16 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai | Read at your own risk

The hills are famous for supernatural activities but in the plains, encountering ghosts makes people crazy! There is definitely no way to prove supernatural events, and it remains a mystery on subjective beliefs. One thing which we all can calm our curiosity with is the ghost stories of the haunted places and visiting these places surely gives us an adrenaline rush. There are many haunted places in India and most of the cities in India have plenty of sites with reports of paranormal activities. Mumbai, popularly known as the city that never sleeps, also has such stories that wouldn’t let you rest in peace. The city of dreams can give you nightmares with the most haunted places. These real stories of sad, unnatural deaths definitely make Mumbai one of the most haunted places to visit. Some buildings situated in prime locations of Mumbai all fall in the category. Therefore, people are not keen to buy a place in those ill-fated towers. A few high risers in the city have not named their 13th floor or have restricted entrances to it due to history of spooky encounters. Imagine walking past the dead, or having met a ghost while your stay in a hotel? You can witness all this at these most haunted places in Mumbai.

Keep your heart strong because we are going to have a look at the sixteen most haunted places in Mumbai. Here's a quick list for you to find most haunted place in Mumbai:-

  • Nasserwanj Wadi
  • Bombay High Court
  • Taj Mahal Hotel
  • St. John’s Baptist Church
  • Mukesh Mills
  • Tower of Silence
  • Marve and Madh Island Road
  • Pawan Hans Quarters
  • Aarey Milk Colony
  • Vrindavan Society
  • Grand Paradi Towers
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Raj Kiran Hotel
  • SNDT Girls' College
  • Kamathipura- Brothel Number 25
  • Jogeshwari

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Nasserwanj Wadi, Mahim- Ghost who killed seven people

Naseerwanj Wadi is named after a Parsi man, Naseer, the proud owner of this compound. It is located very close to the Mahim Station, and the residents claim to have seen the apparition of Naseer walking around the compound. The tale tells us that about two decades back, Naseer was brutally murdered and buried near a well in the area. Though the well has been covered to prevent confrontatios, nothing has changed. More than seven people have already been killed and the locals abstain from going anywhere near to this place.

There is also another ghost seen in Mahim and is popularly known as the The Lady of Well”. There is a well inside the chawl which didn’t have a fence around it and it is believed that a woman who had gone to fetch water, collapsed and eventually passed away. The residents always see her spirit, but she never hurts anyone.

Bombay High Court - The ghost who curses bilingually

Another place which qualifies as one of the most haunted places in Mumbai is the Bombay High Court, which is an iconic building inaugurated in 1862. It is one of the oldest courtrooms in India with a gothic architecture. According to the neighbours and workers, it is haunted by a presence from the last 30 years. Whenever there is a murder trial, the phantom misses no chance to create havoc. He curses people and builds upon the terror in the courtroom by talking to them in a hoarse voice. This ghost is assumed to be that of a lawyer, but nobody knows who it really is. Also, there had been incidents in which he scared the convict to such an extent that he confessed his crime. This ghost can definitely be a lawyer who loves his job so much that he doesn’t want to leave the courtroom. (And here we have Monday morning blues!)

Taj Mahal Hotel - The architect never leaves

The Taj Mahal Hotel is an eminent and iconic building in the metropolitan. But very few know that it also tops the most haunted places' list in the city. The concept of the Taj Hotel was introduced by Jamshedji Tata after he was not allowed to enter the Watson Hotel that was only meant for whites. As a strong answer to the rascism and discrimination, he took a decision to build a grand hotel for all Indian. Initially, the contract was given to three Indian architects, Siddhesh S., Sitaram Khanderao Vaidya and D. N. Mirza. Unfortunately, the head architect Khanderao Vaidya died, and W.A. Chambers took over the project. 

