Top Haunted Places In Puri | Get spooked at these scary houses

Let me start about it by asking you a question, do you believe in ghosts? If yes, then you have come looking at the right place. If no, well then you’re in for a heated debate, for these places at Odisha’s haunted city, Puri, might make you want to reconsider your stance. Also read about other most haunted places in India. 

Lying on the eastern coast of Odisha, the city of Puri is a culturally rich and traditionally mesmerizing landscape of colorful farrago, exhibiting a rare and mystical aura. The irony? Well, the land hosting thousands of pilgrims thronging the gates of the holy Jagannath temple is also one of the spookiest sites in the country. Also read about haunted places in Mumbai and haunted places in Kerala. 

So, whether you believe us or not, we intend to leave you spooked with these stories of most haunted places in Puri. 

Most haunted places in Puri at a glance:

  • Manglojodi
  • The Puri Haunted House
  • Cuttack Hostel
  • BNR Hospital 
  • RIE Haunted House


A tree-tale of Horrors - Manglojodi

Just a two-hour drive away from the bustling cityscape of Puri lies Manglojodi, a tiny village tormented by an evil spirit. The place is known for the haunted peepal tree known for killing people. The tree has until now killed seven people; and if the local villagers are to be believed, it will continue with its bloody streak till the number of victims reaches 21. The fear among the villagers living here is so severe that they refuse to step out of their houses after 6 pm. By dusk, the place wears a deserted look, drowned in an eerie, unsettling silence. After the death of the seventh victim incident, the story was picked up by Zee News and much publicized on national television. According to popular opinion, the story of horrors began with the premonition of a young girl, possessed by a supernatural spirit. Her premonition predicted that the sinister tree would become the cause of death of 21 people before yielding. This is to avenge the death of a black magic practitioner who, a few decades back, was alienated by the village community and eventually hanged from the very tree. Thsi is one of the most haunted places in Puri. Also read about haunted places in Jaipur and haunted places in Rajasthan. 

Tree for illustration - haunted places in puri

It is believed her angry spirit still haunts the tree, threatening to suck out the life of anyone who comes too near.

A Cursed edifice - The Puri haunted house

Nestled right in the cityscape, this top haunted places in Puri has long attracted the attention of tourists and locals. The house had been up for sale for decades, and remarkably, each owner ever since has had his own terrifying ordeal to narrate. Needless to say, the house attracts a lot of enthusiasts and paranormal experts.

Over the years, several unsettling sinister sightings and sounds have been reported to find their origin deep within the now, abandoned house. A popular theory suggests that the untamed drama derives itself from the suicide of the original house owner, a woman in her sixties. The woman’s last wish was that the house remains unsold, devoid of any occupancy that dares to remove her presence. Also read about haunted places in Delhi. 

And her presence is exactly what every owner who has lived here ever since could not get rid of.


In a morbid silence - The Cuttack hostel

When 19-year-old Sudeshna wasn't allotted a hostel by her own college, she opted to live at a private Cuttack hostel; roughly an hour and a half drive from Puri. Pretty normal, right?

Wrong. For this 150-year-old edifice comes with a notorious history marred by the haunt it possesses. Within months, Sudeshna started hearing an unnatural sound of heavy footsteps outside her room in the deathly hour of the night; once, even experiencing a strange, unnatural presence inside the room. Sudeshna wasn’t alone. Over the years, several students staying here have had similar, uncanny experiences. Since its inception, the building has been used as a hotel. However, due to age and insufficient business, it was reduced to a debilitated state. Only a few years back, during the renovation, the ground floor of the hotel was converted into a hostel and opened for students looking for a place. Also read about haunted places in Jabalpur. 

While the current owner remains tight-lipped on the subject, students, as well as paranormal experts, have claimed to see the spirit of an old man that vanishes whenever someone tries to approach it at this haunted place in Puri. 

The Mystery Room - BNR Hotel

Perhaps the most controversial and publicized of all the haunted places in Puri listed above, the Chanakya BNR Hotel has long held the reputation for being haunted by the past. The property is said to be more than 100 years old and has been a site of some major paranormal activity. Also read about haunted places in Indore and haunted places in Kolkata. 

Over time, various incidents have been reported by paranormal experts that send shivers down the spine. According to one of the members of a team of paranormal experts that investigated the building, the place is ridden with ‘strange manifestations’ with several ‘inexplicable signs coming forth in photographs.’ The team claimed that paranormal activity was observed in rooms 12 and 14.

The claim, albeit discarded by many, continues to enchant people to this ghostly mansion. It is one of the most haunted places in Puri. 

The Grim Grotto - RIE Haunted House

Located in the Bhubaneshwar district of Odisha and an hour’s drive away from main city Puri, this locale is known for the disturbing intensity of negative energy it encompasses within its premises. Also read about haunted places in Chennai. 

Several myths float around the area explaining the reason for the haunting. The one popular among the locals suggests that the house is possessed by the spirits of some students who hanged themselves to death here. Since then, several people living in the vicinity have complained to hear sobs and witnessed apparitions walking on the roof during the night hours of this haunted place in Puri.

As for now, the reason for the suicide remains buried in the past. The idea remains controversial. So here’s advice, avoid walking down the corridors of this popular haunt at night and if you feel any unnatural presence, don’t look behind.

Or, should you?

Did any of these haunted places in Puri bewitch you? If you are scared, don’t let your eyes wander away from your screen; whoever might be behind you. But, on a more serious note, each of the places listed here, have been hubs of negative energy, each claiming an aura chilling to the bone. Such occurrences are always disturbing. But keep your belief in God and let faith be your guide.

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So if you are an enthusiast and our article left you excited with terror, well then, maybe you should pick up a torch and investigate for yourself. Tie your seat belts. Here’s wishing you a spooky ride ahead!