Diwali Safety Tips | Precautions During Diwali

Every article that we read on Diwali stereotypically begins with Diwali-the Festival of Lights or Diwali-the Festival of Joy. However, to ensure that the day and evening actually remains a happy affair, it is imperative to note a few safety tips not just for your well-being but also to have knowledge at your fingertips that will also enable you to act swiftly in case others around you need any kind of assistance. Let’s learn of precautions during Diwali. 

Before you read ahead here's a quick list of precautions to take during Diwali :

  • Clothing
  • Crackers
  • Children 
  • Sweets
  • Alcohol
  • Candles and Diyas
  • Pets
  • Lights
  • First Aid 
  • Rangoli
  • Stay Hydrated 
  • Noise Pollution

Read ahead now to have access to facts that you might already know, but it's always helpful to recollect and brush up a little. 


Being a fashionista myself, I totally get your urge to dress well and look your best at every occasion. It is believed that you must wear only new clothes on Diwali and Indian attires are preferred to keep in sync with the cultural mood. But please remember that your comfort and health are not more important than how on-lookers perceive you. It is advisable to wear 100% cotton clothes as other materials, and synthetic to be more specific, are more likely to catch fire while bursting crackers or if a swish of your skirt or dupatta, unfortunately, lands too close to a lighted diya. Shoes too are an important aspect of the outfit and must be soft soled so as to facilitate easy movement. Try to keep your feet covered as much as possible since even sparks can lead to big accidents. The hair, if let loose, must be tied before heading to burst crackers and jewellery should also be tucked away. 


Diwali Safety Tips.

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For most people, this is the best part of Diwali while some also consider it a nuisance as it causes immense noise and air pollution. Nonetheless, one must take these precautions during Diwali. Purchase fireworks (manufactured this year) only from licensed stores. Light only one at a time and if you're the rebellious one who wants to see two together, ensure they're at a safe distance. Crackers must be burst only in open spaces where there are no trees or wires overhead. Once the show is over, a bucket of cold water is where the used anaars, phuljharis, chakris and others must go. Keep at least an arm's distance while lighting them and keep your face turned away. Also, do not immediately run to check the malfunctioned products. Another no-no is throwing crackers on others or lighting aerial ones in extremely windy weather conditions. 


These little bundles of energy and vigour can never be kept under control. Thus, it is the responsibility of the elders to be on their toes and on an eternal watch out. Do not let children go too close to the burning crackers as they might lose balance and God forbid if they fall down, they might be seriously injured. Do not restrict their movement by decking them up in tight clothes or shoes. Giving them a one to two minutes talk about child safety during Diwali can be very helpful. Accompany them to the candles and matches and let them have their share of fun too. 


To all those who have a sweet tooth, just try and be in control for once. You'll have many relatives dropping in, or you might be the one going to your elders to seek their blessings, and that is the time when your sugar intake can touch the skies. Say a big no to chemical preservatives and silver coated sweets as they might be infected with aluminium which is a dangerous metal and can also lead to kidney failure or other health issues such as adversely affecting the body tissues or the brain. This point may seem trivial when compared to the rest of the hacks, but nevertheless, it is an important safety tip during Diwali. 


Do not listen to those who say you should avoid liquor altogether. It's just one life you have and if that too is spent in worrying, then what is the purpose of it. Drink, but drink responsibly. Know your capacity and do not go overboard with your pegs and shots. Remember, getting drunk and being out of your senses is not cool. Enjoy your drink gracefully and see your fun increase. 

Note:  That the legal age of consuming alcohol is 21 but most individuals really do start off before that. In such cases, the parents and company are solely responsible, and we do not take any guarantee. 

Candles and Diyas: 

Diwali Safety Tips.

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Since diyas are lit on two days of the celebrations, the risk of an accident involving them is doubled. Please do not forget that they should not be kept close to any form of electrical wiring, electrical appliance, curtains, or interiors with hanging lamps and similar decorations. Proximity to crackers, gas cylinders and paper products is also strictly prohibited. 


Animals are more sensitive than humans, and there can be zero arguments about that. They tend to get afraid and restless due to the loud noises and the pungent smell of the smoke left behind after the crackers are burst. Since we claim to be the most superior species in the animal kingdom, isn't it our prime duty to ensure that we do not trouble our four-legged companions? Draw the curtains to cut down interaction between the pets and the crowds and keep them indoors. Also, do not leave burnt sticks lying on the road or the terrace as they may be consumed by stray cats and dogs or birds, leading to their death. You surely do not want to start your new year by taking someone else's life. 


It is the demand of the Festival of Lights to put up fancy bulbs and wires or little colourful lights. But please do not touch them with wet hands or attach them to metal poles as an energy leak may lead to the electrocution of anyone that goes near. Make the event memorable by reaching new heights of euphoria and not mourning. Also, ensure that less power is consumed as you do not wish to receive an electricity bill that eats up all your salary. 

First Aid:

Saving the best for the last, this is the most important safety tip during Diwali. Keep a first aid box ready. In case of a burn, do not run as oxygen accelerates the spreading fire. Roll on the ground, or cover in blanket/sand to douse out the blaze. Also, keep the number of the ambulance by heart and do not try to pull off clothes from the burnt area as they may tear off the layers of skin. (102 or 108 is for ambulance).


How beautiful do these patterns of varying shapes and hue combinations look when done up on the floor right under the central chandelier or at the main entrance of a home sweet home. Please be careful and ensure that you purchase the coloured powders from reputed sellers only in sealed boxes. Open colours may have pieces of glass or chemical properties. It is better to use flower petals instead as they are fragrant as well as easy to use and remove without staining the marble and tiles. 

Stay Hydrated: 

With so many things happening at the same time and such a rush, it's obvious one may run out of enthusiasm and also the energy and will to work. There are too many little objects to be taken care of, and a smooth execution is not possible without efficient teamwork. Stay hydrated all the time by means of water, juices or other fluids. You surely do not wish to faint and add to the already existing commotion. 

Noise Pollution: 

Though it is true that noise pollution prevails in our country all around the year, it goes up during Diwali, and it is a pity. Senior citizens, babies and animals have a tough time adjusting to it. Different people have different body clocks, and we are no one to impose our schedule on someone else. Please follow the permissible decibel as prescribed by the respective State and Central Government. It is also advisable to make use of earplugs or small cotton balls to prevent shock and damage to the eardrums. 

Now that you are done the reading and have refreshed your mind with the precautions during Diwali go ahead, buy gold, pray, get ready and click selfies, and have loads of fun. Not to forget the envelopes you’ll receive from your seniors in the family, we hope the amount goes up this year, and you have additional pocket-money that you can spend for leisure or save for the future. 

Let prosperity and togetherness take the front seat while all ill-feelings are left behind in the last year, as per Hindu calendar. Celebrations know no religion, neither does happiness. 

Happy Diwali and do let us know how awesome it was!