How to earn and redeem karma points

Thank you for sharing your travel stories to make this world, a better place to travel. We appreciate that you tell smart tips to the community to help others make right decisions. Over and above, you save others from bad experiences by sharing yours. By writing a travel report, you have initiated the circle of ‘Good Karma’, which is destined to come back to you. 

What are Karma Points?

You bring in transparency in the travel industry by recommending honest and genuine service providers. You fight against dishonesty by exposing the touts. We understand that your contributions are priceless and will forever remain so. Just like you, Tripscam has resolved to bring honesty and transparent in the travel industry. We have tried to bring in some honest ways to reward you for the Good Karma. Karma points are token of appreciation for your contributions on Tripscam such as writing a travel report, giving a helpful vote and other community activities. 

How to earn Karma Points?

You are rewarded 5 to 10 karma Points for writing one travel report. The number may vary from 5 to 10 depending upon the cosmos. Also, you are awarded one Karma point for starting a positive ripple by giving a helpful vote. In future, you will be able to earn Karma points for other community activities as well.

How to redeem Karma Points?

At present, you may use Karma points to redeem for the following:-

(a) Charity : You donate your Karma Points to various charity organisations supported by Tripscam. The company will donate equivalent Indian Rupees to the charity selected by you.

(b) Cashback : You may redeem your Karma points for extra cashback on your online transactions. The program is called “KashBack”, and the extra cash back is directly credited to your bank account or wallet. Learn more about our Kashback program here.

(c) Special Rewards : You may use your Karma points for special offers, brought exclusively for Tripscam community. We have partnered with few companies  who believes in Good Karma like you. In special offers section, you can use your Karma points to get special offers directly from these companies. Tripscam is not a mediating party in these transaction at all. Know more about special offers here 

Please note that Tripscam does not earn any money from the Karma Point reward system. Why? because ‘Reward System’ features in expenses section of our balance sheet. This means that 'Reward system' is not a revenue stream for our company.

If you would like to give a feedback to us on our reward system, you are welcome to contact us or leave a comment in the Help Centre.