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Located in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is simply alluring! It is denoted by the acronym, J&K. The state comprises of three parts: Jammu, Kashmir Valley, and Ladakh; each having a varied topography. Owing to this uneven topography, the state of J&K experiences differing weather conditions and has a diverse biogeography. Under extreme circumstances, the climate is expected to range from 40 °C to −20 °C. However; this diversity is what adds up to the state’s uniqueness. Ranging from the tranquil pilgrimage sites in Jammu to the adventure sports in Kashmir and Ladakh, the state caters to a broad set of interests, Making it a perfect vacation spot! In 2009, J&K became the top tourist destination in India, and Kashmir tourism had significantly contributed to this achievement.
With its snow-coated mountains, beaming flower valleys and placid lakes Kashmir has something special to offer to everyone! The beauty you witness there will leave you spell-bound. If you are planning to visit Kashmir, you must read current situation in Srinagar for tourism before planning your trip.

 I’m sure you’re looking forward to visiting Kashmir on your next trip. Here is a packing list for Kashmir, let's dig in! 


Clothes to wear in Kashmir in Summers (April, May, June)

The month of May marks an end to the spring season in Kashmir and celebrates the onset of the summer season. The average temperature in Kashmir from April to June is 25 degrees Celsius, and the city is covered with lush greenery. One can see miles and miles of an area covered with mustard fields and umpteen number of ripened fruits during the summer. The Kashmir Valley, in specific, blanketed with its multi-hued flower beds, glistens as brief spells of rain blesses this region. With cascading streams, clear skies and cool breeze, Kashmir at this time of the year is the prettiest!  

So, if you plan to visit this heavenly place anytime between April to June, these clothes are a must:

  • Cotton Clothes- With an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, cotton clothes will do just fine during the day. Especially, if you plan to visit more than 1-2 destinations on foot. It is important to keep yourself light and enjoy the pleasant weather. One can also choose to wear linen or khadi. Full/half sleeves tops or t-shirts, preferably full selves because if it rains, the temperature drops down by a few degrees. A comfortable pair or denim would be just fine for the trip. However, if you plan to trek, you can pack a pair of track pants or jeggings that allow easy movement.
  • Woolen Clothes- Though the weather seems pleasant for most of the day, the temperature drops slightly at night, therefore, carrying light woolens would be a good precaution. Perhaps a pair or two of woolen pants, thermals or zippers would do just fine. 

Things to carry while traveling to Kashmir in April, May, and June

With the shift from spring to summer, the month of April, May and June offer a bit of everything; rain, heat, and cold. The city is at its peak then, you can stroll in Mughal Gardens, take shikhara rides on the Dal lake, go for trekking, skiing and rafting. It is all here, and it can all be done in this pleasant weather.
A couple of things you want to carry to enjoy your trip to the fullest: 

  • Umbrella/Raincoat– You might experience brief showers and its best to keep yourself protected. 
  • Trekking boots- These are usually helpful in Sonamarg and Gulmarg, where the ice level is high. 
  • Moisturizers- Remember to carry your cold creams for the night and other parts of the day if it gets cold. Also, do not forget to carry sunscreens as higher altitude are likely to give sunburns quickly. 
  • Small traveling bag - They will be suitable to carry important things like cash, mobile phone, and medicines. 


Clothes to wear in Kashmir in Winters (November, December, January)

November to January is the perfect time to experience a blend of two seasons; winter and autumn. Autumn is the season where Kashmir’s green land turns into gold to russet to red. The sight at Kashmir is indefinitely enchanting! The end of November marks the beginning of the winter season in Kashmir when heavy woolens are a necessity. The city is covered in layers of snow and is as beautiful as a picture on a painter’s canvas. Savouring a cup of ginger tea or cappuccino beside a bourn-fire, in this weather is a pure joy! 

This experience I’m sure, you won’t get in any other part of India. So, while you enjoy this weather, we advise you to protect yourself from the cold as well. With an average of 7 degrees Celsius, Kashmir is freezing during winters, and we suggest you should adopt the idea of layered clothing.

Where one garment can be worn on top of another, to trap the body heat and to keep you warm!
You can carry: 

  • Thermals – Wear them as a base layer underneath all your clothes for added warmth.
  • Full/cut sleeves sweaters- To protect yourself from the cold.
  • Coat and Jackets – Winter coats and jackets are worn to keep the torso and arms protected from cold. Types: fur coats, pea coats, leather coats, ski jackets, bomber jackets, parka or puffer coats/down jackets

*Do try the traditional Phiran, a Kashmiri long garment that extends up to one's feet. Usually made of jamewar, a mixture of wool and cotton.

Things to carry while traveling to Kashmir in November, December, and January

You will experience a winter like no other in this snow land from November to January. So, for those of you who have not been to this snowy region (and those who have as well), here is a list of thigs you must carry along: 

  • Shoes- Boots are a must, you cannot walk in the snow with your sports shoes. If possible, carry snow boots they have the edge over other winter boots as they are water resilient.
  • Winter Accessories -Scarves/Mufflers, Ear Muffs, Gloves/Mittens
  • Duffel Bag- Make sure you carry a weatherproof waterproof duffel bag (or any other traveling bag) with you.

Things you can carry in it:

  • Cash
  • Mobile Phone
  • Torch
  • Umbrella
  • Light snacks
  • Medicines
  • Cold creams/Lip Guard
  • Hot water bottle- It will help to keep your bed warm, for a cozy sleep, especially if there is no central heating. 
  • Thermal Cup- They do not let heat to penetrate through them and help you to enjoy all your hot beverages. 

*Do carry all the medicines you require for your summer or winter trip. Many of us suffer from motion sickness in Hilly regions, remember to carry medicine for that.

*Carry a camera to cover the picturesque Kashmir in summer or winters. Keep it protected in a waterproof camera bag and if you wish to, carry an extra memory card as well.


Packing list for Srinagar

Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and the largest city in the state. Lying in the Kashmir Valley, on the banks of Jhelum River, Srinagar is heaven on earth. The word Srinagar has a Sanskrit origin which essentially means The City of Wealth.

The clothes and things you would want to carry to Kashmir in the summer or winter season (as aforementioned) are similar to the ones you would need in Srinagar.
Along with that, the following are some packing tips exclusively for Srinagar:  

  • Identity proof – An identity proof must be with you at all times in Srinagar, especially if you are traveling alone 
  • The tourist reception center(TRC)-  Save TRC’s number - 094691 64345, it provides tourists with all facilities/information/help they require at Srinagar.
  • Money- Carry sufficient amount of money in cash, credit cards might not be accepted at many places.
  • Clothes for religious places- While visiting mosques or any holy place in Srinagar, one has to wear clothes that cover them from head to toe. You should carry a scarf to cover your head, or a shawl would do too. On the whole, women are expected to dress up modestly.

Kashmir is a beautiful place to be, and certainly, you want to fully enjoy every moment you spend there. This list brings to you all the essentials you would need in Kashmir for two seasons: summers and winters. It is exclusive of the items in your basic travel kit and toiletries. We feel if you cross check your luggage with this list, you will surely travel through Kashmir with ease.

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