How to get extra cashback to your bank from Tripscam

We bring to you flagship program of our reward system called Kashback. We coined this word "Kashback'  for a purpose. At Tripscam, your good Karma brings you cashback, i.e. Karma+Cashback = Kashback

What is Kashback?

Kashback is equivalent to cashback credited directly in your bank account or wallet apps by Tripscam. Yes, this means real money. It is kind-of reward from your good Karma at Tripscam. This cashback is over and above the offers and cashback you get at the merchant site.

We practise what we preach

Tripscam has been founded to bring-in transparency and honesty in Travel. Therefore, we will be honest with you, on how we bring cashback to your bank accounts from your online spends. When you use coupons/ links provided by Tripscam for your online shopping, retailers pay commission to Tripscam. We give this commission back to you as Kashback i.e. extra cashback. Most of the Coupon sites earn their revenue by partially or fully keeping this commission to themselves. Since, We are not a coupon site and that is why, we are able to beat the best of the cashback coupon sites. We do not earn any profit on the commission earned. We brought in this system only to reward our users who write priceless 'Travel Reports' for Tripscam community.

How to earn Kashback aka cashback?

Offers listed as 'Kashback offers' will mention how many Karma Points are required to redeem those offers. Presently, you need to send an email to rewards (at) tripscam (dot) com from your registered email address at Tripscam. You will receive the coupon code on your email after redemption of Karma Points from your account. You may use the coupon code or the link provided by us. We will track your transaction. We will initimate you once we receive commission on that transaction and add them to your Kashback Points.

In order to reduce administrative hassles, Kashback Points are transferred to your bank accounts or wallet apps in multiples of 100. For example, if your Kashback Points are 543; we will transfer 500 Kashback Points to your bank/ wallet apps and keep the 43 points in your Kashback account. In future, when you redeem and get more cashback, your balance Kashback points will get added to the new ones and so on. We will be automating this process shortly and you will be able to do it from your profile page very soon.

Please note that Tripscam does not earn any money from the Karma Point reward system. This means that 'Reward system' is not a revenue stream for our company.

If you would like to give a feedback to us on our reward system, you are welcome to contact us or leave a comment in the help centre.