Most Haunted Places in Delhi

The city of Delhi has treasured mighty tales of power and conquests for centuries. It sings them aloud now and then with its majestic forts and astonishing monuments. But does it tell you all? Does it whisper pleads of injustice and autocracy from yester years that still haunts its favorite corners of the city? Let us unravel the hideous truth, with these seven stories that are linked to the supposedly haunted places in Delhi. Don’t be surprised if you find them in the next Bollywood horror flick! Also read about weekend getaways from Delhi. 

Most haunted places in Delhi at a glance:

  • Stepped Well of King Agrasen, Baoli
  • Jamali Kamali Mosque
  • Lothian Cemetery
  • Lal Darwaza
  • Chor Minar
  • Mutiny Memorial, Kashmiri Gate
  • W-3 House, Greater Kailash
  • Malcha Mahal

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Haunted places in Delhi

Image Credits: Priyambada Nath.

Stepped Well of King Agrasen, Baoli

The ancient stone stepped well built by King Agrasen dates back to the Mahabharata era. As one steps down walking towards the well, one feels the presence of a mystical aura that makes one forget the world around and get into a state of trance. The folk lore says that the explicitly proportioned well once had mystical black water enticing the visitors with a spell as they would get closer. It lured glum, gloomy beings to jump into the waters finally putting an end to their misery. The series of arched alcoves along the sides allow access to the rooms that were once used to perform religious ceremonies or just to observe the sight of beautiful black waters. The dried up well now shelters an alarming number of pigeons and bats. It is their squeaking noises amongst the deafening silence that add to the eeriness. Visitors have shared instances of being followed or watched with an undeniable uneasiness. Nevertheless, the Baoli still observes a lot of strong hearted visitors that come in search either to praise its architectural enchantment or the fatally attractive forces that guard the well. This is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Delhi. Also read about Bollywood movies that inspire us to travel India. 

Jamali Kamali Mosque, The House of the Djinns

In the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, lies the Jamali Kamali mosque from the 14th century that is believed to be dwelled by uncanny Djinns from a parallel world. The beautiful red stone mosque that is adorned with white marble embellishments is now in ruins. The mosque houses tombs of Sufi saints Jamali and Kamali along with a prayer hall. Every Thursday, the locals make offerings of milk and grains to please the Djinns in return for granting their wishes. Visitors have encountered unsettling voices in a different language and unusual presence of someone following them. There were instances when people have pushed away or slapped by invisible forces even in broad daylight; they had spotted unnatural white figures that would disappear in split seconds. However, the authorities deny of any such incidences at one of the most haunted places in Delhi.

Lothian Cemetery, The Case of the Headless General

Cemeteries are certainly a popular choice if you are looking forward to visiting haunted places in Delhi. But if you are particular to meet a British headless spirit from the colonial era just like in the movies, then Lothian Cemetery in New Delhi is your destination. The cemetery was built in 1808 over an existing Muslim burial ground after clearing out the old graves. It takes you back to the Colonial times with its celtic crosses and ornamental grave stones. The story goes that Sir Nicholas, an Englishman fell in loved a married Indian woman who didn’t accept his love. Disheartened by the rejection he took his own life and was buried in the very cemetery. Till today he seeks his beloved in the dark hours calling out her name while holding his own head. The second popular encounter is with a young boy who appears as lights go out, searching for his parents. And then there are instances where people mention that the Muslim souls whose graves were unrightfully dug up fight with the more recent English spirits. Many believe that these are stories are forged by the people to encroach upon the cemetery looking at the increasing number of illegal settlement. Also read about places to visit in Delhi for couples. 

Lal Darwaza, The Doorway to Death

Haunted places in Delhi

Image Credits: Varun Shiv Kapur .

Popularly referred as the Khooni Darwaza, the Lal Darwaza is a doorway that has witnessed some horrific executions and murders. Most significant of them would be the brutal and humiliating execution of the last Mughal princes lead by Cpt. William Hudson. The sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar namely, Mirza Mughal and Mirza Khizr Sultan and grandson Mirza Abu Bakht were stripped naked and killed at this very venue even after the emperor’s surrender. With the partition of 1947, a large number of refugees heading to Purani Quila Refugee camp were killed at this site. Now they say their spirits amongst the others seek for revenge and mark their presence now and then. People have experienced chills and unexplained eeriness ever since. Many tourists have reported of trouble in the haunted place in Delhi.