Chambers created the blueprints and went off on a vacation to England. When he returned in 1903, he was shocked to find that the hotel’s entrance had been made in the reverse direction. He was called a  perfectionist and seeing the blunder in construction, he was completely shattered. Since then, this hotel is believed to be haunted by the English architect, who had committed suicide by jumping off the fifth floor of the building. The staff members and guests have even seen his spectre roaming around the corridors and making sure that everything stays in order, but he never harms anyone. Once, a cleaning staff member was caught stealing from the hotel. He was found inert with the hotel’s silverware hidden under his clothes. When he regained consciousness, he reported that it was Chamber’s ghost that had caught him stealing and knocked him unconscious. No wonder he loves his dream project so much that never leaves the building.

Stairs of Taj Palace Hotel - one of the most haunted place in mumbai

Credits: Güldem Üstün


St. John’s Baptist Church, Andheri - House of the bride who died twice

The story behind this church is surely going to frighten the living daylights out of you. This place is counted as one of the most haunted places in Mumbai and is believed to be home to a young bride. This church was abandoned in 1840 due to an epidemic. The ghost of this young bride tortures locals mentally and physically. To get rid of all these activities, they called a priest to perform an exorcism, but the procedure failed. Instead, this frightened the citizens more as they heard loud, terrifying laughs followed by constant sobbing. After the noises had stopped, there was a huge splash in the pond nearby, and the next day all fish in the pond were dead, floating upside down. There has been no news from the bride after that day, but no one thinks about crossing this church ever. Explore more haunted places in Mumbai Andheri here.

Mukesh Mills, Colaba - Place where you shouldn’t shoot

This mill was shut in the 1870s because of a fire broke out, and since then, there is an impression that this place is haunted. Many films have been shot in this mill and this place is considered to be a ready-made set for horror movies and shows. There have been meetings. For instance, once a television actress had started speaking in a manly voice and seemed to be possessed by some spirit that constantly directed the crew to leave the place immediately. According to some reports, people have also lost their phones, wallets, and other belongings in the location. Many Bollywood films were not completed as the visitors felt supernatural forces, and mysterious shadows passed by. Even the workers had been on a tedious strike after it was closed. 

Places like Mukesh Mills in Colaba, Lokhandwala, Powai, and Malad were considered as dead ends filled with water, and the common people were restricted from going to these places. During past days, there were lots of gang wars and crime ratio was at its peak in Mumbai wherein gold smuggling was the main activity which was carried out through waterways. So these places served as hideouts for all criminals. It is even said that many of those were murdered and thrown into the waters still loiter around. 

The sweeper had reported several instances when he had repeatedly cleaned the mill, but the garbage reappeared mysteriously. The management of this mill has restricted everybody from enteringthe place post 9pm. One famous instance is that of a man who was spotted smoking inside the mill after it was locked, but when the watchman went in to see, there was nobody.

Mukesh Milles - one of the most haunted house at Mumbai

Image Credits : Akshay Mahajan

Tower of Silence, Malabar Hill - Let you hear the dead

Considered to be one of the prime most haunted places in Mumbai, this Tower Of Silence lets you hear the dead Parsis. Parsiis believe we should keep the environment clean and uncontaminated. To support their belief, they leave the dead bodies out in the open for vultures to feed upon. This tower is the reason behind various bone-chilling, spooky tales related to this area. Going by this place itself gives people an uncanny feeling. Even imagining such a view gives goosebumps. The rotting smell of dead bodies worsens the situation and makes this place a home to many spirits.

Marve and Madh Island Road - The ghost who matches your speed

This is a very famous road, and people have reported the appearance of a lady dressed in bridal wear specifically during the full moon nights. Some have witnessed her ghost crying in pain and grief while sometimes she follows those who try to approach her ghost. This is definitely not a road to be taken late at night. This lady was terribly murdered by her husband and is seen wandering at one of the Mumbai’s most haunted places.

