Places to visit in Mumbai for shopping | Must visit streets

A trip to Mumbai is always a great idea. The diverse, multicultural land is a cornucopia of rare delights, exquisite experiences, magnificent sites and a culture that swears to seduce a traveler in its charms but with just a mere glimpse. We insist you take back a bit of this lively, vibrant culture in your bags, to your hometown and your hearts. We, in fact, insist you put on your shoes, let your hair down, head to the streets, loosen up your purse strings and indulge in some feisty shopping expedition. Bombay is a haven for all the shopaholics; and if you aren’t one, there is a high possibility that you will become one. The bewitching ‘nagri’ comes with a wide array of tokens, from items of daily household use to fancy souvenirs that promise to sweep you off your feet. The best part? You never get to expand your budget!

We have assimilated some of the best markets of Mumbai, which specializes in selling one thing or another. These are the markets which give us a glimpse and a taste of the tradition of Old Bombay. Apart from the places mentioned below, you can also check out some of the most famous malls in Mumbai, namely the Phoneix Market City, R-city Mall and the Inorbit Mall. You can also shop at the Palladium Mall, which is a notch apart! It caters to a luxurious lifestyle and has the best internationals brands.

So, grab onto your wallet, tighten your shoelaces, brush up your bargaining skills and hit the streets, to “buy happiness,” to shop. Set the best of your bargaining skills out on the platter and relish the myriad of flavors these amazing, budget shopping destinations nestled in Mumbai, have to offer.

Zaveri Bazaar


When it comes to shopping for jewelry in Mumbai, this popular market in south Mumbai swears to paint the scene golden. For this one carries with it a legacy of being one of the best markets for buying jewelry in India. The street comes lined in an array of shops selling precious stones, gold in its varied forms, uncut jewelry, diamonds and even imitation. The popularity is such that apart from several small time shops adorning the bylanes, brands such as Tanishq have also established their stores. In short, the place lives up to its name and promises to deliver just what your heart desires.

Shopping Location: Sheikh Memon Street, Kalbadevi

Fancy Bites: If you happen to hit the streets of Zaveri bazaar for your jewelry shopping, don’t forget to ‘sweeten’ the experience by visiting Sulaiman Mithaiwala, a famous confectionary shop here. Or you can enjoy your expedition with a chilled glass of fruit juice at the Modern juice center, an elixir to ease away all your tiredness.

This is a one-stop market for all your jewelry queries. Well, you might have your dream attire perfectly stitched, but it won’t look complete unless you couple it with a distinct jewel. And this jewel, you’re likely to find at Zaveri Bazar, the one which will add an eye-catching sparkle to your whole look for any occasion.  The Bazaar is home to the shops of some of the biggest tycoons of the jewelry industry, one of which is, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri. The Zaveri Bazaar or “The Bazaar that always glitters,” is the biggest hub for business-to-business jewelry industry in India. Around 60% of India’s total gold trading is done here. There are umpteen number of jewelry shops so that you can find jewels at high and reasonable rates. You can get a variety of precious stones, uncut jewelry, gold, platinum, silver and so on.  

So, be ready to be bejeweled, ladies!

Fashion Street

Marine Lines

Fashion Street, one of the shopping locations in Mumbai.

Image Credits: Marco Zanferrari .

Affordable wares, immense variety, and crazy bargains - you will forget to look at your watch and can easily spend an entire day here shopping. Located along the wide stretch of the Mahatma Gandhi Road, this buying trail runs for kilometers, loaded with accessories, bags, wallets, keyrings, clothes, shoes and what not. Here, you can get some great knockoffs from your favorite brands at a more comfortable price range. Just keep a watchful eye and bargain your way out.

Shopping Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Marine Lines

Fancy Bites: If you want to grab a quick bite in an affordable range, head to the famous Khau Gali. Just as the name suggests, the place is a house of multicultural cuisine with choices ranging from Chinese to vada pav. You can also head to Mcdonald's, Pizza Hut or Raju’s Kitchen, all lying on the M.G. road.

Kala Ghoda Pavement Market

Kala Ghoda Pavement Market is an eccentric street market. It provides a platform for budding artists to showcase and sell their work. A place where you can find top-notch paintings/sketches and art pieces for home décor at low prices.  Ranging from amateur to experienced artists, from replicas to originals and from indoor to outdoor galleries, you can find at the display a diverse range of artworks here!  If you have an artistic streak, a visit to this market will be simply delightful. The Kala Godha Association established in 1998, aims to preserve the art here and holds a multicultural grand festival annually, in February.

