Tulip Festival 2018 | Tulip Garden in Srinagar 2018

Have you ever wanted to be at a place surrounded by flowers all around you? Well, we’re glad to let you know of the Tulip Festival in Srinagar, India. As fancy as the name is, this festival celebrates the beauty of these fresh blooms that fill the air with their sweet fragrance. Similar to the Keukenhof Garden of Amsterdam, the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden makes this experience closer to home and quite affordable. If you have ever desired to be lost in the natural beauty and witness only happiness and merry-making, this picture-perfect Tulip Festival in Srinagar is just where you need to head this year. Every corner seems right out of a fairytale and just apt for an outstanding and mesmerizing photoshoot. Being the largest tulip garden in Asia, this paradise also offers breathtaking views of the world-renowned Dal Lake. Besides being home to 60 types of multi-hued tulips, this tulip garden in Srinagar also houses various flowers such as daffodils, ranunculus, and hyacinths. The Tulip Festival that welcomes tourists and travelers each year from every part of the globe is also considered one of the top cultural programs of Srinagar, which is a city in the North Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The cherry on the cake is the wide area of 5 hectares over which this carpet of florets is spread with open arms, at the foothills of the Zabarwan Range. A slow stroll through the rows of blossoms will definitely make you want to stay back here for just a little longer!

Spoilers - Please scroll down to see this live video of Tulip Garden, shot on the opening day i.e. 25 Mat 2018.

Here are some frequently asked questions on Tulip Festival 2018.

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Tulip Garden Opening Dates 2018


What are the opening dates for Tulip Garden Kashmir 2018?

The Tulip Garden opening dates 2018 have been announced as 25th March, 2018 onwards till 14 April 2018.

This is the time when the tulips are in full bloom. This generally takes place between the last week of March and the second week of April. A visit to the Tulip Festival of Srinagar definitely has to be the best way of greeting the spring season followed by summer, which is also another pleasant and tranquil affair in the lush valley of Kashmir. It must be noted that though the Tulip Festival lasts for 15 days, the dates are highly affected by the weather and natural growth of the flora. A few fun activities that one can engage in while exploring through the Tulip Festival of 2018 are guessing the species of tulips in views, clicking the best snap of the flowers on display and identifying flowers of the same color and shape. This is surely a call to all flower lovers, nature enthusiasts, and camera professionals. Behold for the most magnificent scenery of your lifetime that you will never be able to forget and is undoubtedly going to remain etched in your mind for several years to come!

The Drector of the Department of Floriculture, Mathoora Masoom informed the Minister for Disaster Management, relief Rehabilitation and Reconstruction and Floriculture, Javaid Mustafa Mir, that preparations have been in full swing. Reportedly, 12.25 lakh tulip bulbs have been planted for the Tulip Festival in Srinagar, 2018 and among other flowers, 40,000 Hyacinth Tulips have also occupied a separate terrace. 

Foerigners will be provided with free wifi inside the premises at the Tulip Festival in Srinagar, 2018. 

A few species that must be known to all are:

Standard Tulips

These are the common ones that are easily available everywhere, and you might have spotted them often in bouquets purchased from the local florist or at gardens.

Parrot Tulips

Just like the plumage of the green bird, these tulips come across to have ruffled petals in different colors.

Fringed Tulips

Just like fringe bags and fringed sleeves are a top hit in fashion these days, these flowers with frilly and fringed edges are a top hit among tulip lovers in the Tulip Festival 2018.

Double Bloom

Well, the bigger a flower, the prettier it is. This comes true in case of a double bloom as it has many layers instead of the typical single petal of standard tulips.

Single Late Tulips

These are astonishingly pretty flowers that are cup-shaped and come in a variety of colors.

These are all compelling to think of the wonders of nature and how God has indeed created ‘all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful.’  


