Rann Utsav 2017 dates | Full Moon Nights

Have you ever heard of a festival at a desert? Well, you are surely in for a surprise. The Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, is home to a three-month long festival, on the white sand grains and salt marshes, which speaks volumes of the affluent culture and heritage of the marvellous country where it is located. It is that time of the year when there is colour all around in the form of celebrations, costumes, props, tents and other similar aspects. Every year the Rann Utsav attracts tourists and explorers in thousands and for all those who wish to have a good new year, this year it is from 1st November 2017 to 20th February 2018.

Rann Utsav.

Image Credits: Kaushik Patel .

To keep it simple, the festival is a combination of palaces, tribal hamlets, mouth-watering local dishes, full moon nights on the cool desert that reflects its beauty, exploration of flora and fauna and a lot more. 

Dhordo, the last city in Bhuj, offers the observation of migratory birds that have flown from lands as distant as Siberia, Central Asia and Europe. This is also a hotspot of those who are enthusiastic about auto-mobiles and claim it to be their passion. The Tent City in Dhordo is where the main fun takes place with music, dance and cultural presentation. Camelback rides, handicraft appreciation by those who understand it and wish to keep souvenirs, yoga and spas also contribute in keeping visitors on their toes all the time without a minute of boredom. Read about Best Time to visit Rann of Kutch here.

Rann Utsav.

Image Credits: Kaushik Patel .

What is a better way of enjoying a life with spending your days with your loved ones close to the soil of your motherland which is not just a feature on the map but truly a wonder which has amazed people since time immemorial? Think how joyous it would be to welcome and usher in a new year of possibilities and hope on land that is a stranded yet so developed or how exciting it would be to play Holi and Makar Sankranti (the kite flying festival) here. Valentine's Day under a clear night sky with just the moonlight on the ground is so romantic. Making all dreams and such wishes come true, the Rann Utsav 2017 dates have specific full moon nights which must be made a note of immediately. 

November: 3-4-5
December: 2-3-4
January: 1-2-3 and 30-31-1st (February)

A few quick tips:

  • Be careful due to the border vicinity: Any suspected or unparliamentary activity in the area could be of great harm even if it is not intentional. Prevention is better than cure. There are no restrictions in having fun but being responsible is a must and everyone’s duty. You wouldn’t want a vacation to land you in prison!
  • Carrying warm clothes is imperative: You surely didn’t plan a holiday to catch a cold and then shiver in your tent. Only a peaceful mind and healthy body can enjoy and make the most of what is around him. Since it is practically a desert, the virtual absence of cloud cover from the region can rapidly heat the land during the day and at the same speed, it loses heat after sunset. Geography classes have now come to the rescue so make use of this knowledge too.
  • Comfortable shoes: No point carrying fancy shoes or heels (for women). Dress comfortably, dress smartly. The entire purpose of a trip is defeated if you just need to sit and sulk in one corner or if you are left bare feet for most of the journey. Though the Rann Utsav offers great opportunities for shopping, wear your sneakers and also carry an extra pair of light shoes (just in case).
  • Travel light: Look amazing but do not get a load of heavy bags since moving them around can be a menace and so can be the weight limit on luggage by the respected airline.
  • Do not miss the full moon nights: Going all the way for the Rann Utsav and then missing out the full moon’s light and reflection that dazzles the white sand? Nah! That doesn’t sound good at all. Though it is bound to be crowded, book your tickets beforehand and let nothing stop you. It’ll be a treat for your eyes.Not everything can be captured through the lens but what your vision takes in has no competition.

Now that you have all pointers you need, it’s time to get going and make preparations for the journey of a lifetime. Going to foreign destinations is a huge trend but what have you ever seen if you haven’t explored your own country. India attracts tourists in large numbers every year so there must be something that the world is eyeing on and you’re overlooking it.

How to reach Rann of Kutch?

Read our complete guide on how to reach Rann of Kutch from Delhi. This post has details for Delhites on ways to reach Rann utsav by road, flights or trains. 

Do let us know what you did while there and share the relevant images.