So, stroll around this market, explore some unique art products, dive into the vibrant culture that prevails here and experience shopping differently!  

Shopping In Mumbai.

Image Credits: Ajay Goyal.

Lokhandwala Market

Are you just another girl who goes with the “cheap and best” ideology while buying clothes (like me)?  Then, my friend, this is definitely your place! The Lokhandwala Market gives you all the best replicas of the top most designer clothes available in the market. A lot of us wish to own or wear at least one designer clothing, however due to the high rates we fail to do so. So, hold on to that wish as the boutiques here are at your service and can craft your favorite outfit! It is a huge market so; you might have to invest some time here to find the right tailor for your dress.

You can also get perfect footwears which will match your outfits from here.

Hindmata Market

Famous amongst the Mumbaikars for the abundance of cloth that is available here, the Hindmata Market is a wholesale market in Dadar. The market caters to the needs of people from all walks of life, from high-end designers to locals. From ready-made suits/gowns to materials for sarees, salwar kameez, suits, lehengas, and Sherwani, it’s all here!! You’re likely to strike a good deal with the shopkeeper if you buy in bulk, so don’t shy away from bargaining! You might find this place in chaos during the festive and wedding season, as it specializes in Indian wear.

So, a suggestion would be to buy your clothes before the peak season.

Linking Road and Hill Road


Couldn’t buy those boots to go with your gorgeous mini skirt because of the hefty price tag? Hop on the local train and head to Bandra, Mumbai’s ultimate shopping hub. A place to suit all pockets, Linking Road is the mecca of everything fashion. From clothes to shoes and accessories, one can find here a kind of variety that will leave you both baffled and wanting more. And if the cost runs higher than expected, you can always bargain your way out.

The most famous street shopping areas in Mumbai are Linking Road and Hill Road, in the western suburb, Branda. Both the areas are favorite haunts of college going students, apart from all the shopaholics. They are located at a distance of 3kms from each other; it takes around 15 minutes to reach Hill Road from Linking Road. The streets have plenty to offer you regarding trendy clothes- Indian and Western. You can find your desired vibrant and sober tees, skirts, scarf, and kurtas as well. Couple these clothes with perfect footwear, bangles, jhumkis/earrings, and anklets, at throwaway prices! Brace yourself with some A class bargaining skills, and we are sure you can strike an excellent deal with the vendor for all the items you want in your wardrobe.
Also, the streets are dotted with cafes and restaurants which will be your resort after hours of shopping.

Shopping Location: The road starts from S.V Road in Bandra and continues to Khar.

Quick Bites: We know shopping can be an exhausting affair. Thankfully, Linking Road brings with it an opportunity to try out the local street food and chaats. One can find a variety of restaurants at the Carter Road. Bombay Blue, Chaat Stories, and Pack-A-Pav are some of the good ones.

We are assuming that if you want the best, you’ll have to invest a few hours here.

Shopping In Mumbai.

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Colaba Causeway


Do you sometimes desire a lazy shopper’s travel guide? You don’t need one if you are planning to visit Colaba, your one stop shopping destination. A shopper’s paradise, this peppy place is bustling with shoppers at all times of the day. Whether its handicrafts for your loved ones or oxidized jewelry and fancy clothes, Colaba is a land of many tastes and you are sure to leave satisfied with your loot. Indulge in, if you are a clothes freak; this place is lined with great boutiques with throw away prices. Also, this shopping destination is conveniently close to the Gateway of India and the Regal Cinemas, so you can have a fun time exploring while shopping.

Colaba Causeway, one of the shopping locations in Mumbai

Colaba Causeway is essentially a link between the two islands out of the seven of Bombay; Colaba Island and Old Woman’s Island. The link was a British construction, and you can see European influence in the architecture around this area. A glimpse of old Bombay is evidently seen in buildings like Regal Cinema, National Gallery of Modern Art, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Museum and Cusrow Baug. Today, Colaba Causeway is termed as the ‘Cultural Square’ of Mumbai and is a paradise for those who love shopping. This place has it all – handicrafts, artifacts, key chains, chic clothes, footwear and other knick-knacks. Colaba is also famous for its junk jewelry, so if you like to wear earrings/bangles/danglers/necklaces with your daily outfits, you should check out this place!
You can also dig in at one of these cafes; Cafe Mondegar, Café Leopold, and Café Basilico Bistro&Deli.

