Mumbai Goa Highway Haunted | Spooky stories from the road

Highways and Havelis have one thing in common, that they are popular for the haunted and horror stories surrounding them. Do you often get dreams of a lady, dressed in white saree, asking you for lift in the car ? Do you often wonder about paranormal events on a highway? It is true that we all have heard stories and seen serials related to ghosts. At some point in our lives, we have felt as if we encountered these spirits from another world. Some places have a different energy and this energy gives rise to the really scary haunted stories around us. Exploring haunted places gets us a different kick and that's why horror movies are such a hit!.

"On a dark desert highway, cool wind in the air...", Highways are the most featured places next to Havelis in the haunted stories and that's why Mumbai- Goa highway is no exception. It has numerous stories and ample believers. If you love the spooky trails, read about most haunted places in Mumbai here. Hundreds of accidents are reported every year because of the stories on this highway. This road is rightly believed to be one of the most haunted roads in India. A safe advice would be to not think of spirits if you ever cross this highway at night. Many of us may not believe the myths and the stories, but once you experience it yourself, everything comes to a close circle. Are you a daredevil to pass through Mumbai Goa Highway at night?

Here are few tales about the haunted Mumbai Goa highway and the areas adjoining this place-

Kashedi Ghat, Mumbai Goa Highway

You will find scary stories about many spots in the Mumbai-Goa highway, but the Kashedi Ghat has some of the scariest stories and encounters. It is believed that this ghat is home to the witches who love eating flesh and sustain their lives on the blood of people crossing the way. Some people have even shown evidence such as scratches on their bodies. Also, you should never carry any non-vegetarian food while crossing this lane. Mostly your food is going to disappear on the way along with your vehicle halting without any reason. So leave those Chicken Tikkas and Kebabs at home, while driving through these ghats. Some years back, a true incident was reported by a couple. While they were crossing this highway, their car stopped suddenly for no reason, the head lights of the car started blinking very fast, and they both got scared. They came out to see what has happened and to their surprise, the car got locked on its own. Unfortunately, they had non-vegetarian food with them, and black smoke started coming out of the bonnet of their car. Somehow, they managed to open the car, but then something very scary happened. The lady was scratched terribly all over her body at that moment, and she started crying. They both escaped from the highway in terror.  

Kasara Road - Mumbai Goa Highway Haunted

Image Credits: Kashif Pathan.

Kasara Ghat, Mumbai Nashik Highway

Mumbai Nashik Highway is in close vicinity to the haunted Mumbai-Goa highway and the stories about this road are definitely going to give you goose bumps. This place is said to be home to many ghosts and witches. This highway goes through Kasara Ghat, and on the way, drivers feel that some evil forces are accompanying them. Some people have reported having seen a spirit, and other have felt their existence around. It is believed that a headless lady roams on this highway and can be spotted on the creepy, scary trees around this area.

Mumbai Pune Old Expressway - Mumbai Goa Highway Haunted

Image Credits: Dinesh Bareja.

Mumbai-Pune Old Expressway

Other than the haunted Mumbai Goa highway, you can have a spooky encounter with ghosts on Mumbai-Pune old expressway. Here is scary story reported from this highway taht there was a person who was asked for a lift by a Lady on this highway, and this lady even talked with the person. After dropping her at some distance, he found the same lady asking for a lift. In utter confusion, he gave her a lift once again. When this got repeated for the third time, he was scared to death, and he rushed from that road. But the lady, dressed in white, was running parallel to that person and was screaming, shouting and then laughing her evil laugh. At last, as told by this fellow she said that your time is over. Some say that this story is imaginary, and nothing of this sort has ever happened but who knows, If this story is there, this may have happened.

Unusual accidents on the Mumbai Goa highway

In the past five years, there have been more than sixty accidents on the haunted Mumbai Goa highway. You can hear such news for the highway after regular intervals. All the villagers nearby, daily travelers on this road, truck drivers and the police nearby believes that something is here. You won’t believe any of this if you visit this road at the day time, It is surrounded by beautiful lush green trees but as soon as night comes it changes to a haunted and spooky road. This road is also known as the killer road as so many people have already died on this haunted Mumbai Goa highway. In the year 1997, a person named Satacruz died on the Mumbai Goa highway. After this, in the year 1999, the first accident took place that of a coaching owner, and he died on the spot. People say that he was returning from the Mumbai Goa highway after Ganesh Pooja. People also believe that whosoever crosses this highway in the night is sure to have some unusual incident going on.

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