Updated Trip Expert Awards Conditions

Who is Trip Expert?

Trip Expert is someone who is expert in planning trips, giving good advice for travel, helping others have a better travel experience. Sounds Familiar! Travel bloggers are necessarily Trip Experts, who help their readers in planning and experiencing awesome trips.

What's Trip Expert 2017?

Trip Expert 2017 is an award given by Travel Bloggers to fellow travel bloggers, recognizing their efforts in blogging and helping people travel better and smarter. As all good things are limited, the Trip Expert 2017 is limited to 101 participants only. Trip Expert 2017 award was officially announced on 23 Jun 2017.

Every blogger who participates in the award may nominate up to 03 bloggers for the awards. You have to just nominate the blogger and there is no need to mention the topic of the blog post, that blogger should write about. Please note that nominations are just to add fun to the contest. You do not need to be nominated or nominate someone to participate in the contest or claim a prize.

What's in it for me?

  • Networking and recognition among fellow travel bloggers.
  • All blogs submitted as an entry for Trip Expert 2017 awards are amplified on social media channels of not only Tripscam, but bloggers who nominated you as well as bloggers you nominate for the awards.
  • Mentions/ referrals of your blog in other travel blogs.
  • Cash Awards worth Rs. 50,000 for winners.

Best Part - Prizes:

  • This award works on Liebster Awards principle and hence will bring you back link-love from fellow bloggers who nominated you and the bloggers you nominated.
  • The top three blog posts get cash prizes by Tripscam as follows:
    • First: Rs. 25,000 Plus a Winner Trophy
    • Second: Rs. 10,000 Plus a Winner Trophy
    • Third: Rs. 5,000 Plus a Winner Trophy
  • The top five runner's up entries get Rs. 1000 each
  • 'King Maker Award' of Rs. 5000 for the blogger who nominates the winner of First Prize.
  • Total prizes are worth Rs. 50,000 - Powered by Tripscam.
  • 'Full House Prize' for the blogger with Full House i.e. all three nominated bloggers by a particular blogger participate in the contest.

How to Participate

You have to publish a post on your blog that must be at least 500 words. It has three sections:-

  • You thank the <blogger name> with <link to blog post> for nominating you for ‘Trip Expert 2017’ award.
  • If you are a travel blogger, you may write a fresh blog post of "Any topic you choose". We will prefer you to write travel articles on a particular destination or helpful travel articles.
  • You nominate 03 travel bloggers for “Trip Expert Awards 2017”. You may nominate any of your blogger friends. Also, you may keep the slots open if you are unable to find nominations and we will inform you the name of applicants as and when they are available. Later, you may update your post to include the nominations.
  • If you are not a travel blogger, you should write a blog post on a topic related to travel. Only prominent bloggers of categories other than travel may participate and you should inform us prior to participation at info (at) tripscam (dot) com or contact us on Twitter @tripscam

Terms for being considered for Prize

  • Your blog post is more than 500 words.
  • Published date of your blog should be on or after 23 Jun 17.
  • Only Entries submitted till 30 Nov will be considered for prizes.
  • Only your submitted blog post and not your entire website would be considered for deciding winners.
  • You should provide a link to the contest rules (this page) for further participants.
  • You should display the Trip Expert Awards 2017 Badge on your blog post.

Only the above conditions are binding to claim the prize.

Please note that being nominated or nominating others are just for adding fun to the contest. Even if you are not nominated by someone, you can submit the entry and be considered valid. Even if you do no nominate someone, your entry will be considered valid.

Panel of Judges and Deadlines

  • A copy of your blog post will be saved by us on 30 Nov 17 and will be considered for assessment by judges.
  • You are free to make any changes to your blog post till 30 Nov 17.
  • One external judge or panel of three judges, who are prominent travel writers or famous travel blogger will decide the winners.
  • The names of judges will be announced on 01 Nov 17.
  • The Awards will be announced on 31 Dec 17.

Trip Expert Awards 2017 Badge

Trip Expert Award Badge 2017