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Life is always sweeter with good food and great company. In recent times, Kashmir’s environment has been changing and the resources here need to be tapped. When you plan a trip to Srinagar, it offers you a variety of food to eat at all costs. Apart from the charm of Srinagar, the food here leaves you craving for more. The locals here are very polite and helpful. The food is also served in metal plates known as 'trami' giving you authentic Kashmiri vibes. The restaurants are not entirely non-vegetarian and also accommodate vegetarian dishes. In recent times, a lot of cafes have also sprung up which are well lit along with amazing decor mesmerizing the youngsters and offering a range of cuisines. We all wish to dine at the best restaurants in Srinagar when on a trip there. So, read ahead now to get your list of best restaurants in Srinagar ready! Also read our Srinagar travel guide

We have summarised a list of the best restaurants in Srinagar!

  • Ahdoos
  • The Chinar at the LAlit Grand Palace
  • The Mughal Darbar
  • Matamaal
  • Khayam Chowk
  • Shamyana Restaurant
  • Krishna Vaishno Dhaba
  • The Other Side Cafe
  • Books and Bricks
  • Chai Jaai
  • 14th Avenue
  • Winterfell Cafe
  • Street Food


It was started as a bakery in 1918. It is situated on Residency Road, Regal Chowk which is the city center. It is a very old restaurant and serves local Kashmiri cuisine.  Some of the famous dishes are Haak, Tabak Maaz, Wazwan, Kashmiri Pulao and Nadru Yakhni. Also, do eat Khava and Gustabha after you finish your meal. The service is quite prompt and do have a large stomach when you go there so as to try a lot of variety. The food here is a delight and ambiance is also a treat to the eyes as it is located across River Jhelum. The dishes have distinct Kashmiri flavors and the locals also keep coming here to relish them. This has to be one of the best restaurants in Srinagar for local Kashmiri cuisine. 

The Chinar at the Lalit Grand Palace 


Image Credits: Stefan Krasowski.

The restaurant is named in honor of Kashmir’s iconic chinar tree, i.e., maple tree, and each tabletop has chinar leaves on it. It is an amazing place to stay, and The Chinar is a multi-cuisine restaurant with lots of options in Indian, continental, and desserts. The restaurant is situated in the open and is surrounded by chinars and greenery. The restaurant gives you a majestic view of the Himalayas, a variety of dishes, along with polite and helpful staff. This heritage property will truly make your dining experience memorable. When you are here, do try the Kashmiri cuisine and “regional specialties” from the menu.

The cost for two will be approximately Rs. 5000. But it's not too much when you get to dine at one of the top and best restaurants in Srinagar! 

The Mughal Darbar

It is located in the heart of Srinagar and should be visited if you are a Mughlai food lover. The restaurant can serve you vegetarian dishes if you are a vegetarian. It is known for mutton based dishes such as Rogan Josh, Mutton Yakhni, Rista and authentic Wazwan. The Shahi Naan here has khoya and dry fruits on top of it. The ambiance and hospitality here is pure Kashmiri. The service is quite commendable, and the price that they charge is worth the food. Also read about must do activities for tourists in Srinagar. 

The cost for two will at least be Rs. 500. Imagine, affordable dining at one of the best restaurants in Srinagar! 


It is a Kashmiri Pandit's home cooked food where you can relax and eat the traditional cuisines in the household. The food served here is of great quality, and they serve Kashmiri breads.

They aren’t very expensive, and one of the must-try dishes here are Mutton Kanti, Rogan josh, and Wazwan. Thinking of all these dishes at one of the best restaurants in Srinagar for local Kashmiri cuisine has got us salivating already! 

Khayam Chowk

This place is around two kilometers away from Lal Chowk and is home to some of the famous street food joints. For instance, you can go to Imran Barbecue Cafeteria which serves delicious food such as kebabs, local cuisine ‘Wazwan,’ tandoori chicken. Sher Barbecue Cafeteria provides the best mutton skewers. They serve their barbecue along with chutney. Their yogurt is cooked on charcoal, and the taste of spices in their food is perfect enough to make you drool. The prices are quite affordable, and they serve it with bread known as ‘Lawasas’. Gareeb Nawaz is also one of the places which serves amazing barbecue and also serve ‘Sheikh Tujhi’ which is mouthwatering. This place is also very old. It is also interesting to note that everyone loves to come here even the local people. This is one of the oldest and best places in Srinagar for local cuisine. 

