Five ways to keep Mosquitos away while travelling

Foreign travelers especially women are quite worried about Mosquitos while traveling to India. This is really important as the Mosquito borne disease can really spoil your dream holiday in India. We bring in five handy tips for you to keep Mosquitos away while traveling in India.

Carry a Mosquito Repellant Spray.

Mosquito Repellent Safety Tips Travellers

You will easily get a good mosquito repellant spray in general stores. Make sure you carry it with you if you are going to tourist attractions in small towns, villages, jungles, mountains etc. Buy a mosquito repellant made of Natural Oils from Fab India in just 350 INR. This 

Avoid wearing shorts at Mosquito prone places

Avoid Shorts Mosquitos Safety Tips India

Mosquitos love exposed skin. It makes it easier for them to suck blood! You should avoid wearing shorts and dark colored clothes. If possible, wear light colored clothes as they are cool and comfortable.

Massage your skin with Lemon or Mint Oil

Mint Oil Mosquitos safety tips india

Lemon oil is a famous for its mosquito repellent properties. You can also take off the counter mint oil to cover your exposed skin while traveling in mosquito prone areas. While the smell of mint feels lovely for us humans, it really scares the mosquitos away. Buy a mosquito repellant made of Natural Oils from Fab India in just 350 INR. This oil spray may be applied on bare skin as well as your face, 

Wear Long Sleeve tops and pants

Long pants mosquitos safety tips india

Covering your skin is the best possible solution to keep the mosquitos away. The long sleeve tops/ shirts and trousers will also keep the tanning and sunburns away.

Stay away from places with stagnant waters

Stay away from stagnant water mosquito safety tips india

This one is no brainer. Mosquitos thrive in the area with stagnant or clogged waters. It is best to keep away from such areas while traveling.

We hope you found these safety tips helpful in keeping away mosquitos while traveling in India.