Madh Island Road as Most haunted places in Mumbai


Pawan Hans Quarters, Juhu - The ancient haunted place

This spot in the Juhu region of Mumbai is considered as the most ancient haunted place. This has been haunted from the year 1989. Once a jolly place, it is now converted into a paranormal rush for people of the city. People believe that this place is possessed by the ghost of a 20-year-old young girl, Salma who had burned herself after a fight with her family. As soon as the scary vibes increased, a Catholic person had a dream to build a Hanuman temple there, and since then the activities have decreased considerably.

People have also encountered Salma running ablaze with bright red fumes late at night. It is believed that her spirit lives in a peepal tree and can give goosebumps to the bravest of hearts.

Aarey Milk Colony - The road which is not meant to be taken

This colony has been very unpleasant. During the night, driving through this place will certainly make one lose consciousness and their senses. It takes a courageous will to cross this road alone and hence this is one of the most horrific and haunted places in Mumbai.

On this thoroughfare, one may find leopards and a tiger because of the jungle on both sides but the actual matter to worry is about the non-living entity there. A lady with her child is spotted on this road who asks for a lift from the passer-bys. When the people don’t stop, she runs parallel, shouts, screams and terrifies them. Souls of an old man and children that disappear into thin air have also been reported. Sometimes, the cries and howls of an injured woman are also heard by the passengers.  

Vrindavan Society - Tale of the slapping ghost

This society is situated in Thane, Mumbai and is one of the posh localities of Mumbai. But this is also among one of the most haunted places in the city. It all started after the death of a middle-aged man who lived in the 6B building of this society. He was troubled and therefore committed suicide by jumping off his balcony. The society is said to be haunted by the ghost of this man. His spirit roams all around the area at night and slaps all the security guards sleeping during their duty. Some individuals mention hearing strange noises even in their own bedroom. Also, some residents feel that they are being followed while walking in the corridors but did not find anyone behind them when they turn around. There are also talks that these buildings were built on an ancient burial ground and the restless spirits now haunt the vicinity.

Grand Paradi Towers, Kemps Corner - The suicidal building

The Grand Paradi Towers are quite famous for their suicide rate. This building was made in 1976 and since then the accidents and suicides have not stopped. It all started in 1998 when two senior citizens, Vasudeo and Tara Dalal jumped off their balcony on the eighth floor because of the harassment they were facing from their son and daughter-in-law. Another incident took place in 2005 when the same son and daughter-in-law along with their 19-year-old daughter jumped off the balcony. Prior to this, in 2001 a domestic servant in this building jumped off the balcony of the 19th floor because of an accusation by his employer. Despite the pujas done to ward off evil spirits, Paradi Towers remain haunted even today, and now the residents believe that there surely is a problem with their home that should essentially be their safest shelter.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is one of the most visited attractions of the city and is full of greenery. This park is generally explored on foot, or one can rent a cycle too. A of the popular attraction of this park is the Kanheri Caves which possesses great and extremely majestic flora and fauna. Everybody wishes to visit this beauty at least once in their lifetime, but it has a lot of hidden secrets and is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. 

The park is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of those who lost their lives here due to animal attacks. One such spirit  is that of a woman hitchhiker who is usually seen in an all-white attire. She pleads people to give her a ride and then suddenly disappears. People avoid going to the national park in the evening due to not just for fear of animals, but also the spirits moving here. People have even reported strange voices and having a sudden feeling of being followed. The the night guards often narrate stories to tourists who come to visit.

Raj Kiran Hotel - Lonavala

Lonavala is regarded as one of Maharashtra’s most popular hill stations and a short relaxing destination to enjoy your weekend. During the monsoon, the weather is very pleasant, and the number of visitors increases to a great extent. There are many hotels surrounding this area, and one of the famous and the most haunted one is the Raj Kiran Hotel. It is right in the main city and has a lot of stories about being haunted. Some rooms have strange occurrences, and these are not allotted to anybody unless and until there is an emergency. Guests who have stayed here have revealed to experience weird things in one of the rooms. This room is a haunted room on the ground floor, behind the reception area. The staff working here speaks of seeing a strange blue light near one’s feet, stories of bed covers being pulled off at night, and the constant feeling of someone’s presence in the room. In recent years, this hotel has lost its popularity and is now well-known for the ghost stories.  Read more haunted stories about Mumbai Goa Highway here!

