Haunted Places in Mumbai Andheri | East or West - Ghost everywhere

They say ghosts are a figment of human imagination. We say, their existence depends on your mind frame- a ‘haunt’ that relies more on experiences than what one’s eye witnesses. Here is a list of haunted places in Mumbai Andheri

  • Mahakali Caves
  • Grand Paradi Towers
  • Aarey Milk Colony
  • St John's Baptist Church
  • Seven Bunglows

Andheri, the bustling hamlet, set in the south west of Mumbai, thrives in this haunt, often attracting several enthusiastic ghost hunters and believers, on the lookout for an eerie adventure. The place comes loaded with ghostly urban legends that will make you question your stance, rack your brains, challenge your wits, question your stance yet again, and make you experience a surrealism that is eccentric as much as it’s alluring. Our article will guide you through these enchanted locales brimming with mystic lore, mind bending stories and heaps of controversies. If you don't want to limit your 'Ghost Seeking' to just Andheri, read about haunted places in Mumbai here.

Disclaimer: Sorry! if we leave you in cold sweat, we hope you have a spooky ride ahead for fun only.

 Mahakali caves - haunted places in Mumbai Andheri

Image Credits: Himanshu Sarpotdar

The macabre grotto: Mahakali Caves

A look at its centuries-old, crumbling edifice is enough to convince one of the eerie vibes this place reeks of. Set at the city’s prime location in Andheri east, the caves (15, in total) not only make for an interesting tourist site but comeS with a fascinating history to back up the storybook experience. Constructed some 2000 years back, these caves once served as viharas and resting sites for the Buddhist monks. While the cave, today, rests abandoned, it never fails to attract the attention of locals and passersby for its paranormal activities. People living in its vicinity have reported unusual occurrences, strange sightings and voices that seem to have no source.

Location- Andheri East, Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road

Despite the negative energy that thrives in this place, no major incident by any unnatural cause has been reported till date. The haunting, however, remains devoid of a proper reason, leaving ample of room for enthusiasts to ponder over.

A tale of shrewd misery: Grand Paradi Towers

At first glance, nothing seems unusual about Mumbai’s first high rise building, set in the heart of one of the city’s poshest locations. In fact, at first sight, the Grand Paradi Towers seem like yet another building immersed in the humdrum monotonicity of the city. However, what your eyes miss at first glance is the harrowing tale it boosts of.

According to the popular notion, an elderly couple committed suicide here by jumping off their balcony, after they were by their son and daughter-in-law. Since then, the doomed building has seen a slew of suspicious suicides that followed the death of the couple.

Location: Kemp’s Corner, Malabar Hill

Twenty suicides and many paranormal activities later, the ill-fated flat on the second floor that started the mysterious chapter, remains abandoned even today.

haunted places in Mumbai Andheri

Image Credits: Scott Norton.

The uninvited hitchhikers’ guide to scary: Aarey Milk Colony

In the east of Andheri lies a vast stretch of unoccupied green fields, rolling in the verdant luxury and doubling up as a great picnic spot; a welcome change from the dense main city areas of Mumbai. The night, however, is an altogether different story. For at night, the place turns into a nightmare of sorts for the local community.

The posh site is infamous for the several mysterious sightings and apparitions that find their haven in this locale. Often, people traveling on this stretch of road have complained to see a strange lady asking for a lift or an unaccompanied small child walking along the roadside who fades into thin air a short while later.

Location: Andheri east

Although the apparitions have, till date, done no physical harm to any of the motorists or the residents living here, the uncanny sightings are enough to send shivers down one’s spine.

So goes the ancient lore: St. John’s Baptist Church

They say keeping faith in one’s God would drive away all the fears. So, if the haunted building is itself a church, you can but marvel at the odds. We are talking about the St. John’s Baptist Church, an old Portuguese church, founded in the year 1579 and lying in Andheri inside the restricted Santa Cruz Electronics Export Processing Zone.

One of the scariest sites, not only in Andheri but the whole of Mumbai, St. John’s Baptist Church checks all the boxes for the ultimate horror experience: a murdered young bride, a full-fledged exorcism, sounds of demonic laughter and a lonely apparition haunting the premises, dressed in a wedding gown.  

According to the people, the church once witnessed the murder of a woman whose spirit has been haunting the grounds ever since. In 1977, in a bid to get rid of the ghost, an exorcism was performed by a well-known priest upon the request of the local community. It, however, proved to be a major failure against the force of the evil and instead, resulted in the death of all the fish in a pond nearby. Since then, no paranormal incident has been reported.

Location: SEEPZ, Andheri East

However, the failed exorcism was enough to keep the terrified locals miles away from the church.

The haunted building in Seven Bungalows

Drowned in the haunt of Andheri west, by the Chinchpokli Bridge, is a building that has got its own story to tell. It is a lonely and quiet edifice that remains clear of all the controversies and barely raises the eyebrows and yet, reeks of a certain macabre charm enough to give one the goose bumps.

The building in question stands tall in the swanky neighborhood of Seven Bungalows in the Versova district of the city.

Location: Versova, Andheri West

A ‘Manderly’ of sorts, it is known for the negative energy it encapsulates; although until now, no known reports of any unnatural sightings exist.    

Like all ‘good’ haunted sites, the ones listed above to come decked up in controversies often inviting polemic views and lengthy (yet, interesting) discussions. But, if you have a penchant for spooky adventures (or maybe, misadventures) and are planning a Mumbai visit, we suggest you take out time for your ‘eccentric’ hobby, stock your pockets with garlic and check out these sites for a real macabre experience.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your torches, take along your friends and remember not to split up. Here’s to a scary adventure and plenty of fear!

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