It must be noted that accommodation should be booked well in advance as there is quite a rush during this time in Srinagar. Flocks of thousands and lakhs come to cherish what Mother Earth has to offer. You can book resorts, hostels or also put up in houseboats, which is a totally different experience in Srinagar. There is something for everyone, no matter what your budget is. Houseboats should not be considered as the last option as they are a huge attraction in Srinagar and they can be extremely luxurious as well as affordable and convenient, with all modern facilities. Be assured that this trip is going to be mind-blowing and you’ll have plenty of things to post on your social media profile as well as several stories to share once you’re back home. In addition to the Tulip Festival, there are folk dances and music for travelers to enjoy, handicrafts to shop and the local Kashmiri cuisine to be relished that tickle the taste buds as their aroma enchants all. Select famous restaurants and cafes in Srinagar should also be visited to have the best meals and spend quality time with others as well as with oneself.

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Other Places To Visit Near The Tulip Garden In Srinagar

The Tulip Garden in Srinagar is at a very convenient and easily accessible location. It goes without saying that while you’re on your trip to Srinagar to enjoy the beautiful Tulip Festival 2018, you must visit other nearby attractions, keeping in my mind the present situation in Kashmir. There are several wonders which will leave you spellbound and show how the state and city have stood the test of time and adverse situations, and yet emerged strong and victorious. The culture and architecture teach something new to everyone who visits the place and you’ll be no exception. Read about our Srinagar travel guide

A few other places to visit in Srinagar, other than the famous Mughal Gardens and Dal Lake are:

Chashme Shahi Garden

This garden, like every other such garden in the state, is extremely scenic. What stands out is the fact that it also has a natural spring flowing. It would be splendid to head here for a picnic in Srinagar! Also note that the Pari Mahal, which was earlier a Buddhist Monastery, now overlooks this garden.

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Shankaracharya Temple

If you’re the one who feels that their trip is incomplete until and unless they visit a temple, then the Shankaracharya Temple at Srinagar is just where you should go after your triumphant visit to the Tulip Festival 2018.

Read our Travel Guide to Shankaracharya Temple here.

Shalimar Bagh

This is another fine specimen of the Mughal expertise under the reign of Jahangir. All foodies must read about restaurants to visit in Srinagar

Get detailed information about Shalimar Bagh Srinagar here.

Local Markets

It is no secret that there are immense opportunities for all shopaholics to shop till they drop at the local markets in Srinagar. Street shopping is great here and buyers can purchase good quality products such as carpets, shawls, woolens, dry fruits and a lot of other items.  

Read here about a quick checklist for shopping in Srinagar.

Tulip Garden Video on opening day

How To Reach The Tulip Garden in Srinagar

It is definitely a plus point that the Tulip Garden in Srinagar is quite easy to access. This serves as just another reason why so many people go to Srinagar for the Tulip Festival each year. One can reach the Tulip Garden in Srinagar by hiring a cab from the Srinagar Airport. Or, a bus can also be used to reach the Tulip Festival 2018.

Entry Fee Of The Tulip Festival 2018

The entry fee for the Tulip Festival 2018 will be Rupees 25 for children and Rupees 50 for adults. The cheap fares also imply a lot of crowds so, please ensure that you are dressed in comfortable clothing and shoes. Also, remember to carry a fully charged camera and other essentials in your bag.

Entry Timings Of The Tulip Festival 2018

The entry timings of the Tulip Festival 2018 are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Set out early and explore as much as you can!

Frequently asked questions on Tulip Festival 2018

What are the entry fees of tulips garden?

The entry fees to Tulip Garden are Rs. 50 for Adults and Rs, 25 for Childen.

For how many days, Tulip Festival will be held?

As Tulip bloom only for a short time, the festival will begin on 25 Mar 18 and end on 14 April 2018.

Is Tulip festival on?

Yes, Tulip fetsival in on till 14 April 2018.

If you have any more question, you may live chat with us. If the agent is offline, please leave your email in the chat and we will get back to you with answers. Well, now that you have all the necessary details regarding the Tulip Festival 2018 at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? People have started packing already and you should too. Get set to have a great time ahead, and you can thank us later. Let us know how your visit to the Tulip Festival 2018 was! And, beware of these travel scams in Srinagar.