Chor Minar, The Tower of Thieves

Hauz Khas located in the heart of South Delhi has turned into an affluent people magnet owing to its historical significance, prestigious National Institutes and a number of exemplary social hang out places. The robust tower built by Allau-Ud-Din Khilji was called Chor Minar. The guilty thieves were beheaded and their heads were fixed at one end of a spike while the other was fixed on to the tower. Creepy enough, right? Now imagine several such heads in rows arranged as if it were to beautify the tower, that’s right it just got creepier. The red stone tower stands aloof with a stairway inside that takes you to the top but would you dare to go! The upper part of the tower houses many holes that were meant to hold the drenched blood heads on the spikes. So they say that the spirits of the thieves grew fond of this location and made it one of the most haunted places in Delhi.  The tower emanates some inherent spooky energy that most certainly gives you chills down your spine! Also read about places to visit near Delhi in September. 

Mutiny Memorial, The Mutiny Spirits from 1857

The Mutiny Memorial was built in 1863 to honor the British officials who laid their lives to crush the national uprising of 1857. Although they did not feel quite honored, I guess! The three tiered octagonal tower also known as Kashmiri Gate is scary enough to look at with its ornate Victorian Gothic appearance. The tower has engraved detailed account of 2,163 soldiers and officials who were killed or injured against the Indian Rebels they fought entitled as ‘the enemy'. Post independence, the tower was renamed as ‘Ajitgarh’ by Indian Government and proclaimed that the Indian rebels were indeed the most valuable martyrs of the independence struggle. People have claimed of seeing of moving severed arms and limbs towards the end of the day. There has been spotting of humanly shadows by a few. Despite these stories there are many visitors to this haunted place in Delhi every year.

W-3 House, Great Kailash, The House of Terror

A small little bungalow in greater Kailash that was once a sweet haven of a lovely old couple now resonates with frightful grim sobs. The W-3 house has turned desolate ever since the couple was tragically murdered in their own house. Their bodies were discovered months later from the underground water tank in decaying condition. Their spirits still seek for justice; people have heard mourning sounds and screams that narrate the pain they suffered. The relatives of the couple have tried to claim the house, however, there are ownership issues; till then it continues to be in the state of distress. Anyone new could easily spot the house in shambles and despair. Passerbys getting goosebumps is a common thing at this venue which is one of the most haunted places in Delhi! Also read about haunted places in Mumbai and haunted places in Pune. 

Mystery of the Malcha Mahal

The Malcha Mahal greets any visitor with a warning sign barely visible under the wild shrubs that say ‘Entry Restricted, Cautious of Hound Dogs; Proclamation: Intruders Shall Be Gunned Down'. The overall glum looking appearance of the palace in ruins coupled with thick vegetation all around it makes people presume the hauntings. Originally built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, the palace was later given to Willayat Begum of Awadh in May 1985 by the Government of India as compensation for her ancestral property in Awadh. The place was pretty lively until 10th September 1993, when the stressful Queen killed herself by consuming crushed diamonds at the age of 62. Her corpse remained unattended for ten days while her kids mourned in grief sharing their last moments with her. She was later buried in the Mahal premises itself until thieves assaulted Princess Sakina Mahal and son Prince Ali Raza to dig up her grave for treasure. After the tragic incidence, her children cremated her and resided in the palace leading a completely secluded life with no modern amenities and no other visitors except nine large dogs. They once had 27 dogs; few were poisoned by intruders who stole a huge silver table and gold. They have absolutely no contact with the outside world; while people have spotted the prince once in a while, the princess remains a mystery. Some believe that she also died tragically like her mother. Altogether the Malcha Mahal premises have got everything that portrays it as a sinister location, but the truth still remains undeciphered at this haunted place in Delhi. Also read about haunted places in Rajasthan and haunted places in Jaipur. 

Also read about weekend getaways from Delhi with kids. No solid proof ascertains the hauntings at these places. This article is based on the folklores and accounts of several visitors obtained from the web and other sources. Whether to visit them or to avoid them is the choice I leave upto you, but what is dead shall stay dead if you do not tackle it! Also read about these must visit one day picnic spots near Delhi.