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We have all always been thrilled with haunted, spooky stories and more than that, about how it all happened. Many tourists and travelers nowadays read on haunted encounters before going to a place and then search for evidence. The researchers these days are also always on a lookout for paranormal activities. All our childhood we have heard stories of ghosts and wicked souls possessing people. Ghosts are nothing but a figment of our overheated imagination. We all have come across such instances at least once in our lives. The supernatural has always been a point of interest. India has always been all about spooky stories, evil souls or what we all call ‘buri aatma'. Whether you are a braveheart or a weak-willed person, these haunted places in Pune will attract you all. Also read about other haunted places in India

To satisfy your curious minds, we bring to you the most haunted places in Pune at a glance:  

  • Victory Theatre
  • Holkar Bridge
  • Shaniwar Wada Fort
  • Gangapuram Society
  • Chandan Society
  • War Cemetery, Khadki
  • The Haunted House on MG Road, Camp
  • Symbiosis Road, Viman Nagar

Victory Theatre

Victory Theatre is one of the most haunted places in Pune and what's more interesting is that the reason behind the horror is unknown. It is essentially a single screen theatre which has an ancient charm to itself that can surely not be missed. This theatre is located at the Thimayya Road and has reportedly housed several loud screams, noises from unidentified sources and vivid hallucinations by people. Not just employees, but also locals visiting this haunted place in Pune, encounter sudden laughs and out of the blue giggling which breaks the monotonous silence. This theatre has stood for 55 years and has been a popular name for cultural plays. Though it is now closed and the vicinity experiences cheer during the day, strange eeriness envelopes this haunted location in Pune at night. Also read about haunted places in Rajasthan and haunted places in Puri.  

Seats bang without any physical being present to do so and  things move on their own. We bet you do not wish to watch any other late night show here! 

Holkar Bridge

The Holkar Bridge is one of the top haunted places in Pune and was built in the 18th century. At that time, tents used to be pitched close to it quite frequently. However, notwithstanding the test of time, the bridge is now deserted and creeps people as it gives out only negative vibes. In fact, there have been several mysterious deaths near and on this bridge, which are beyond explanation. What adds to the eeriness of this haunted location in Pune is that the Holkar Bridge Cemetery close by has several tombs that date back to as distant as 1790. Death has always been a fascinating subject and it is often believed that the souls of those with unfulfilled wishes are unable to escape the clutches of the earthly realm. Well, this is where you can also interact with a few such wanderers and know their life story personally! Also read about haunted places in Jaipur, haunted places in Kerala and haunted places in Bangalore. 

Now that you know why exactly the Holkar Bridge is a top haunted place in Pune, are you daring enough to go for a drive post sunset on this bridge? 

Shaniwar Wada Fort

Haunted places in Pune.

Image Credits: Ramnath Bhat .

When you look at this eighteenth-century fort's architecture for the first time, you won’t even be able to imagine that it is one of the most haunted places in Pune. This palace was initially built to tell future generations about the victories and heroic deeds of Peshwa Bajirao but as fate had decided otherwise, this edifice experienced nothing but only bad luck, and treachery. A kind of mystery about this fort attracts a lot of travelers. While it is popular;y believed that Bajirao,s grandson, Narayanrao, was murdered brutally here on the orders of his relatives, there's also story about this fort that a young prince died here and his last words, “Uncle save me”, can easily be heard even today. Here, everything would feel supernatural, and you can feel the scare in the air. Another tale is that many people got killed here during a fire due to which this fort has been destroyed. Dark spirits of all of them roam around this fort and enthusiasts have seen many. In fact, you cannot enter this fort after 6:30 pm due to these loud noises, screams and some lost souls. Also read about haunted places in Kolkata, haunted places in Barrackpore and haunted places in Delhi.

I'm sure this name rings a bell and sounds intriguing to those who have watched the blockbuster Bollywood film 'Bajirao Mastani'. Well, we surely had no clue that what was shown so beautiful in the movie can actually have a really dark past and haunting present. 

Gangapuram Society

Gangapuram society is a huge society with almost 100 houses under the name. This looks just like a normal society at a glance or mention but located in the Virman Nagar, this is the most haunted place in Pune. The ghost of a middle-aged man has been spotted by almost everyone. The scary part is that whenever you try to interact with this man, he disappears giving you goosebumps. He is definitely not an evil spirit, but his presence is indeed spooky. This man has not created any trouble as of now, but there are more wandering souls in this society. There has been a ghost who wears a white lungi and disappears in a similar manner. Though these descriptions may sound funny or unreal to many, it is advised that in case you plan to set out and explore on your own, be cautious and ensure that you do not challenge the unknown all by yourself. Don't tell us that we didn't warn you! Also read about haunted places in Indore and haunted places in Jabalpur

We would just say that think twice before booking a flat here; you never know when you might also get to see a vanishing man.

Chandan Society

Chandan society is one of the creepiest haunted places in Pune. During the construction of this society, a small girl had died and gotten buried. Most of you might feel that you can’t meet this girl now but you surely can. This girl roams around wearing a white frock and carrying her doll in one hand. She can make you faint with just one small glance. It is so scary that you could not even think about going to this society afterward. Well it's no mystery that little girls with dolls are quite spooky and often claimed to be seen at haunted places in India. Though they may look cute when alive, we can bet our lives that they will not seem adorable when you can see them but they pass right through you! Also read about haunted places in Chennai. 

It is always sensible to find out about the society that you're going to book your new flat in and move to. There'll be no point regretting later afetr you already have an additional family member, visible only to a few, who hangs from the ceiling or crawls into your blanket post midnight. 

War Cemetery, Khadki

Haunted places in Pune

Image Credits: Sandeep MM .

This place seems to be very quiet and not haunted at all but surely looks are deceptive. Numerous soldiers are buried under this land and it is said that these soldiers haunt people. They are now merely wandering spirits and are often seen in this cemetery. It is definite that nobody can complain about these ghosts but local residents are surely scared to death in this area. Soldiers and entrusted with the responsibility of looking after the well being of the citizens but that oath definitely terminates as soon as they breathe their last. 

Now it's upto you to explore and find out if they return in their uniforms well tucked and ironed or if they're mere apparitions with missing hands, popped out eyes, crushed skulls or skeletons. 

The Haunted House on MG Road, Camp

This is one of the most haunted places in Pune and people have often claimed to have heard scary shrieks around the area. It is also reported that a few passersby have spotted blood on the floor around. The location, also known as 'Ghost House', is popular amongst those who wish for an adrenaline rush. 

Symbiosis Road, Viman Nagar

Symbiosis Road is an on-the-go road for daily routes. Almost half the city crosses this street and has witnessed supernatural things. One must avoid this path post-midnight or full moon nights when supernatural powers are apparently at their strongest. Dogs are also seen to bark continuously as if they can sense someone else too. There have been reports of people passing out on this road while walking at night. Aren’t these stories scary enough to stop you from crossing this road after sunset? This road heads from the popular Symbiosis campus to the CCD near campus. There are a lot of spooky stories and urban legends spread around the campus. A very famous story which revolves around this place is related a small old temple where one can’t even find any form of existence and yet the bells ring at full pace as if somebody is ringing them in anger. All this makes The Symbiosis Road one of the most haunted places in Pune.

Do let us know if you have any creepy encounters or stories to share!