Raj Kiran Hotel as most haunted places in mumbai

Image Source

SNDT Girls' College- The Ghost Of A Teacher

It is often said that the knowledge and wisdom imparted by a teacher have a lasting effect and go on to be passed down generations. But what happens if a teacher herself doesn't leave for her heavenly abode and her soul wishes to cling onto the world of mortals? Well, such is the case at the SNDT Girls' College which can without doubt be considered one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. Occupants residing close-by claim that they can hear the voice of a female teacher repeating and revising mathematical multiplication tables at around 2am each morning. What's more scary is that these audible sounds make way from the ruins of the compound of the SNDT College which was one the staff quarters. Following the recitation is the shrieking and crying of little children who've been just been slapped hard. It was no surprise that once a group of ten boys decided to explore the dilapidated area but returned empty handed with no evidence of any lifeform there. However, as soon as they made their exit, the noises resumed and continued. No one has ever been able to trace the source of these calls till date and the mystery remains unresolved!

Kamathipura- Brothel Number 25

Every child of India knows about how the British ruled India for over 200 years and left no stone unturned to change the country's economic policy in their favour. The tale of Kamathipura dates back to the 1700s when the British soldiers frequently visited Kamathipura for their pleasure and apparent recreational activities. Earlier it was popularly referred to as the White Gully as beautful women from European countries and also Japan were imported here to serve the British army men. Infact, it is interesting to note that today too some areas of the fourteen lanes that constitute the red light district include the Alexander Theatre and English styled villas and cottages which essentially serve as brothels. coming to the eerie part, it is believed that one of the prostitues from the past era shows up at times at night to first allure the potential customers and those who fall into her trap are then just left abandoned after she startles them. Well, this surely changes the impression of ghosts being ugly and creepy but we wonder who is going to be brave enough to try and touch this woman.


Pink bungalows usually sound cute and remind one of little doll houses that children play with or the miniature replica rooms that came as part of Barbie sets. But do not be fooled by the color already. Remember, it's not always as it looks. The second floor of the multi-storeyed pink building is said to have been home to a young air-hostess who was brutally murdered here. Afetr her death, the company assigned the flat to another air-hostess as it though that the story of the previous resident was over. But was it really the case? Well, there have been innumerable reports of sightings of a weeping woman on the terrace of the building and in the vicinity who, when asked why she is crying, confidently points towards the flat and says that since someone else is now staying at her place, she has nowhere to go. The spirit may or may not be of the murdered flight attendant but it surely is not going to leave the building anytime soon and we can only send our best wishes to the occupant there. If you're the daring one who wishes to get into troubles of others, this is your opportunity to make a trip and shine (that if you're actually alright after meeting and discussing with the dead)!

Mumbai is synonymous with all bling but all this glamour, fashion, and glitter are not gold. You cannot fail to overlook its dark side. It is difficult to find any part of the city as lull or quiet. Like every other city,  Mumbai to has its part of paranormal secrets. If you dare to go deep enough, you will find many hidden folklores of the city. Apart from being home to some amazing constructions, the city also houses all these haunted places. Many individuals don’t believe in the paranormal activities and often laugh off every conversation about ghosts and spirits. You simply cannot ignore their presence even if you don’t believe in them. All these stories must have definitely sent a chill! Also read about weekend getaways from Mumbai. 

Even after so many ghostly facts and incidents, the city has not lost its charm and has always succeeding in welcoming and entertaining tourists. Now, with a list of your own, you can surely plan a day to one of these places if you are the chosen one. Please ring the bell if you like this post.

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