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Planning to visit the heart of India and worried about what clothes to buy and what all daily travel products to take along! Do not worry at all. The below article will give you clothing and packing tips if you are planning to visit Delhi anytime soon. Just like other cities, the life of Delhi is quite normal. Traveling to this city is not at all problematic as end number of facilities are available here. Read more travel information about Delhi here 

Clothing and Packing Tips for Delhi You Should Follow 


What Kind Of Luggage To Carry? 

You can carry any kind of luggage to Delhi. If you have an issue carrying weight, there are people available at the railway stations (coolies) to carry them till the taxis or hotels. If you're visiting the city as a traveler carrying a backpack would be recommended for sightseeing while if you're on a business trip or for luxury travel you can carry a briefcase or suitcase.

What Kind Of Clothes And Shoes To Carry? 

Choosing the right cloth is the biggest task when you go on a trip! Not only to explore the city but because of the pictures, you want to click. The weather of Delhi changes according to the different seasons. During summers the weather isn't that cool so you can carry light casual trendy clothes. Like women can carry floral dresses and tops while men can carry casual tees. Ideally, you can wear all light comfortable clothes you wish to wear plus you can pair them with stylish slip-on or flats.

During rainy and winter season the climate of Delhi is quite pleasant. So it is preferable to carry knitted woolen clothes. The temperature during those days may vary from 5 degrees to 25 degrees. During this time of the city, you can wear sports shoes or big long boots which will also give you a stylish look. Do carry extra sweaters, shawls, gloves etc when you visit Delhi during winters. Do not forget to bring sweaters if you are traveling to Delhi between September to March.

What About Toiletries and Medical Supplies?

You don't really need to carry toiletries. Delhi is a huge city and usually, the toiletries are available in all the hotels. But if you have some special requirements you can carry your own shampoos, body washes, and lotions. Besides, these toiletries are available in the medical stores as well. 

Regarding medical supplies, do carry medicines of fever, aches, cough and cold according to your brand type. Usually, most of the hotels in Delhi have doctors on call, but if you plan to go off a different track bring your own course of medicines for malaria, dengue, and other such diseases. Do not forget to carry your required antiseptic creams and few dressings.  For people visiting Delhi from abroad, it is also advisable to carry right injections of a full course against typhoid, tetanus, cholera and hepatitis before visiting India. Do carry extra sunscreens as it is very sunny in the day time. Also, carry anti-mosquito creams. Read more about how to keep mosquitos away while traveling in India here.


What Kind Of Appliances To Carry? 

A camera whether DSLR, Mobile or Digital Camera is must to capture all the beautiful moments when you visit Delhi. Don't hype out if you miss camera, batteries or films. Delhi has many stores from where you can purchase trendy cameras and other appliances. Easy camera repair stores are also available in Delhi. For charging all the important appliances like cameras, mobile phones, laptops carry a power bank too. 

We also recommend the travelers to carry a pair of binoculars, which may help them to look closer to the amazing flora and fauna and interesting monuments of Delhi. 

What Should Include In The Daily Travel? 

Do carry a sling or a messenger bag for your daily travel to Delhi. For daily traveling carry a bag which includes a hand towel, a small bar of soap, a toilet roll, face tissue or handkerchiefs, a bottle of water or any other essential stuff required by you to every sightseeing you visit in Delhi. Staying in a 5-star hotel will be fine but if you're planning to stay in any of the crowded streets. Get ready with your earplugs on because the crowd and the noise of the traffic will hardly let you sleep. 

Do not pack too many things. Just carry things that can be used up and thrown out at the end like shampoos, soaps, perfumes, deodorants etc. Though a lot of variety is available in the city.

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