Must Visit One Day Picnic Spots Near Delhi

Delhi or Dilli, whatever name you call it, is a city of pure happiness that can be reached from anywhere in India with more than 800 flights to and fro daily. Living in such a busy city doesn't give you a lot of time to chill and relax. Also, it's not easy to just take off from work for a week. Everybody these days is on a lookout for such hubs and places which would require less time and deliver more fun. Also read about places to visit near Delhi on weekends. 

Locals have seen almost everything in the city, and now the hype is all about the nearby picnic spots. There are many picnic spots near Delhi for a trip within 24 hours. The best thing about these places is that they are very different from the typical hangout zones of the city. So this Sunday, you don’t need to laze around scrolling through your Facebook feed. Instead, you can spend these 24 hours at the ten most perfect picnic spots near Delhi. A complete guide to Delhi will also be useful. 

Must visit one day picnic spots near Delhi at a glance:

  • Vrindavan
  • Neemrana Fort
  • Agra
  • Damdama Lake
  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
  • Murthal
  • Alwar 
  • Noor Mahal
  • Morni Hills


Image Credits: Axel Drainville.

Vrindavan- Get Closer To Your Spiritual Self

Vrindavan village welcomes people from all over the world and is particularly popular among Indians for the fact that this is the place where Lord Krishna is believed to have grown up. You can plan a good one-day picnic in Vrindavan and enjoy the beautifully built temples which reflect great architecture. Going to Vrindavan is no less than a lifetime opportunity as it takes you closer to your spiritual self.

All these make Vrindavan one of the best one-day picnic spots in Delhi.

Neemrana Fort- Gives You A Royal Stay

Neemrana Fort is just 122 km from Delhi on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. It is one of the best resorts from Delhi and was built in the 15th century which shows you rich history. Moreover, it also has modern facilities and great food. This fort might be a little expensive for a few but is one of the best must visit one day picnic spots near Delhi.  

It will let you have an amazing day-off with loads of fun and memories.

Agra- The Place With The Seventh Wonder

A drive to the City of the Taj Mahal, Agra, which is the capital of very rich and diverse Mughal empire, will take you on an adventure. You can plan your picnic near Delhi to the most outstanding monument and the seventh wonder of this world. Dive at delicious food at local restaurants which is sure to tickle your taste buds. The Taj Mahal, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a testimony to the everlasting love that the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan had for his wife-Mumtaz Mahal. Agra is an amazing place to shop some vintage items with lots of handicrafts made of marble and soft stonework. It is also a paradise for those who love photographs!

Being just a three and a half hour drive from Delhi makes it an ideal choice for those looking for must visit one day picnic spots near Delhi. 

Damdama Lake- The Oh-So-Serene Picnic Spot

Damdama Lake is the perfect place to spend some time off your busy schedule. You can carry edibles and have lunch with the backdrop of the majestic Aravalli Hills. This lake is very famous for activities like rock climbing, hot air ballooning, parasailing, trekking, and camping. Even if you are not the one actively involved in sports, you can opt for a boat ride. It will take you approximately 2 hours to reach the destination, but this will be worth investing your time in. The breeze is mesmerizing around this lake and it will be great to visit during spring.

This one-day picnic spot near Delhi will surely provide you and your family a wonderful time.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary- For The Wildlife Enthusiasts

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or the 'Keoladeo Ghana National Park', is probably one of the best must visit one day picnic spots near Delhi. It is located just 182 kms from Delhi and is home to thousands of bird species. You can also find a migratory bird like Siberian Crane visiting the park during winters. Truly, this is heaven for all those who wish to sit in a park surrounded by beautiful and colorful birds all around. The park welcomes visitors right from 9 am to 7 pm.

So, you have now got the best idea for your one-day picnic spot near Delhi.

Murthal- All We Know Are The Yummy Parathas

Murtha is the fastest growing village in the Sonepat district of Haryana and is located just 50 kms from our national capital, Delhi. From the past 20 years, it has been just another village but nowadays has become a cool picnic spot near Delhi. Situated along the NH-1, Murthal is another name for delicious Indian food. Whether you are a foodie or not, you will come again to this place for the world’s yummiest paranthas and ethnic cuisine. Traveling to Murthal gives you another advantage that you won’t have to take food along as you can immerse yourself in the delicious spices there.

So, if you wish for a break from your daily routine of pizzas and pasta and enjoy the butter paranthas, you should definitely visit this one-day picnic spot near Delhi.

Alwar- A Place Full Of Splendour

Alwar holds immense historical significance. It is one of the oldest kingdoms of the Rajputanas and will offer you great tourism and sightseeing. Picnic at this spot will let you witness the magnificent architecture and the lavish lifestyle of the kings.

You can also visit the Sariska Wildlife Reserve on your way back from Alwar, which is a must visit one day picnic spot near Delhi. 

Architecture of Noor Mahal.

Image Credits: Gopal Aggarwal.

Noor Mahal- Where A Luxurious Picnic Awaits

Noor Mahal is a palatial resort which is almost 300 kms from Delhi. Visiting this place will embellish your picnic spree with loads of lavish food and a vibrant view of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. It also presents the very modern facilities comprising of a huge swimming pool and a tennis court.

This is a must visit one day picnic spot near Delhi to relax and enjoy with your loved ones.

Morni Hills- A Package Of Hills, Adventure And Fun

Morni Hills is indeed a little distant from Delhi and would take around five hours to reach. But isn’t twenty-four hours enough for a travel enthusiast? So, gear up your picnic basket and fuel yourself to have an adventure marked by hills and amazing weather. You won’t regret even a single minute of your trip to Morni, which is the highest point of Panchkula. Driving to this place will give you a full view of the Morni Hills, Shivaliks and two lakes in between reflecting the clear sky. If you have more time in hand, you can also carry your tent and sleeping bags for the picnic. In case you can word out your schedule for a weekend getaway near Delhi, nothing can beat it. 

Hopefully you're charged up now and also excited for the next weekend. You have your entire life to lazy around in printed and non-matching pyjamas at home but rarely do you get a chance to spend quality time with those who really matter. Leave for a picnic or a haunted place in Delhi for an adrenaline rush today.  Get going and do let us know how amazing your one-day picnic near Delhi was!