Shopping Location: Bakery Lane, Navy Nagar, Colaba

Quick Bites: Looking to grab a quick bite? Head to Bademiya, Baghdadi or Delhi Darbar for some lip smacking delights. We suggest you try out the famous Leopold Cafe. You can also drop in at McDonald’s and Café Coffee Day nearby.

Apart from this, you can easily find second-hand books and novels at a reasonable price near Flora Fountain, which is 10 minutes away from this stretch. Book lovers and those trying out new books, ought to visit this place. It has a plethora of books ranging from classics to modern bestsellers; you can find any book here.  

Chor Bazaar

South Mumbai

With a name literally translating to the Thieves market and a vibrant 150-year-old history, one of the oldest bazaars of Mumbai is a real delight to take a stroll in. Located in the center of Mumbai’s Muslim community, this flea market comes loaded with variety. It is interesting to note that the British era market gets its present name from the erstwhile name, Shor Bazaar which was initially used because of its noisy atmosphere.

Chor Bazaar is one of the oldest Bazaars in Mumbai, with a history dating back to over 150 years. The place is what you call an organized chaos! It is one of the largest flea markets of India and is located in South Mumbai. It is believed that the market was initially called ‘shor bazaar,' but due to mispronunciation on the part of the Britishers, it got its current name. The market has two main parts to it; first, the mini market, where you can find Bollywood merchandise; second, the Jumma Market, where you can find hardware and furniture. You can find anything, and everything over here, from general store, objects to antique items, all of it is here and at a reasonable price. The market is especially popular for second-hand goods of all kinds.

Head here to get furniture, bronze articles, car parts, electronics and antiques at throwaway prices. Just put on your bargain hat, and carry back a load of goodies to impress your friends back home.

Shopping Location: Mohammed Ali Road, Pydhonie

Fancy Bites: Hungry? No, there’s no need to look for snickers if there is such amazing cuisine to try out. Haji Tikka corner, Tawakkal Sweets, and Lucknowee are your best bets. But trust us, once you're here, you don’t really wanna miss the Taj Ice-cream for some delicious, hand-made scoops.

If you have a liking for collecting antique items or are looking for antique showpieces for your house, then a visit here will surely help!

Heera Panna Shopping Centre


Out to buy electronics stuff but couldn't settle on the right price? Head to the Heera Panna shopping center for some ready bargains and cheap steals. The places encompass a potpourri of daily to last minute needs from clothes, shoes and imported items to foodstuffs and, of course, electronics. One of the first ‘malls’ as such in South Mumbai, this place is great if you are looking for knock-offs of your favorite brands.

Shopping Location: Opposite the Haji Ali Dargah

Fancy Bites: There’s a variety of stuff to do here if you happen to finish your shopping early. For starters, a visit to the famous Haji Ali Dargah and the Maha Lakshmi temple is mandatory! Cafe Noorani and Heera Panna Veg. restaurant are some amazing treats.

Crawford Market


Want to shop the way locals do? This is probably where you’ll find a home. One of the largest wholesale markets in South Mumbai, Crawford market makes for an excellent (and cheap) buyouts when it comes to purchasing vegetable, dry fruits, meat, spices and delectable bakery treats.

The Crawford Market is probably the most famous wholesale market in Mumbai and is named after Arthur Crawford, the first Commissioner of Bombay. It got renamed as Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandi, however, is still called the Crawford market by the locals. It is an old building which was completed in 1869, and one can clearly see the European influence on its architecture. There is an array of items one can choose from, at this place. The Bazaar offers you vegetables, fruits, meat, species, cosmetics, pets, any household gewgaw and festive decorations as well. Ingredient for the top most restaurants in Mumbai is bought from here, as they have reasonable rates and supreme quality.

Shopping Location: Mohammed Ali Road

Fancy Bites: While you can indulge in some great street food here, our favorite picks include Zaffaran, Badahah and Cafe Almas. Also, read about offbeat weekend getaways from Mumbai.

We would suggest you to take a walk through this vibrant place in the morning hours, as you can get your hands on some of the freshly stocked goods. Also, if you do get a chance, try the Alphonso Mangos from here, during May-June. They are tempting!

We hope that this list will be helpful for you to actually know the city as it was during the colonial era. The markets in Mumbai are some of the left-over structures from the past, which still give you a good insight into how things would be during the British Raj. So, dive into the culture and heritage at ‘Bombay,' while you stroll through these Bazaars.

Experience shopping differently at these places and share all your experiences with us!