken to a place, claiming to be the tent city. For the rest of the trip, you remain inside the tent city, enjoying the activities and the luxurious tents you paid so dearly for. You are taken on the bus for all the outdoor sightseeing and then dropped back comfortably to the station. Voila! You have ticked off “Rann Utsav” from the bucket list! But, are you sure you visited the real tent city or some imitation?

We are not saying the other tent operators are not good. They are offering very good accommodation, activities and services. The problem is that they are riding onto the credibility of the much celebrated “Rann Utsav” by a mere play of words. If you asked for and paid for apples, you should not be getting oranges, but this does not mean oranges are bad!

How to find the Official Rann Utsav?

With different names of the websites being coined every year, it’s difficult to research and find the real one. We can not officially announce the actual Rann Utsav operator here due to legal troubles as others may also claim that they are celebrating in Rann, therefore can be rightfully called, “Rann Utsav”. It’s not a tourist scam but a mere play of words which skilfully hides the truth.

How to book the real Rann Utsav?

Rann Utsav.

Image Credits: Kaushik Patel .

Whether you like apples or oranges? We are happy to sell them to you at the right price. We at Tripscam Solutions have resolved to provide solutions to travel scams and promote transparency and honesty in tourism in India. Chat with us, and we will tell you what are the options available to you and at what price and if you buy Rann Utsav from us, we will guarantee 100% refund in case that Rann Utsav turns out to be the fake one. At the same time, you can also buy imitation Rann Utsav at lower prices, which are equally good.

How to reach Rann of Kutch?

Read our complete guide on how to reach Rann of Kutch from Delhi. This post has details for Delhites on ways to reach Rann utsav by road, flights or trains. 

Chat with us for any queries on Rann Utsav. Also, we can drop you helpful hints online to find the real Rann Utsav 2017.

Wishing you an awesome trip to Rann of Kutch. Happy Planning!