Shamyana Restaurant 

It is situated next to the pleasing Dal Lake on Boulevard Road. You can even have Chinese and North Indian food here if you want to. The Pudina chicken, Biryani, trout fish and Kashmiri Wazwan should be eaten here. The staff here is quite fast and humble. If you visit this place during summers, they have an open dining space wherein you can eat. The location of the restaurant is quite good and is a decent place to visit. The price is also quite nominal. We love this top restaurant in Srinagar! 

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Krishna Vaishno Dhaba

The simple aura of wooden tables and chairs is what makes people want to eat dhaba food. It is a very famous old dhaba and is known for its vegetarian dishes. They have both South Indian and North Indian dishes. It is quite cheap to eat here and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You should try Rajma Chawal made in butter, Lassi, and Kheer. It has delicious food and provides you a homely and comfortable environment. Also read about temples in Srinagar. 

Fianlly, a paradise for vegetarians. This has to be one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Srinagar! 

The Other Side Cafe


Image Credits: Bertram Ng.

It has been awarded the best cafes award and was started by a Kashmiri boy, Mir Muneeb who was denied franchise by Barista and started his own cafe. It was the first cafe started in Kashmir in 2015, and they function on four values, i.e., quality, service, ambiance, and hygiene. The cafe is themed around maple leaves and has Kashmir’s photographs on the walls which have been clicked by Mir himself. The flooring is also done with wood, and the ceiling has marble with maple leaves carved on it. He has also employed nine Kashmiris in the cafe. It also has a mini library for book lovers to read while sipping a cup of coffee. This place offers ice-creams, milkshakes, varieties of tea, hot chocolate and also Irish coffee. Also, you can try Italian, Lebanese and Palestinian food. There is soothing music playing in the background which will soothe and relax your mind. This is the best cafe in Srinagar, quite literally! 

Books and Bricks 

It is a recently opened cafe by Danish Yousuf and Arsalan Sajad. They are an alumnus of U.K. University and have returned to Kashmir as entrepreneurs. It has a very peaceful ambiance with Reader’s Digest wallpapers done on the walls. The interiors are quite alluring, and they offer you a lot of books to read while you spend your time there. The service of the cafe is quite good, and they serve food on wooden platters. It provides a great place to socialize and meet new people. This is also among one of the top and best cafes in Srinagar! 

Chai Jaai

Calling out to all tea lovers, it offers varieties of tea such as salt tea, dam tout, Iranian English tea, etc. The reason for such varieties was to provide the tourists with the same. The theme of this place is traditional, and you can even work here while sipping a cup of tea. The Harissa and Kahwah here, are a must try. 

14th Avenue 

It is situated on the banks of River Jhelum and is a European style coffee place. It is situated above a flight of stairs with picturesque views and is a cozy place offering cuisines such as Lebanese, Italian, Mediterranean and Indian food. They also offer freshly-baked pastries and pizzas. The bakery also offers yummy cakes, and you can enjoy good food. This is another top hit when it comes to best restaurants in Srinagar!

Winterfell Cafe 

This cafe lies on the banks of Dal Lake and is India’s first Game of Thrones-themed cafe. It was started by Kamran Nisar and Ummar Nisar who are diehard fans of Game of Thrones. They are also a part of the people who have returned to Kashmir. The cafe organizes art workshops, reading sessions, and cultural events apart from serving food. The GoT quotes lined up on the wall, wooden swords and tree-shaped library wins people’s hearts. The menu consists of a range of delectable food items such as Pineapple Wrapped Chicken, Alfredo Penne, Salisbry Steak, etc. With a variety of food and coffee, the most touching part is the Kashmiri hospitality they offer. This is a personal favourite when it comes to top cafes in Srinagar! 

Street Food 

Kashmir is famous for its street food, and there are numerous places to visit. Nader Monje is a delicious snack which has been since time immemorial. They are crispy fries which are dipped in oil and also lotus stems which are fried in oil. Tyil Karre is for people who do not eat potatoes and is more or less the same thing with peas at the core. Tobruk Halwe Porath is a delectable dish made by mixing sooji with a number of dry fruits and lots of desi ghee. It is yellow in color. Shangram is sweet and melts in your mouth. It can be eaten along with khewa or tea. If you are a fish lover you should definitely try Monje Gaad. Basrakh is also a must have which is a very sweet dish. Also read about shopping in Srinagar

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